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GSM Board Minutes for 21 May 2015

Geological Society of Minnesota

21 May 2015

Minutes of the Board Meeting


Board members present:  John Jensen, Ruth Jensen, Dan Japuntich, Dave Wilhelm (President), Mary Helen Inskeep (Treasurer), Mark Ryan, Becky Galkiewicz (Secretary), Deb Preece


Guests present:  Theresa Tweet, Alan Smith, Ly Preece, Harvey Thorleifson


Motion previously approved:  Minutes of the February meeting were approved by e-mail.


Agenda approved.


Board membership – Dave reported that the Board is looking for someone to become Vice President, to become President in 2016 when Dave leaves the Board.  At the August meeting, we will be nominating people to join the Board, in preparation for the annual meeting in September.


State Fair – Dan Japuntich reported that the license agreement for a booth in the Education Building was sent to the Fair on April 7th and the invoice was paid on April 8th.  GSM will pay its own liability insurance and has declined State Fair insurance.  A sign-up sheet for volunteers to staff the booth (two volunteers for each of 3 daily 4-hour time slots, 12 days) is in process.


Newsletter – Currently, the newsletter is posted to the website a year after it is distributed to the membership.  It is desirable to put urgent announcements on a different part of the website to make them easy to find.  Types of articles sought for the newsletter:  field trip reports, vacation reports, book reviews, DVD reviews, etc.


Motion:  Change timing of newsletter posting to website from one year to three months.  Motion approved.


2015 Spring Banquet results – Theresa reported that we earned $671 from the silent auction, $100 from sales to Architectural Antiques, $30 from used books, for a total of $800.  The $30 that was received from the sales of the withdrawn Library titles will be reinvested into Video Library. All of the volunteers that signed up to help, showed up, so we had plenty of help. 92 people in attendance.  A fascinating presentation by Mark Ryan on American Vertebrate Paleontology.  What we learned from the banquet: 

1)      Auction materials should arrive before the auction date, unless other plans have been made in advance.

2)      Due to the time constraints that we had to abide by, other guests, staff schedules, a closing time to contend with, combined with limited display options and area, and add to this all the GSM business that we had to accomplish, a restaurant proved to be a difficult venue to work in.


Next time we can expect to pay a facilities charge to the restaurant.


After many years of chairing the Spring Banquet and Silent Auction, Theresa Tweet has decided to step down and allow someone else to take over. Tentatively, the date of the next Spring Banquet and Silent Auction will be in May of 2017.



2015 Fall Banquet planning – Scheduled for September 14th at U Garden Restaurant and will include the annual meeting for all members.


Motion:  Pay a $120 facilities fee to U Garden Restaurant to reserve the restaurant for the fall banquet.  Motion approved.


GSM Web Site – Alan, Mary Helen, and Becky made suggestions for web site changes, to include:

-          Upgrade to Drupal 7,

-          ADA design,

-          A moderator in charge of site content,

-          Adding a newsletter module,

-          Adding photos via Shutterfly,

-          Device independence,

-          Making room for new content (e.g. GSM markers),

-          Ability to accept donations. 

The long range goal is to attract more visitors to the website and to GSM meetings and membership.  After discussion, the Board agreed that planning should move forward.


Treasurer's Report – Mary Helen plans to investigate Certificate of Deposit interest rates.  May results of finances are favorable due to income from silent auction.


Lecture Announcements – Theresa puts notices on the GSM Facebook page.  Alan puts announcements on the website.  Becky sends notices to the Star Tribune Entertainment page. website – It's time to pay the renewal fee for the website - $263 for 2 years to Host Monster. was created after a town hall meeting attended by

-          the US Geological Survey, the Minnesota Geological Survey,

-          representatives of the Minnesota DNR,

-          Minnesota universities and colleges,

-          the Minnesota Earth Sciences Teachers Association,

-          the Bell Museum of Natural History, and

-          Minnesota geology and mineral clubs. 

Ly and Harvey will discuss the future of and report back.


Motion:  Pay Host Monster $263 for 2 years for 2 domain names ( and  Approved.


Lecture schedule for 2015-2016 – will be posted on the website soon.


Internship: Theresa reported that the internship that the GSM was able to obtain through the generosity of Macalester College this spring was officially completed on May 1, 2015, (although Alex has agreed to fine-tune some of his projects over the summer). Alex created lesson plans that could be used in GSM's, 2nd-8th grade Hands-On Classroom Outreach program, as well as a glacier lab that he edited and re-created for middle to high school students, plus the background information and instructions for using these files. Alex also created background information for three educational bins that Theresa has in storage at her home consisting of three subjects; Water Cycle, Rocks and Minerals, and Fossils. So for the most part, everything is done, and Alex received an excellent review from Theresa toward his internship credits.


Next Board meeting:  13 August 2015, 7:00 PM, at the Minnesota Geological Survey, Territorial Road, St. Paul


Respectfully submitted,

Rebecca C. Galkiewicz, Secretary