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Earthquake Links



Suggested Earthquake Links from the January 30,2005 lecture on Earthquakes by 
by   Val Chandler, PhD at the Minnesota Geological Survey.

National Earthquake Information Center *U S Geological Survey

The grand-daddy of earthquake sites, lots of good surfing here.


Earthquake Hazards Program (U S Geological Survey)

Good site for recent earthquakes and seismic hazard assessment.


The IRIS (Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology) Consortium  (for Seismic Monitor)

Good site for general information on earthquakes.  Seismic Monitor is well work a look.


Berkeley Seismological laboratory

Good for information on California earthquakes and earthquakes in general.


The Center for Earthquake Research and Information, the University of Memphis


Good sites for the NEW Madrid Earthquake zone


The Central United States Earthquake consortium

More of a government services site, but some general information on Midwestern earthquakes is available


Mid-American Earthquake Center

Focused on engineering aspects of earthquakes in the Midwest


Google Earth – a great site whether you are interested in earthquakes or not.

One option on the free download software is an overlay of earthquake epicenters.


Minnesota Geological Survey

For questions on Minnesota geology

EarthQuake Safety Guide


Reviewing Earthquake Safety and Preparedness