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GSM Board Minutes for 08 May 2014

Geological Society of Minnesota

May 8, 2014

Minutes of the Board Meeting


Board members present:  Mark Ryan, Sherry Keesey, Dave Wilhelm, Ruth Jensen, Mary Helen Inskeep, Deb Preece, Becky Galkiewicz


Committee members present:  Theresa Tweet, Steve Erickson, Ed Steffner, Sandy Steffner, Bill Robinson, Alan Smith


Motion:  Minutes of the February meeting were approved in February by e-mail vote.


Treasurer's report – Sherry Keesey provided the income summary and balance sheet.  She noted that income from dues payments was about $400 less than last year.  We saved money by eliminating the GSM phone number.  Change of fiscal year dates was discussed so as to match the natural operating cycle of the organization. 

Motion:  the beginning of the fiscal year be changed from October 1st to September 1st - Approved

The Board will present this to the membership at the Annual Meeting of the Society (September 15, 2014) for approval.


E-mail approval of minutes

To speed up the distribution and approval of minutes after a Board meeting, it is proposed that the minutes be sent by e-mail to Board members.  Board members will have 10 days to suggest changes to the minutes and to vote for approval.  Failure of a board member to respond will be considered an abstention.  Minutes will require only a simple majority of board members voting to be accepted.  Failure to get a majority vote will defer approval to the next Board meeting.

Motion:  Allow minutes to be approved by e-mail vote.  Approved.


Rewriting the by-laws

Mary Helen Inskeep noted that the by-laws were out-of-date and proposed a re-write.  Mary Helen will work with Dave Wilhelm and Theresa Tweet on a first draft, to be ready by June 30th and presented to the Board at its summer meeting.


Classroom outreach

Theresa Tweet reported that schools occasionally request GSM to provide a speaker on geology.  Undergraduate students have been acting as speakers.  Theresa noted that every speaker who enters a school must have completed a background check. 

Motion:  A volunteer form be accepted for current use with additional details to be determined later.  Approved.



Joanie Furlong should receive updates to membership information so she can make changes.  Alan Smith will inform the Board how to access member information on the website.


Video Library

Dave Wilhelm reported 24 rentals in 2014.  At least 2 new people joined the Video Libarary.  Cash from rentals and Video Library memberships ($113) was deposited in the Treasury.  Doug Zbikowski purchased 4 copies of Gasland Part II and personally loaned them to GSM members.  He is donating 2 copies to the Video Library. 

The Board thanks Doug for his generosity in supporting education and the Video Library.


Vacant offices

Subsequent to the May, 2014 meeting, John Grams has resigned as Secretary, due to new job commitments. Rebecca Galkiewicz will fill John's remaining term.  For Video Librarian, Dave Wilhelm will continue until a replacement is found.  Vice President and Field Trip Coordinator positions remain open.


Notices of lectures

Currently lectures are announced on the website, and on two University calendars:  the U. Minnesota Events Calendar and the U.Minnesota Ecology Events.  Professors often recommend lectures to their students.  Posting on community on-line bulletin boards appears to be less successful.  We should try posting on library web-sites.


Spring Banquet at the U Garden

Very successful.  More than 70 people attended and the food and space were very good.  An excellent lecture by Mark Jirsa.  Steve Erickson has already made reservations for the September banquet.


Presentation of Honoraria

Bill Robbins proposes to publicly present the honorarium check to the speaker at the end of the presentation (just before cookie break).  He will ask each speaker if s/he would prefer to receive it quietly.  The point is to remind members and visitors that the lectures are not free to GSM and to encourage them to support the organization.


State Fair

Sandy Steffner and her committee want to repeat the booth set-up from last year.  They suggest showing the video footage of field trips on a large-screen TV.  Sandy will be contacting members to ask them to sign up to be at the booth.  Must have two people per shift, 3 shifts per day, for all 12 days of the fair.  The Committee includes Sandy and Ed Steffner, Deb and Ly Preece, Roger Benepe, Theresa Tweet, and Sherry Keesey.


Silent Auction

Theresa is planning to hold a silent auction of books and mineral specimens on May 2, 2015.  It's a good fundraiser.


GSM office

Ed Steffner suggests finding a small office in the Survey building to store records, State Fair materials, etc., to be used by Board and committee members.


Summer Field Trips

Planning is already underway for:  North Dakota, a bike tour of the Mississippi canyon, St. Anthony Falls Lab, and Science Museum dinosaur exhibit.


Quarterly Newsletter

Deadline for articles is August 1st.  Newsletter will be published and distributed by August 15th.



Mary Helen Inskeep is reviewing the web-site and making suggestions for improvements.  Alan Smith is implementing changes.  Becky Galkiewicz suggests adding more content before working to make it more widely visible.  A group of technology students (SLOT-C) is offering to help non-profits with web-site design.


As time goes along, we are likely to want to add more links on the website to other sites with geological information.  Steve Erickson, Alan Smith, and Dave Wilhelm will review each proposal.  Agreement by all three is required before adding a new link.


Marker Project

Doug Zbikowski is busy right now so content for signs is not available.  Ed Steffner reports that the first project will be to redo the signs at Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis.


Science Teachers

Theresa Tweet proposes to put Minnesota science teacher on a list serve for mailings about GSM lectures and opportunities.


Future Board meetings

July 31st at 7 PM. 

November 13th at 7 PM.




Respectfully submitted, Rebecca Galkiewicz