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GSM Board Minutes for 15 September 2014

Geological Society of Minnesota

Annual Meeting – Minutes

15 September 2014


The annual meeting of the Geological Society of Minnesota to conclude FY 2013-2014 was held at the U Garden on University Avenue, near the Minneapolis campus of the University of Minnesota.  Attendance was approximately 90 people, and a quorum was established.  The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM. 


Sherry Keesey, Treasurer, reviewed the financial records for the year.  Thanks was given to Sandy Steffner for organizing the State Fair booth and volunteers.  Membership renewal is starting for the new fiscal year 2014-2015.  New start time for lectures is 7:00 PM.


Motion:  A motion was made to make changes to the by-laws as suggested by Mary Helen Inskeep and previously approved by the Board of Directors.  The by-laws with changes highlighted were sent to all members of the GSM as an attachment to the annual meeting announcement.  The most significant amendment to the by-laws was changing our fiscal year from Oct 1-Sept 30 to Sept 1-August 31. The vote was unanimous to accept the changes. 


Dave Wilhelm announced the slate of candidates to the Board of Directors.  Several directors are continuing their service:  Dave Wilhelm (President), Becky Galkiewicz (Secretary), Mary Helen Inskeep, Mark Ryan, Ruth Jensen, John Grams, Deb Preece, and Roger Benepe.  Sherry Keesey will complete her two terms on the Board at the end of 2014, and so will leave the Board of Directors at that time. Two people were nominated to join the Board, starting January 1, 2015:  John Jensen and Dan Japuntich.


Motion:  A motion was made to accept the slate of candidates to the Board of Directors.  Members voted unanimously in favor.


The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be November 13th.


Respectfully submitted,

Rebecca C. Galkiewicz, Secretary