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1982-1997 Program and Lecture Series

Themes of Lecture Programs for the Geological Society of Minnesota


1982-1983       Oceanography, Glacial- Geology of North America, Phanerozoic History


1983-1984       Chemical Evolution of the Earth, Basic Introduction to Minerals and

Rocks, Mineral Resources


1984-1985       Origin and Development of Landforms


1985-1986       Evolution of Life through Time, Selected Earth Resources


1986-1987       Plate Tectonics: Effects of Plate Tectonics on life, ore resources


1987-1988       Geologic History of Minnesota


1988-1989       Regional Geology of North America


1989-1990       World Geology outside of North America (selected areas)


1990-1991       Back to Basics: Origin of Solar System, rock cycle, Precambrian History


1991-1992       Geology and the urban Environment, emphasizing the Twin Cities


1992-1993       Phanerozoic Eon, the last 600 Million Years


1993-1994       Jewels of the landscape: Tours of our National Parks


1994-1995       Catastrophic Events in Geology


1995-1996       Origins of elements, Solar System, rocks and minerals, energy deposits

1996-1997       Plate Tectonics