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GSM Board Minutes for 12 November 2015

Geological Society of Minnesota

Meeting of the Board of Directors

Minutes – 12 November 2015


Board members present:  Ruth Jensen, John Jensen, Dave Wilhelm, Dan Japuntich, Deb Preece, Mary Helen Inskeep, Roger Benepe, Mark Ryan, Becky Galkiewicz


Board members-elect present:  Kate Clover, Dick Bottenberg


Other members present:  Theresa Tweet, Steve Erickson


Minutes of the August meeting were approved in September by e-mail vote of Board members.


Board membership – Dave reported that John Grams has resigned due to job travel responsibilities.  Theresa Tweet volunteered to fill out the one year remaining in John Grams' term and was appointed by the Board.  Three people are leaving the board at the end of 2015 due to their terms expiring – Dave Wilhelm, Roger Benepe, and Deb Preece.  Two new members elected at the annual meeting in September – Kate Clover and Dick Bottenberg.


Officers for Calendar year 2016 – Candidates for each position were introduced and each was affirmed unanimously by the current and elected Board members:

  • President Dick Bottenberg, approved by the Board.
  • Vice President Theresa Tweet, approved by the Board.
  • Treasurer Mary Helen Inskeep, approved by the Board.
  • Secretary Rebecca Galkiewicz, approved by the Board.


Treasurer's Report – presented by Mary Helen.  Approved by the Board.


Mary Helen reported that the names of people authorized to sign on our accounts needs to be updated every year as officers change.  Currently, Sherry Keesey and Mary Helen are authorized signers for the Capitol One accounts.  The signers for the TCF Bank account are Dave Wilhelm, Steve Erickson, Mary Helen Inskeep and Sherry Keesey.  Mary Helen will arrange a meeting time at the bank for updating the signers (Dick Bottenberg replacing Dave Wilhelm).


GSM Manual and Operations Guide – due for an update since the last time was in 1996. Mary Helen will forward the pdf to all Board members for their review.  Suggested revisions will be sent later, so Board members can be prepared for the meeting at which revisions will be voted on.


Membership Report – Joanie Furlong sent an e-mail report.  Seventeen new members have joined, many of them as a result of the State Fair booth.  Lecture attendance has averaged 87 during the first 5 lectures of the 2015-16 year, as compared to 73 during the 2014-15 year.


Membership Directory – Joanie Furlong sent an e-mail request for authorization to spend $75 to print the annual Membership Directory. The request was received after the meeting, so Dave authorized this expense, assuming no objection from any Board member. No objection was received, so Joanie is so authorized.


Form for Continuing Education Units– A lecture attendee pointed out that the CEU form has a blank space for the Social Security Number.  This is not required for an attendee to receive continuing education credits and therefore can be eliminated.  Motion:  Remove the SS number from the CEU Form.  Approved.

Bill Robbins has updated the form and it will be available starting with the November 23 lecture.


Membership fees – A member remarked that the membership fee has remained the same since 1996.  The Board discussed whether to raise the fee.  As a non-profit, the GSM need only cover fees for speakers, laboratories, State Fair booth, printing, and minor items.  Field trips are self-supporting with participants paying their own way.  Currently membership is $10 for students, $20 for regular members, and $30 for families.  Speaker fees are now $125 and laboratory fees are $250.  We decided to table the discussion until the next meeting.


State Fair booth – Dan Japuntich reported that he and the State Fair Committee made some changes so as to attract metro-area adults who are the most likely to attend lectures.  They reduced expenses this year.


Holiday party – Once again, Sandy and Ed Steffner have graciously offered to hold the party at their home, December 12th, starting at 3:30 PM. Further information in the Newsletter.


2016-2017 Lectures and Laboratories – Steve Erickson is collecting ideas.


Updates to the GSM Web Site – To keep the site current and useful, Alan Smith posts the announcement for the next lecture the day after the previous lecture has taken place.  Alan is posting images of markers on the web site. 


Lecture notices – E-mailed to all GSM members the Thursday before each lecture.  Posted on the University's electronic bulletin boards:  CSE, University, and weekly Environmental Events Calendar.  Star Tribune's calendars are no longer useful.  Kate will contact the Highland Villager and City Pages about posting lecture notices.


Field trip reports – Pilot Knob trip posted in the November newsletter.  Two more St. Anthony Falls Lab trips on November 9th and December 9th.  A trip will likely be planned for Lilydale and Shadow Falls for fossil collecting.  Also a walking tour of St. Paul, a weekend in Chicago (on hold for now), and a visit of the Minnesota Geological Survey building. 


Marker Project – Dick reported that there is $1000 available for markers and that Doug Zbikowski has offered more for markers.  Volunteers for a marker team include Dick Bottenberg, Theresa Tweet, Dan Japuntich, Ed Steffner, and Becky Galkiewicz.


Questions from the Website – Citizens contact the GSM with questions via the website.  Theresa receives the messages and sends them to the appropriate experts.  She reports the questions and resolution at every Board meeting.


Facebook – The GSM page has been “friended” by 200-plus people, frequently updated by Theresa.  People can gain access by going to the GSM website.


Internship Report – Theresa will submit the report on our internship with a Macalester student, to be entered into the minutes.


Silent Auction – These have been held in 2010, 2011, 2013, and 2015 and have been successful at raising money for the GSM as well as helping collectors.  But they are a lot of work!  Maybe hold another in 2017 or 2018.


Minnesota Historical Society archives – Papers from the early years of GSM were given to the Society and are being catalogued.


GSM Newsletter – E-mailed to members.  A 3-month delay before posting on the web page.  Latest edition was sent this week.  Theresa and Mark are soliciting articles for the February issue.


Book donation to GSM recently by former member Cynthia Stuck.


Future meetings:  11 February 2016 and 12 May 2016 (usually the second Thursday of the months of February, May, August, and November)



Respectfully submitted,

Rebecca Galkiewicz, Secretary