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Board Minutes 2010-03-18

Present were Dick Bottenberg, Paul Jansen, Teresa Tweet, Janine, Ed Steffner, Alan B., Ly Preece, Janet Hopper, Steve Erickson, Harvey Thorliefson, Alan Smith.


Dick proposed an agenda for the meeting.  Steve moved to adopt it, Janine seconded, and the motion was appropved unanimously.


The following changes were proposes for the February meeting minutes:

 - Janet noted that Alan Smith is a board member, she is not.

 - Dick said that the note on color cost was not for color and that we would provide corrected information.

 - Paul mentioned that for the markers contractors, we sent out 1099s not W-2s.

Ly moved to accept the minutes with the proposed changes. Harvey seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.


Treasurer's Report (Paul Jansen)


The GSM accounts contain $2659.07 which is restricted to markers program:  $1659.07 for the continuing markers program, and $1000.00 dedicated to the Minnehaha marker.  Total expenses were $16733.32.  There is currently $2983 in checking. 


The Ameriprise savings certificates will mature in May.


The recognition party net an income of $187 over expenses from the silent auction.


Generally, assets are holding constant over the last few years,.


Ed asked how donation to Duluth is accounted.  Paul didn't know, will look into it


Dick moved to accept the report, Janet seconded; passed unanimously


Dick asked to discuss whether the GSM should adopt a budget committee.  Paul (the current treasurer) approved of the idea, and Steve suggested the treasure shoud be the chair of the committee.  Ed volunteered to server on the committee.  Dick moved to re-establish budget committee with Paul and Ed serving.  Harvey seconded. The motion passed.


Paul suggested that GSM move to online banking.  You need a PIN to bank online, you need an ATM card to get a PIN.  Janine says debit card is invaluable, and that we should have a $200 limit, but also noted that whoever has the card is the gopher.  Steve agreed that a limit is necessary.  Paul said the ability to deposit at ATM's would also be useful.  Janine moved to adopt online banking with 2 debit cards, one for treasurer and one for president to designate. Daryl seconded.  The motion passed


Internet Committee 


No progress to report since previous month.  Agreed that the committee needs to draw up plans for allowing other organization to use the MNGeology pages.


Social Committee 


Dick asked whether the GSM should resurrect the Social Committee, which Steve E. and Don Swensrud used to lead.  The committed could handle the annual recognition party, cookie signups, the Christmas party, arranging the fall and spring banquets.  Ed says she and Sandy don't mind doing christmas party.  Ly suggested just renaming the Recognition Committed to the Social Committee.  Dick moved to disband the Recognition Committee, and to resurrect the Social Committee from members of Recognition Committee to take over the Recognition Committee duties.  Paul seconded, the motion passed.


Ed wants help with christmas party (especially invitations). 


Janine moved that the Social Committee is also responsibile for cookies, banquets, christmas party. Dick seconded, the motion passed


Marker Committee 


Ed will provide an electronic copy of report to secretary.


Janine said that the board needs to approve the legacy proposal tonight.  If there are issues, we can call an emergency board meeting to address.  Harvey asked whether there are differences from previous proposals, and are there risks that need explicit approval?  Ed said that the basic plan was approved by the board last December.  If review by state requires major changes, board will need to approve; minor changes can be handled without meeting.  Steve asked whether there is any financial risk to GSM.  Ed and Janine said No,  there is no matching from GSM as before, but review may ask for this, which would need board approval.  Janine moved that committee can proceed with the proposal if there are only minor changes, but major changes need to be approved by board.  Harvey moved instead that committee can proceed with submitting the proposal, but will provide the proposal to board, and board can intervene if required.  Alan seconded, the motion passed.


Janet asked about the sites for the Minnehaha Park marker. Ed said that Doug has already agreed on sites with parks, and suggests this project needs to be on the back burner until Legacy project is worked through.  Teresa agreed we need to do one thing at a time.  Ed will let donor know about board discussions.


Field Trip Committee 


Randy Stroebel is putting together field trip to Golden CO, tentatively Jun 13 through19.  He's looking for local guides, and may need to adjust dates.


Randy also planing trip to the Louisville Swamp, maybe Aug 14.  This needs to be before the Renaissance Festival.  He's also trying to get into quarry there, but no contacts yet.


Diane Lynch planning a field trip to Thunder Bay in Sept.


Janet asked for suggestions for May and July field trips.  Suggestions were Granite Falls, Pipestone, Prairie Couteau.  Steve E. suggests calling Jim Welsh at Gustavus.


We will announce the Colorado field trip on Monday Night.


Program, Lectures, Labs 


St. Anthony Labs - asked for Apr 24 (Sat) or 26 (Mon). 


Steve has not arranged any speakers for next year yet, but asked for suggestions for fall labs.  Teresa requests basic mineralogy.  Steve suggested it would be good to have a related Monday night lecture before the Saturday lab.  Steve suggested a follow up lab with rock identification, including minnesota rocks and stratigraphy.


Washington Ave.  Plans are to close Washing Ave to all but bus traffic from river to University.  Access to ramp will be on Harvard from south, or Church/Harvard from north  (Needs to keep access to hotel.)  Starting spring 2011.  St. Thomas may be an option but has parking problems.




Katie wants to resign, needs a new chair.  Daryl may be interested, but needs to know what's the commitment.


Publicity and Public Service 


Doug would like someone to take publicy, will continue public service.  May not need to actually split committee, if someone will do publicity.  Publicity is mostly brochures for state fair.  Harvey suggests maybe Doug just needs help.  Steve said that by May 1 we should have schedule, then can start reworking brochure, and he (Steve) may be able to handle this.  We'd need a task list from Doug.


Shows and Exhibits 


Tom S. and Roger B. do state fair.  Daryl will consider helping.


History and Archives


Harvey will show archives to Steve after meeting.  Janet interested in helping.  Records should be scanned.


GSA 2011


The GSA 2011 convention will be at the Minneapolis convention center.  Harvey suggests GSM should be involved.  Could we staff a booth?  Could we be involved in the committees?  They need volunteers to help.  Board supports the idea. Steve, Daryl, Janine are interested in participating.  The GSA organizing committee is about 24 people, but there are subcommittees organizing right now.  Need to commit by Apr 27.  Also need link from MNGeology.


Dick moves to adjourn. Motion passed


Adjourned 9:20