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GSM Board Minutes for 13 August 2015

Geological Society of Minnesota

13 August 2015

Minutes of the Board Meeting


Submitted by John Jensen in Becky Galkiewicz’ absence.


Board members present:  Dave Wilhelm (President), Mary Helen Inskeep (Treasurer), Mark Ryan, John Jensen, Ruth Jensen, Dan Japuntich, Roger Benepe, Debra Preece


Guests present:  Sandy Steffner, Ed Steffner, Theresa Tweet, Harvey Thorleifson, William Robbins, Vern Schaaf


Agenda approved.


State Fair – all positions filled, great job by Dan and all who helped. Brochures, Cards, Sign will be about $312. Ed Steffner shopped around and got a very good price.


Financials - Financial look good, compared to last year are slightly up (about $200). 


CD Rates - GSM has 3 CDs current with Capital One earning 0.40% on 9 month, considering going to Ally 1.05% 1 year.  Two CDs are up for renewal in Sept 2015, the other CD is due for renewal in March 2016.

Motion by Roger Benepe to move CDs to Ally Bank, the two CDs due in Sept will be combined, money will be added from the checking account to make a $5000 CD (better rate).  Motion passed unanimously.

Post meeting update – Mary Helen reports that Ally bank only works with individuals; does not work with businesses or non-profit organizations. Thus we will stay with renewing the CDs at Capitol One, but extending from 9 months to 12 months.


Email notices for lectures - Bill Robbins would like to hand off the task of emailing lecture notices off to someone.  This involves managing the email list and minor updates as necessary.  Bill has committed to sending off notes for the first lecture but wants to get out of the email and cookies.   Dave W mentioned he may know someone who would be willing to take the email task but wants to speak to them first.


Cookies - Dave Wilhelm volunteered to take care of the Cookie sign up


U of M Calendars - Our lecture series gets put on the U of M department calendars and we get guests as a result of this.  Bill has been getting us on the U of M calendars and would also like to hand off this task to someone else.  There is a trick to getting on the calendars, you have to contact the departments when they a formulating their yearly calendar.  Bill knows when to approach the various groups and will pass this info on.  Dave is looking into recruiting someone to do this.



Video Library - Dave Wilhelm volunteered to continue taking care of the video library, he is looking for suggestions for videos to add to the library.  We have $136 to spend on new videos.


Future board meetings - Scheduled for Thursday, Nov 12 in 2015 and Feb 11 & May 12 in 2016.


New board members – We need to elect two more board members. We currently have 10 people on the board.  Dave discovered that the bylaws state we are to have 9 board members.  Since 3 people are retiring from the board this year we only need to elect 2 new board member.  Board member nominations will be made at the Fall Banquet at U Garden.   Dave will send out list of current members with time served.


Fall Banquet – Dave will contact the U Garden to make sure we are on their calendar.


Update to GSM Manual /Operations guide – currently on hold.


GSM web site – Updates currently on hold.   Theresa distributed a list of questions from the GSM website that she handles; we do get a variety of questions. One of the questions that comes in regularly during the school year is for the GSM Hands-On Geology presentations.  Theresa is looking for help in the Classroom Presentation portion of our GSM Outreach Program. She believes that it is a great program and that it deserves more attention in its management than she has been able to give it thus far.


Trip Report Keweenaw – Brief report by Dave W: Great trip, Keweenaw Peninsula was excellent.  Complicated logistics went pretty well.  Once people learned to sign up in the evening for the next day things went well.  Payments to Bill Rose, Erika Vye, Steven Roblee (Agassiz captain), Kari Anderson (facilitator).


Upcoming Field Trips

·         Randy Strobel:   Day trip to Pilot Knob Sunday afternoon

·         Dave Wilhelm: St Anthony Falls River Lab – working to schedule 2 more tours for members

·         Dave Wilhelm: Chicago trip is on hold, but interest was expressed by some people

·         2016 Field Trip to Slovenia: Bill Robbins is looking for a leader in Slovenia. Issues so far – caves general purpose tours, the lakes are touristy,  having trouble finding geologically oriented tour,  board walk around lakes is touristy, probably fly to Ljubljana instead of Dubrovnik.  Planned for early in May. Dave will email Erika Vye for possible contacts for Geotourism.

·         MGS – Field Trip Saturday is not good, but there is a possibility of an afternoon tour during weekdays.

·         Lilydale Trip.  One fourth of the park in now open.  Theresa will look into permits; Roger Benepe volunteered to lead an expedition.

·         Roger – Walking tour of St Paul, tentative.

·         William Robbins: possible field trip to see solar eclipse 2017 August.  This will be about a 700 miles drive.


Silent Auction – None planned for 2016. We need to find someone to run future silent auctions.  This needs to be done at a larger site; need more set up time.   The problem with most potential sites is rental fees and security fees.


Call for articles – Mark and Theresa are composing some general guidelines for Newsletter articles, which they will distribute after they have completed.


GSM Archival Site – Theresa will inquire with the Minnesota Historical Society.

Post meeting update – Theresa received this reply: Eventually there will be a link to the GSM archived materials.  However, until the collection is formally cataloged (that will take several months), we won't have it.


Minnehaha Marker Project - Ed had lunch with Dick Bottenberg and Doug Z concerning the Minnehaha project; need to get Park Management, monuments in 2016 in 5 spots, acrylic multi colored panels.  Similar to Split Rock sign. Dave will send out photos of Keweenaw plaques.   They will be asking Becky Galkiewicz to sit in on Marker committee meetings, hope to have Becky get database set up with location of all markers, maybe GPS, maybe photos. 


Meeting Close - Ruth – Motion to adjourn, seconded by Roger.