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Board Meeting Minutes, 2010 April 22

Geological Society of Minnesota

Meeting Minutes: April 22, 2010


Present: Paul Jansen (board member), Theresa Tweet (board member), Ed Steffner , Doug Zbikowski, Darryl Mytty (board member), Janine Atchison (vice-president), Janet Hopper (board member), Alan Bowles (board member), Judy Hamilton (news-letter) , Janet Hopper (board member), Harvey Thorleifson (board member), Allan Smith (board member), Judy Hamilton (newsletter).


There is a quorum present.


1) Agenda: The agenda was presented to the members present and approved.


2) The Minutes for April were not available, therefore, were not voted on.


3) Committee Reports:


  1. Treasurer: Paul Jansen presented his final treasury report- the checking account was doing well and the Savings Certificates mature mid-May.   It was restated that all money from the state grant for the markers project have been spent. However, there remains $2659.07 from the GSM $5,000.00 donation, (including the $1,000.00 set aside for the Minnehaha marker) which gives us our total of $2,659.07. Harvey Janine moved to accept the treasure’s report; Darrell seconds it. The motion was approved.


  1. 2.    There was some friendly discussion on sales tax reimbursement. Paul stated that according to the history of the organization, that since the GSM is a tax exempt organization, with a tax exempt number, that GSM does not reimburse sales tax. Doug brought up the fact that sometimes there is a need to buy supplies and the tax exempt number is not available, and that since volunteers pay for their own gasoline and use their own time, that GSM volunteers should be authorized reimbursement of sales tax up to $10.00 “to facilitate efficient and practical use of volunteer time and energy.” This “friendly” amendment was accepted unanimously.


  1. 3.    Paul restated his intent to resign as treasurer- Janine moved to accept his resignation; Theresa seconded the motion, the motion was approved unanimously- along with a profound Thanks to Paul for all of the fine work he did as treasurer.  Bill Robbins had sent out an email on and offered to send out a mass email to find a suitable replacement. Judy Hamilton offered to follow up with a note in the newsletter.


  1. 4.    Public Service and Publicity – Doug would like to split this into two committees:


4.1.1.Shows & Exhibits (Tom Schoenecker is doing this now with his organization of the GSM State fair Exhibit).

4.1.2.History and Archives – Steve Erickson –

4.1.3.Status of inventory of CSM archive. No action was taken at this time.

4.1.4. Committee: Doug-

  1. a.     Plans to complete the 2009 effort. Doug will get a final date (May 24 / 26) in which the Legacy Grant will be presented to the Minnesota Historical Society board and e-mail it to board members. This would give available members a chance to speak out in favor of the grant, and perhaps get it passed. We should be hearing something by the end of June as to whether it is accepted or not.
  2. b.    It will be a couple of months before we hear about the new markers as well as the Interstate Park status.


         II.      Field trips- Janet-Status of this summer’s field trips:

a)    Colorado with Randy in June

b)   Swampville with Randy August 14,

c)    Dianne- Thunderbay (tentative).


     III.      Internet committee:

 Harvey began with the history of the new website ( and its meager beginnings at a town hall meeting in Woodbury- organized by Kathy Ahlers. This town meeting made him aware of all of the other groups around the state who were interested in various aspects of geology. Harvey thought that it would be a great idea to reach out to these other groups and do pieces on them in the GSM newsletter regarding these other groups. Allan then discussed some of the positive purposes of the website such as the ease of sign-ups and cancelations for GSM field trips and events. Also discussed were issues that were not so positive which concerned group events, the chance for bogus sign-ups, and the need for login identification/passwords.


   IIII. Social Committee (originally known as Recognition Committee).


  1. 5.    Newsletter: Judy (4.III)


7.  Membership: Katy

Katy will publish the new membership directory and hand it out at the banquet on May 3rd. Darrell will then take over.


  1. 6.    Old Business: GSM involvement in 2001 GSA Convention. Dick to be liaison for this event. It will take place at the Minneapolis Convention Center and will last for several days. There will be volunteer opportunities available and Harvey will keep us posted.


  1. 7.    Meeting adjourned at 8:50