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GSM Board meeting 9 June Mon, 7-9pm , at Mn Geological Survey building.

GSM Board meeting  9 June Mon, 7-9pm , at Mn Geological Survey building.

Board members Present: Sandy Steffner, Ed Steffner, Dick Bottenberg, Gerry Paul, Harvey Thorliefson,  Ly Preece ,Kate Hintz
Board members Absent: Kathy Ahlers,
Other Members: Steve Erickson, Doug Zbikowski, Theresa Tweet

Prior minutes ( April 8th) approved .

PUBLIC SERVICE (Doug Z) - Geology Road Markers:

 A grant ~ 10,000$ being considered to fund additional markers by the Sesquicentennial Committee. At least 5 markers are needed for economical casting expense. Twenty-four markers are missing from the entries listed in Minn History Along The Highways". All the siting, wording, and paperword for the markers have been completed by Doug Z and MnDot. Will be a meeting with Jane of the Sesquicentennial Commission.

TREASURER report: (ED S)

Balance of $1618 including 1200$ for the  Kentucky field trip. (which will be spent). State fair costs have been paid, except for printing of brochures to be handed out.Ed warned that the checking account balance may go negative. He will check on moving the accumulated interest , although this will require 2 signatures to move this interest.. A motion to authorize the treasurer to withdraw up to $1000 interest from savings and move it into checking was made by Lee P, seconded by Dick B. Passed unanimously.
A possible future savings can come form using the web site for mailings and directory information (saving printing costs).  Possible savings discussed might be from eliminating the 28$ monthly fee for phone (maintained by Fran Corcoran. So need to know how much the phone is needed. 
Another option is to possibly save a phone line with MGS. Harvey will check on this.

We are on track for regaining federal charitable status for 2006-8

   Uses preference poll results to guide his choices when possible. Usually starts by calling Harvey Thorliefson, Calvin Alexander, and Mike Jursa to see what they are working or know what others are doing.  Seems easier to get talks based on the current interests of the speakers,  rather than finder speakers  to match a broad theme. We had 60% more attendance at lectures this year over last. Steve does not use the same speaker 2 years in a row.
Rich Patelke will be still given a double honorarium - he can donate it  if he still does not want to accept it.
GSM will use Macalester  or St Thomas in alternate years for lab locations, as they provide better facilities, and easier parking. We did not much advertise the labs last year, as not clear what size of crowd could be accepted.

Suggested for next year we use the free lecture opportunity from NASA. They show moon rocks, and bring microscopes. Another idea was a lab of GPS use.

Suggested replacing one of the banquets with another seminar at the UM. Also a suggested adding a lab, possibly in the April timeframe. Motion so made by Sandy S, seconded by Kate H. Passed unanimously.

Discusses a format change to the lecture. Currently start at 7:30, have a 15 minute cookie break after the talk, than another 15 minutes of questions. We usually try to end within 2 hours, as otherwise too many attendees leave to avoid excess parking changes.  Problem is that 7:15 is seems to early, if we moved cookie time up to the start.   No action taken.

STATE FAIR  (Show and Exhibits)

Doug Z  showed that membership from the state fair was lower than prior years ( based on registration form used). Flyer seems ok, but is cheaper in the small format. This year trying different formats to see which is more effective (yellow vs white form). 
Also consider having a booth in the DNR building, maybe a (sometimes) shared with Mn Geo Survey. In the past the Survey was present at the State Fair.

A suggestion that the new website could allow direct signup for the state fair booth.

Motion made by Dick B, seconded by Gerry P, that GSM use a new flyer, one showing  the lecture schedule, plus another that has general membership information. Passed.
Motion made that 2 types of information brochures be tried this year, one distributed the first half of state fair duration, the other used in the second half. Each one uses a coded registration form so we can track return rate of each. Doug Z will handle the switch. Made by Dick B, second by Kate H, passed.

State Fair committee (Tom S chair) suggested that we enable State Fair donations (on the new web site?). A 50$ level suggested. May reopen this discussion next year.

Doug Z brought several books that the GSM acquired by virtue of joining the Council of Non Profits.  May be a later discussion of how to take advantage of this.


Harvey T reminded us that we (GSM) is what our web site is.  He talked about the momentum started at the town hall meeting, and create a  portal site where we can bring together all of the interested geological groups in mn, and making it clear what the role of each is or can be. He mentioned his previous work in Canada and showed some paged of the website. This site also had all of the conferences and groups in Canada