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GSM Board Minutes for 13 November 2014

Geological Society of Minnesota

13 November 2014

Minutes of the Board Meeting


Board members present:  Dave Wilhelm, Sherry Keesey, Rebecca Galkiewicz, Roger Benepe, John Grams, Mary Helen Inskeep, Ruth Jensen, Deb Preece, Mark Ryan, Dan Japuntich, John Jensen  


Committee members present:  Joanie Furlong, Theresa Tweet, Steve Erickson, Alan Smith




Minutes of the previous Board meeting – Dave reported that the July 31st minutes were approved by e-mail and posted to the website in August.  He requested that Board members reply promptly when draft Minutes are distributed.


Treasurer's Report – Sherry Keesey presented the report.  Income for the new fiscal year so far is down because membership renewals are down (108 renewed memberships in 2014 so far versus 152 in 2013 and 161 in 2012).  Bank accounts (savings and checking) and 3 CDs need to update the Board members who will have signing privileges.  Dan Japuntich and Mary Helen Inskeep will be added,  Sherry will be kept on, and other names eliminated.


There has been a request by a member to pay his dues using a credit card or Pay Pal.  However, the Society would then bear the cost.  The Board decided to ask members to pay their dues using either cash or check.


Our speakers receive their honoraria at the end of the lecture.  The person writing the honorarium check should send the information to the Treasurer and report if the honorarium is declined.


Motion to accept the Treasurer's report.  Moved by Ruth Jensen, seconded by Mary Helen Inskeep, approved unanimously.


Board membership for calendar year 2015 – Officers are Dave Wilhelm as President, Rebecca Galkiewicz as Secretary, and Mary Helen Inskeep as Treasurer.  All approved unanimously.  The Board thanked outgoing Treasurer Sherry Keesey for her years of dedicated service.  Dave announced that other positions need to be filled:  Vice President (to become President in 2016), Field Trip Coordinator, State Fair Coordinator, and Video Librarian.  Of these, only the Vice President needs to be a member of the Board.


Lecture series – The September initial lecture, Banquet and annual meeting were well-attended – more than 90 people.  Alan Smith posts on the GSM website an abstract and the speaker's biography 2 weeks prior to each meeting.  The November 10th lecture was postponed to November 17th due to the first snowfall of the season.  The Board discussed when to make the decision about cancelling a lecture and decided that the 10 PM weather report on Sunday would be the deciding factor.  Alan will then promptly post the cancellation announcement on the web site no later than 3 PM on the day of the lecture.  If possible, an e-mail to all members will be sent by Bill Robbins.  All visitors to the web site will be advised to check for cancellation if the weather and road conditions look doubtful.


People have adjusted to the new 7 PM start time.  For those who are unavoidably late, a member checks the front door several times up until 7:20 PM.


Planning for labs and field trips is on-going – St. Anthony Falls Lab, Chicago museums, MGS visit.  Theresa is working on the Spring Banquet and lecture and the Silent Auction.


Membership – Joanie Furlong plans to print a membership directory in early January 2015 so phone numbers, addresses, and e-mail addresses are available to members.  It costs $125 per year to print the directory.  Cost of postage is reduced when members pick up their directories at a meeting.


Newsletter – Katy Paul, after many years of shepherding the newsletters, has resigned but still provides advice.  Our two new newsletter editors are Mark Ryan and Theresa Tweet.  Harvey Thorleifson continues to provide guidance.  28 newsletters are still mailed; all the rest are e-mailed.  Harvey  suggested that old newsletters be archived.


Motion made to donate the GSM's historical archives to the Minnesota History Society, with any materials not added to the MHS archives to be returned to GSM.  Motion made by Steve Erickson, seconded by Sherry, approved unanimously.


The Board sends our thanks to Katy Paul for her years of service.  The Newsletters she has edited are very informative and are a part of our history of contributions to the state of Minnesota and to geology.


The most recent newsletter contains information on State Fair and the North Dakota and Dayton's Bluff field trips.  It is desirable to put old field trip and lecture title information onto the GSM website, to show visitors the scope of the group's activities. 


State Fair – Sandy Steffner, after years of organizing our State Fair booth and activities, has resigned but will still provide advice.  The Board sends our thanks to Sandy for her years of service in this important role. The Board is looking for another GSM member to fill this role. This position need not be filled by a Board member.


Future board meetings – 2015 Board meetings are scheduled for February 12th and May 14th.  The location will likely be the new Minnesota Geological Survey offices on Territorial Avenue, but unknown is when the move will occur.  The GSM web site will be updated with the new location when the date and exact address are known.


Future gatherings – Ed and Sandy Steffner once again have invited the GSM to a holiday party at their house on December 13th at 3 PM.   More details will be sent soon by e-mail.


Donations – Theresa suggested that we encourage donations to the GSM by:  adding a “How to Support” page to the website and getting on the list for the annual Give to the Max Day.  We have already received a gift of $25 from the November 13th Give to the Max Day.


Contact with the public – The GSM website occasionally receives questions from the public.  Alan forwards messages to Theresa.  She then passes some of these to Harvey and answers others.


GSM Highway Markers – Ed Steffner and Becky Galkiewicz will meet with Doug Zbikowski on November 17th to get information on the Minnehaha Falls markers.  Several people have indicated an interest on locating and assessing highway markers and collecting data about them – Theresa, John Grams, Sherry, Becky, and Ed.  They will schedule a meeting soon.


Video Library – A librarian is needed.  This position need not be filled by a Board member.  Activity is low. 


Updating the website - SLOT-C – We have an opportunity to work with students who are looking for web design experience.   Alan, Mary Helen, and Becky will look into this.


Adjourned at 9:05 PM


Respectfully submitted, Rebecca Galkiewicz, Secretary