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GSM Board Minutes for 15 August 2013

Board Meeting of the Geological Society of Minnesota, August 15, 2013


Opening and Welcome:  The Meeting is being held at the Geological Survey building on University. 


Present for Meeting: Theresa Tweet (President), David Wilhelm (Board Member), Sherry Keesey (Treasurer), Harvey Thorleifson, Ed Steffner, Sandy Steffner, Ly Preece, Rebecca Galkiewicz (Board Member), Debbie Preece (Board Member), Steve Erickson, Bill Robins, John Grams (Secretary). Introductions of two possible Board members Ruth Jensen and Mary Helen Inskeep were also made.


Review and agree on the agenda for August 15, 2013 – Agreed with two additions


Review and confirm minutes from the board meeting of May 16, 2013 – Motion to accept as written - passed.


Committee Discussion and Reports:


1)      Treasurer’s report: Sherry

Positive report from Sherry, with GSM currently $3379.02 positive balance shown through 7/31/13 on income statement.  Balance sheet reviewed and explained.  Treasury reports were accepted.


2)      State Fair: Sandy

Two shifts left on last shift for last day of the fair.  Filled with Sherry, Ruth Hellen. 

Steve recommended we produce a 3x5 card at the booth with quick talking points about membership.  Details of booth setup discussed and agreed upon. 


3)      Internet Committee: Alan

Options for the web site:

Find a person to take over ownership of the website,

Or, find a person to update the content of the web site and Alan will continue with the administration of the web.


Alan was not present, so Theresa introduced the following items.  Ly volunteered to take over content update with assist from Bill R.


5)  Newsletter: Harvey / Katy

Katy takes content from GSM board members, field trip leaders, and others.  Still printing 60-70 copies, much less than the 200-300 previously so costs are down.  Deadline for submitting articles for next issue is Nov 1, as described in the newsletter.  Discussion about encouraging people to switch to pure electronic.  Idea suggested changing membership forms so default is no paper, and they have to check a box to opt-in to paper mailings.  General agreement that this is a good idea that will be revisited in the future.


Ed reported that the effort to distribute membership forms to libraries was not resulting in significant membership.  Bill R thought the effort may be worthwhile still and would prefer to continue during the time period after the state fair. 


Debbie made a suggestion to include notice on upcoming speaker in the Star Tribune.  General agreement this is a good idea.  Becky will investigate and proceed.


Archived newsletters – several years project to scan past issues to 1940’s.  Scanning finished in 2012, then metadata characterization, project nearing completion and we expect then to be available online soon on the Minnesota Reflections website.


6) Nominations for President: Theresa - “The Board elects from its own membership   

     the president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer” The appointment of David   

     Wilhelm as Vice President.


Motion to assign David to position of Vice President passed unanimously for the duration of 2013, with David offering to take over the Presidency as of January 1, 2014. 


Discussed idea of having board meeting and allowing board members to attend by teleconference.  Agreed we will try to make this available. 


7)  Discussion about changing the By-laws to allow filling the position of Treasurer with any GSM member, and not requiring the treasurer to be on the Board of Directors (as current).  This has been raised due to a concern that if Board Members are not trained, skilled or interested to be Treasurer this could result in problems.


Issue was discussed and agreed it may be necessary in the future.  Concern was raised that changing the by-laws may require reapplication for tax exempt status.  Theresa will research this.


8) Speakers: Steve


Discussion about having speakers who may address controversial topics.  It was agreed in general that controversy is OK so long as it’s a scientific discussion. 


9) Membership: Joanie


Joanie not present so no report.


10) Public Service Position:


Discussed the idea of a public service position to be held by Becky.  Rebecca agreed she will take this on.  Possible activities of the position may include the following:


To promote an awareness of and interest in the study of Geology in the schools and among the general public. This may be done by providing speakers, exhibits, literature, maps, or by such other means as seem appropriate.


To produce video programs of the Geological Society field trips and lectures for public cable broadcasting and inclusion in the video library.


To publicize the activities of the Society in the appropriate media and wherever it is believed an interest in the Earth Sciences may exist.


To plan and conduct fundraising campaigns, activities, or write grant proposals; and to forward all proceeds directly to the Treasurer.


11) Marker Discussion


Led by Ed.  Doug willing to work on planning 4 geological markers for Minnehaha Park.  Can be produced in acrylic at $400-$500 each.  Similar to the marker at Split Rock or Flood Bay.  Stainless steel post and concrete will cost extra.  Suggestion to apply for funding for statewide geo-markers from Legacy funds.  Currently have $1,000 from GSM earmarked for the markers.



John Grams (Secretary)