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2018 Field Trips

GSM Tours and Fields Trips in 2018


The following field trips and tours are tentatively planned by the Geological Society of Minnesota for 2018. This page will be updated with dates and other specifics as each event is scheduled. GSM members will also receive e-mail notices. These trips are just ideas at this time, but there is a decent probability that each will occur, if there is sufficient interest. If you have particular interest in one of these trips, consider helping with the planning and organizing; contact Dave Wilhelm at .

A field trip in the Thunder Bay, Ontario area during Summer, 2018, led by members of the Ontario Geological Survey. OGS personnel are very eager to show us the highlights of geology in that area, and there is quite a bit to see. We will start actively planning this in January, 2018; members will be notified by e-mail. Most likely duration is 2.5 to 3.5 days.

A field trip to Isle Royale National Park during June or July, 2018, led by Erika Vye, Bill Rose, and Stephen Roblee. These are the same persons who led us on the superb Keweenaw Peninsula trip during July, 2015. This trip would leave on the Ranger III from Houghton, MI, spend 3 full days on Isle Royale, returning on the Ranger III on the fifth day. While on Isle Royale, the Michigan Tech research vessel Agassiz would take us to many scenic and geologically interesting sites, allowing us to see the beauty of Isle Royale from both land and water. We will start actively planning this in January, 2018; members will be notified by e-mail. Eight GSM members participated in a similar trip during June, 2017, and had an excellent time. A description of the 2017 trip is here, and photos from that trip are here. Look for Dave Wilhelm’s report of the 2017 trip in the August, 2017 GSM Newsletter.


A half-week trip to museums in Chicago, including the Field Museum and the Museum of Science and Industry. We might also include a stop at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.

GSM plans to continue arranging one or more weekday tours to St. Anthony Falls Laboratory each semester as member interest dictates, so you will be notified of other possible opportunities as they arise. Look for Deborah Naffziger’s report of a 2017 tour of SAFL in the May, 2017 Newsletter.