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About GSM

Welcome to MN Geology.

This web site grew out of a town hall meeting in held in April, 2008. That meeting was hosted by the Geological Society of Minnesota in Maplewood, and attended by the US Geological Survey, the Minnesota Geological Survey, representatives of the the Minnesota DNR, Minnesota universities and colleges, the Minnesota Earth Sciences Teachers Association, the Bell Museum of Natural History, and Minnesota geology and mineral clubs.

The the town hall meeting was intended to find ways to reach out to the larger geological community of professionals, teachers, students, and enthusiasts; to make connections and to share resources.

Out of the discussion came a consensus that that a central source is needed on the internet to provide information about things such as printed and electronic resources for geology and the earth sciences; information about government agencies, their missions, and their programs; resources available from Minnesota colleges and universities; educational resources available for schools, teachers, and students; availability of lecturers; activities of clubs and other organizations; public lectures and labs; and field trips which are open to the public.