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GSM Board Minutes for 12 February 2015

Geological Society of Minnesota

12 February 2015

Minutes of the Board Meeting


Board members present:  John Jensen, Ruth Jensen, Dan Japuntich, John Grams, Roger Benepe, Dave Wilhelm (President), Mary Helen Inskeep (Treasurer), Deb Preece, Mark Ryan, Becky Galkiewicz (Secretary)


Guests present:  Theresa Tweet, Harvey Thorleifson, Alan Smith, Steve Erickson, Bill Robbins


Meeting was held for the first time at the new location of the Minnesota Geological Survey.  Thanks to Harvey and the Survey staff for being our hosts.


Motion previously approved:  Minutes of the November meeting were approved by e-mail.


Agenda approved.


Dave pointed out that there are two offices vacant – Vice President and Video Librarian.  Dan Japuntich has taken leadership of the State Fair GSM booth.


Macalester Intern – Alex Dolabi, a student at Macalester, has volunteered to create educational materials, power point presentations, and lesson plans on various geological topics this semester.  These will support our outreach program for elementary and secondary school students and Boy Scouts.  Alex will be working with Theresa.


Give to the Max Day – GiveMN links generous people with organizations working to make Minnesota a better place.  This year iGive to the Max Day will take place November 12th.  To encourage donations to GSM, a GSM “Support” page has already been created (see ) on the website.  This page needs further development.


Treasurer's Report – Mary Helen reported for the current fiscal year which began September 1st:

  • income to date is $5165.79
  • expenses to date are $1975.93
  • assets minus liabilities is $14,081.70
  • we currently have 3 CDs (certificates of deposit)

Signing privileges are held by Mary Helen, Dave, and Steve. 


Motion:  The Treasurer's report is accepted.  (moved by John Grams, seconded by Roger Benepe, unanimously approved)


Membership – Joanie reported that membership currently stands at 169 (118 individuals, 49 families, and 2 life).  Membership reflects 13 new members since September and 34 people who have not renewed.  Membership directories are being distributed.


History Center – The Board has donated historical GSM materials to the Minnesota History Center.  A group of members is planning to visit the History Center on February 23rd, 12:15 pm.


State Fair materials – Have been moved to Dave's garage.  Dan submitted a report regarding activities to the Board via e-mail on February 12th.


Newsletter – Has just been mailed to members. 


Silent Auction for Spring Banquet – Theresa reported that donations are coming in for the silent auction.  Agates are needed for rock boxes.


Lectures – Regarding the honoraria, some speakers accept while others decline.  Steve is asking for suggestions for labs and lectures for the 2015-2016 membership year.


Inclement weather affecting lectures – Occasionally, the weather makes travel unwise on evenings when lectures are scheduled.  A procedure has been set in place:  review weather reports starting the day before a lecture, make a decision no later than 3 pm on lecture day, post information on the web page, and send an e-mail notice to all members with e-mail addresses.  Even when the weather is not expected to be a problem, members and guests are encouraged to visit the web page and/or check their e-mail messages on lecture day to get last-minute information on speaker, time, and place.


Lecture announcements – Currently, announcements are posted on 3 University of Minnesota list serves, as well as the GSM website and Facebook page, e-mails to members the week before, and occasionally on the Star Tribune Entertainment page when information is available more than a week in advance. 


Michigan Technological University (Houghton, MI) – Two staff people from MTU will present a lecture on April 27th on their work with geoheritage (re copper mining on the Keweenaw Peninsula) and outreach.  Their lecture has been added to the 2014-2015 Lecture Series listed on the GSM website.


Labs and field trips – Randy will lead a trip to southern Nevada in March.  Dave is arranging tours of the St. Anthony Falls Lab this winter.  Dave has deferred planning a trip to Chicago museums and planetarium until Fall 2015 at the earliest.  Bill is planning a Saturday lab at the Minnesota Geological Survey.


Queries via the website – Theresa receives messages from the public via the website and responds or refers to another expert for an answer.  37 have been received in the past 6 months.  Half are requests for presentations; one-quarter ask for identification of a rock; the remaining request information for projects or about membership.  This is a valuable form of public outreach.


Video library – Randy Strobel and Joanie Furlong contributed 75 DVDs to the library.  Many are recent productions.  GSM gratefully receives the additions to the library.


Website – Becky reported on SLOT-C opportunities (Service Learning Opportunities in Technical Communication).  SLOT-C is a database that connects instructors and students who are looking for real world opportunities to practice what they are learning with non-profit organizations that have technical communication needs.  There is potential for website and other social media help for GSM.  Alan reported that changes are planned for the website.


Future Board meetings in 2015 – May 14th, August 13th, November 12th



Respectfully submitted,

Rebecca Galkiewicz, Secretary