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GSM Board meeting 4 Sep Thur, 7-9pm , at Mn Geological Survey building.

GSM Board meeting  4 Sep Thur, 7-9pm , at Mn Geological Survey building.

Board members Present: Kathy Ahlers, Sandy Steffner, Ed Steffner, Dick Bottenberg, Gerry Paul, Harvey Thorliefson,  Ly Preece 
Board members Absent: Kate Hintz
Other Members:  Janet Hopper, Steve Erickson, Alan Smith, Bill Robbins, Doug Zbikowski,  Roger Benepe (last half)

Dick B chaired the meeting.
Several agenda items added.  Doug Z added some committee reports, and suggested operations manual discussion.

Minutes from last meeting not found. Harvey T may have some notes.

TREASURER's report by Ed S.:

Ed distributed a report showing a balance of $1199.72 as of July 31 (last report by bank).  However, this includes a $1000 deposit Ed S added from his personal funds when he noticed the GSM was running close to zero. In fact there were 4 checks that incurred a NSF charge. Basically the problem is that GSM has a lot of expenses in the summer, especially for printing annual member listing, and state fair, while the income, primarily from member dues, comes in later during the fall. So it appears we need to operate with a bigger running  balance for these cash flow issues.  There is about $200 dollars interest accruing that could be moved to checking without a penalty, but that is not enough to resolve the situation.   Ed S recommended  the a CD note (for $1050), maturing Nov 12th ,be moved out of savings into checking. This will give us a sufficient average balance, and allow the repayment of the $1000 to Ed S. While this was an anonymous gift earmarked for State Park geo-plaque replacement, it can be returned to a GSM seperate investment as the membership dues come in.

There was discussion about reviving an education committee. Apparently it had become defunct after it had been decided that GSM would generally stay within the same expense level as prior years.  However printing prices have risen.

Dick B made a motion that an interim budget committee be set to recommend appropriate actions be suggested to avoid this problem in the future. Sandy S seconded.  As the bylaws do not authorize a standing budget committee, it must be an interim one. This has at least 3 members and must include the Treasured (Ed S.) and the President (Ly P ). Doug Z volunteered for the 3rd position. Several other possible members were suggested. Passed unanimously

STATE FAIR report:

Lee read an email from Fran Corcoran with 3 main points. She wondered why the GSM phone number (which she maintains)  was not on the brochures handed out at the fair. It was only on a business card that was also available. She also noticed that the an email address on the white brochure was incorrect (was this the GSM link ?)  And she noted that Bill Farquaher is still the contact noted for the outreach committee, but he has apparently been telling callers not the GSM no longer does outreach. Also the new lecture series was not on the web site ( It was updated Tues, 3 Sep). 

Bill R noted that based on the mailing list, and 11% of members still do not have emails, so the phone line is still important.

Doug Z. noted that the "white" brochure vs "yellow" brochure was a format test that will be tracked as to which brings in more new members. This will be reported in December.

Roger Benepe asked for reimbursement for 22$ for picking up the booth contents Mon night after the building closed. However, he and an assistant were charged full admission.  It was noted this was not a request for normal working at the booth. Roger could not pick it up Tues because of work. Was a comment that this could have been avoided by a prior arrangement with someone who could pick the materials up Tuesday. Motion made by Dick B to reimburse Roger for picking up the materials. Passed Unanimously.

INTERNET Committee (Allan S) 
He will reconvene the committee this fall. He has moved much of the content to the new Drupal version. The intent is to have multiple content managers to be able to update the site more easily.

Mn Geosciences web site (Ly P)

Was meeting in June about this - 5 attended (Lee, Harvey T, Rich ???). The intent is to have a very low cost site  (~ 100$ year) to cover web site hosting expenses).
GSM will be primarily responsible for the internet site itself, and will do some initial planning for the content.  Harvey T suggested initially a page of links for each interested group, possibly based on the GeoScience Canada site. Possible corporate membership was suggested.  Also a common calendar would be useful.

Kathy A made a motion that the existing GSM internet committee research and prepare a feasibility statement for the Geosciences website. Final discussion and approval for this would be made at a separate meeting of the board.  Passed unanimously.

NOMINATING committee (Bill Robbins)

Currently this consists of Bill R, Lee P, and Doug Z. They expressed a concern for more gender balance, which also may make it easier to recruit more female members to the board.  The GSM board of 9 members currently has 3 openings. Motion was made to add Allan Smith (he had already agreed to this) to the board. Passed unanimously.

Additional candidates were discussed and Kathy A. volunteered to call them, to determine their willingness to serve on the board

PUBLIC SERVICE Committee & Rock Boxes: (Doug Z)

The Science Museum contributed 90 agates, so GSM could make 90 more rock boxes for our  outreach program. However, more plastic rock boxes themselves need to be purchased. GSM has been getting 15$ for each rock box collection, and the cost of the needed boxes is about $1.50 to 2$  We would receive a price break for larger number of boxes bought. Doug Z made motion that GSM buy 200 more boxes for not more than $400. Sandy S seconded. Passed unanimously.
Doug Z read an email send to fellow committee member Thera Tweed from the mn Sesquicentennial Committee indicating that group will support a $40,000 grant for additional highway geological markers. This would be under the auspices of the Minn Historical Society and the USGS. This should occur this September.

Educational Outreach Committee:
It was decided to remove Bill Farquahers name from the Website, and use Doug Z instead.

FIELD TRIP Committee: (Janet H)

Still several remaining: Bill R Trip has 25 signed up.  Doug Z trip has a bus full signed up.  It was urged that trip fees be collected ahead of trip, to avoid more cash flow issues when GSM pays the honoraria paid to geologists leading the trips.

Next 10 day trip was suggested to New Mexico.  Roger Benepe also mentioned he may lead to trip, probably in 2010, to North Dakota and Montana

Steve Erickson reported that everything seemed ion order for fall banquet and lectures.


Ly P gave some publications from the Minn Council of Non Profits to Kathy A and Steve E.

It was suggested that the GSM board have a long range planning meeting/retreat in Jan 2009. Topics to discuss include a GSM  operations manual

Allan Smith was accepted to fill a board position. Also voted to provisionally accept 2 others (if they accept) so that this can be announced to the banquet. Motion so made by Dick B, seconded by Ed S. Passed unanimously.

Next meeting Thur Oct 30, at MnGeoSur bldg, at 6:30