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Board members present: Cindy Demers, Roger Benepe, Ed & Sandy Steffner, Janet Hopper, Dorothy


Other persons present: Allen Smith, Doug Zbikowski


Meeting was called to order by president Roger Benepe 1. Minutes of December meeting were approved 2. Treasurer's report approved. a good report, the figures are getting up to date

     when board members & chairs have expenses but not receipt, write a note to treasurer about it. If it  is questionable, the treasurer will bring it to board meeting

    request a thank you card be sent to Ted Chura for his work

     the question of perks for board members: ie, parking. Decision was

no.  However field trip leaders     will have their way paid

    the secretary is asked to send thank you card to presenters. If honorarium is declined, the thank you

    should state the dollar amount of honorarium so can be used for tax deduction 3. Committee Reports A. Programs - Steve sent word that he is working on next year B. Membership - no report

C. Newsletter - next deadline is April 30   Kathy Ahlers requested a

charge account at Kinko-Federal Express. Doug  and Steve  should be on this also. When used person send receipt and not of its use to treasurer D. Shows & Exhibits -  Doug reported  our presence at Science Museum for

their show April 2. It  was                a good connection. Steve

Erickson and Dick Heglund  also represented us.

      Our activities are listed in SEEK and Science Connection at Science Museum.

E. Field Trips - June 10  we have a trip to Brickyard. It was publicized at the Science Musuem so we  should expect children  on it.

F. Public Service - Doug was at MESTA  (xcience teachers association)and we'll be there next year G. School Outreach - will be at science fair at Ramsey Elementary  on Saturday H. Video Library - no report I. History - no report J. Budget - Ed is working on this K. Internet - Allan Smith is revamping the web site. Things being looked at are a site for the casual user , to just look at, site for registered user who can get email automatically. For security subscriber the cost would be $10-20 per month


4. Old Business

  A. Split Rock Marker - Roger and Ed offer to help Doug to get it in place

  B. Honorarium - I t was moved that the honorarium be uped to $125 plus expenses (parking, mileage, etc) . This was seconded and approved.


5. New Business

 A. A motion to award members for their work and efforts for the club with a recognition dinner party

     (toward the end of the year) This would recognize the board, committee chairs, field trip leaders

      It was seconded and passed

B. Doug is rewriting officer and committee chair duties C. Annual meeting will be May 1 at Grand Buffet near Knollwood.

D. Doug requests chairs meeting after GSM meeting April 10 E. Next board meeting will be Saturday, July 15, 10 am at Steffner's


Submitted by secretary, Dorothy Kuether