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GSM Board Minutes for 31 July 2014

Geological Society of Minnesota

31 July 2014

Minutes of the Board Meeting - Final


Board members present:  Mark Ryan, Sherry Keesey, Dave Wilhelm, Ruth Jensen, Mary Helen Inskeep, Deb Preece, Becky Galkiewicz, Roger Benepe, John Grams


Committee members present:  Theresa Tweet, Steve Erickson, Bill Robinson, Alan Smith


Guest:  John Jensen


Motion:  Minutes of the May meeting were approved in May by e-mail vote.


Treasurer's Report – Sherry Keesey reported that GSM has received donations of $1220 this fiscal year, in addition to member dues of $3805.  Honoraria came to $2903.  The video library paid for itself – it cost $225 this year, while bringing in $264 in rentals and memberships.  The organization is in good shape financially.  Currently, there is only one person authorized to sign checks on the ING account.  A second signer is needed, as well as a replacement for Sherry when she retires as Treasurer.  Sherry will create a donation receipt form to be given to a donor at the time of the gift.


Membership Committee – Joanie Furlong is in charge of making changes to the membership roster.  Dave Wilhelm and Bill Robinson can make changes in the event of Joanie's absence.


By-Law Changes Proposed – Mary Helen Inskeep reported that she had read the current by-laws (last updated in 1995) and made suggestions for changes.  Copies of the proposed changes were distributed.


Motion:  Proposed changes to the by-laws that did not have any comments attached will be accepted as is.  Moved by Roger Benepe, seconded by Ruth Jensen, motion adopted.


Motion:  Proposed changes to the section regarding a Liaison Officer were made.  Moved by Mary Helen Inskeep, seconded by Roger Benepe, motion adopted.


A discussion occurred on the practices of Public Service regarding making recordings of field trips and speakers for public dissemination.  The practices will remain as possible but not mandatory. 


Motion:  That the first paragraph of Section F on Public Service, Publicity, and Fundraising remain the same but the second paragraph be eliminated.  Moved by John Grams, seconded by Deb Preece, motion adopted.


These by-law changes approved by the Board will be put to a vote by the GSM membership at its Annual Meeting on September 15th. 


Mary Helen is beginning work on revisions to the Operations Guide.


Offices – Dave Wilhelm reported that Vice President, Video Librarian and Field Trip Coordinator remain open.  Katy Paul is handing over responsibility for the Newsletter to Theresa Tweet and Mark Ryan.  John Jensen indicated an interest in joining the Board. John will be presented to the Membership for nomination to the Board at the Annual Meeting on Sept. 15th.


Newsletter – The August Newsletter comes out on August 15th.  The next Newsletter will go out in November.  Deadline for articles is November 1.  Dave encouraged people to write stories and take pictures of their summer vacations.


Lectures – Steve Erickson presented the latest version of the lecture schedule for the 2014-2015 time period.  The start time for the lectures has been moved to 7:00 PM after consultation with the University and an e-mail vote by the GSM membership.  Details on lectures will be available to members and the public on the GSM web site – especially last-minute changes in speaker or location.  A variety of announcements will be tried this year:

  • Twin Cities entertainment notices
  • University of Minnesota activities lists
  • e-mail to science teachers in Minnesota
  • Mineralogy organization
  • Minnesota Ground Water Association
  • Rock shops
  • Minnesota Gem and Minerals
  • State Fair brochures and booth
  • web site


The fall banquet and kick-off for the 2014-2015 period will be at U Garden on September 15.  Spring banquet and silent auction will also be at U Garden, on May 4th.


State Fair – Sandy's report showed that plans have been made with some changes.  The work team will assemble the booth on Monday, August 18.  A sign-up list for volunteering at the booth is almost complete.  State Fair runs from August 21 to September 1.


Donations – Donations will be more actively encouraged.  Put a “Support” page on the website to acknowledge our donors. Alan and Theresa will be working on the support/donation page for the website.


Marker project – Becky Galkiewicz reported that she has been searching for markers as she travels around the state this summer.  Some markers are missing, others do not have adequate directions.  Many marker locations are available in the MHS publication “Minnesota History Along the Highways” and should be made available on the GSM web site and as an I-phone ap.  Becky, Ed and Sandy Steffner and Doug Zbikowski are involved in the marker project.  Other people expressed an interest in helping find and evaluate the status of the markers – John Grams and Sherry Keesey.


E-mail address lists – Bill Robinson is building and maintaining the address lists.


Meeting adjourned at 9:02 PM.


Future Board meetings:

  • 13 November 2014
  • 12 February 2015
  • 14 May 2015


Respectfully submitted,

Rebecca Galkiewicz, Secretary