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GSM Board Minutes for 13 February 2014

Geological Society of Minnesota

13 February 2014

Minutes of the Board Meeting



Board members present:  Mark Ryan, Sherry Keesey, Mary Helen Inskeep, Ruth Jensen, Dave Wilhelm, Becky Galkiewicz, Deb Preece, Roger Benepe


Guests present:  Steve Erickson, Bill Robbins, Sandy Steffner, Ed Steffner, Joanie Furlong, Bently Preece, Alan Smith


Motion – Minutes of the November 2013 meeting were approved


Treasurer's report

Sherry Keesey reported the checking account balance was $5989, the savings account balance was $215, and there are 3 Certificates of Deposit amounting to $7291.  Net income since the beginning of the fiscal year (October 1st) has been $2606 and she projects that anticipated expenses can be met.  Taxes have been filed to meet the deadlines (state taxes withing 3 months after the end of the FY, 5 months for federal taxes).  Sherry suggested moving the beginning of the fiscal year from October 1st  to September 1st, to coincide with the beginning of the Lecture Series. 

Motion – Dave Wilhelm, Sherry Keesey and Mary Helen Inskeep will research the fiscal year issue and report at the next board meeting – Passed. 


Membership report

Joanie Furlong reported that there are 145 memberships currently – 106 individuals and 39 families.  The membership directory comes out around January of each new year.  Dave Wilhelm will send several year's of meeting attendance data to the Board.


Video library

Dave is still the librarian and is seeking someone to take over.  A spreadsheet of all DVDs has been compiled by Sherry and will be made available on the website to all members.  Old tapes will be sold or discarded.


Unfilled positions

Vice President, Video Librarian, and Field Trip Coordinator



Becky will submit meeting announcements to local on-line bulletin boards – such as the Pioneer Press, Star Tribune, TV stations.


Holiday Party

No Board meeting held before the party.  People reported that it was more enjoyable this year!  Thanks go to Sandy and Ed Steffner.


Lecture Series

Steve Erickson summarized recent lectures.  He will be starting to line up next year's speakers in March.  The March 24th speaker will be Greg Brick who will talk about “Underground Twin Cities,”



GasLand Part II DVD

Doug Zbikowski has purchased several copies.  The Board discussed bringing in a speaker for a balanced presentation on fracking.


GSM Newsletter

The quarterly newsletter is published near the quarterly Board meetings.  Anyone wanting to submit an article for the next newsletter should contact Katy Paul by April 1; the article itself should be completed by May 1.



SLOT-C (Service Learning Opportunities in Technical Communication Database) is contacting non-profits and offering skilled student help for communication projects.  Becky Galkiewicz suggested that GSM submit a request for assistance.  Alan Smith, Mary Helen Inskeep and Becky will meet to discuss the request.


GSM Markers

Ed Steffner and Doug Zbikowski plan to update the markers at Minnehaha Falls this summer.  Becky suggested that information about all GSM markers in the state be posted on the GSM website – this should increase website visits and improve GSM's visibility.  Information to be posted would include location (including GPS coordinates), photos, and text of markers.  Deb Preece suggested that visiting several markers would make a good field trip opportunity.


Year-end Banquet

The Board decided that the last lecture of the year on May 5 will include a banquet and tentatively will take place at the U Garden Chinese restaurant (located at 2725 University SE). Dave Wilhelm will contact the restaurant to confirm the location and make arrangements.  Last year's silent auction and used book sale was successful but took a lot of work and should not be repeated for another year or two.


Science teacher list-serve

Bill would like to send notices of GSM events to Minnesota science teachers via a science teacher list-serve.  He will talk with Theresa Tweet when she returns.  Alan will send incoming mail from MESTA to Dave Wilhelm.


State Fair

Sandy reminded the Board that May is when the GSM needs to reserve a spot in the Education Building for State Fair.  Costs $800 and last year yielded at least 5 new members (maybe more).  People agreed that the 2013 display was attractive and done well.  GSM wants to attract new members and State Fair is one way to do so.  But GSM must also work to retain members.


GSM e-mailing lists

Bill Robbins reported that in addition to his e-mail list of all GSM members (with known e-mail addresses) for lecture and field trip announcements and such, he is working on a secondary list for more peripheral announcements and information. This list would only include those GSM members who agree to be included.


Scheduled Board Meetings for 2014

  • usually the second Thursday of February, May, August, and November, at the Geological Survey building on University Avenue
  • 8 May 2014
  • 14 August 2014
  • 13 November 2014


Respectfully submitted, Rebecca Galkiewicz