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GSM Board Minutes for 7 November 2013

Geological Society of Minnesota

Board Meeting – 7 November 2013



Present – Roger Benepe, Sherry Keesey, Dave Wilhelm, Theresa Tweet, Rebecca Galkiewicz, Mark Ryan


Visitors - Ruth Jensen, Steve Erickson, Bill Robbins, Mary Helen Inskeep, Harvey Thorleifson


Agenda for November 7, 2013:  Motion approved to accept the agenda.


Minutes for previous meeting -  August 15, 2013:  Motion approved to accept the minutes.


Proposed 2014 Board of Directors:  Theresa Tweet, Allan Bowles, and Alan Smith, having served 4 years, are leaving the Board on December 31st.

·         President – David Wilhelm

·         Vice-president – (not yet filled)

·         Secretary – John Grams

·         Treasurer – Sherry Keesey

·         Board members – Deb Preece, Rebecca Galkiewicz, Mark Ryan, Roger Benepe, Ruth Jensen (new), Mary Helen Inskeep (new)


Treasurer's report – The Fiscal year begins on October 1st.  Sherry reported that fall is the time when most memberships are renewed.  We should encourage visitors to join and members to renew.  Every year, approximately one-half of the money spent is for speakers and one-third for the State Fair booth and publicity.  E-mailing the newsletter is cutting down on mailing costs.  Regarding reimbursement for invited speakers, Sherry suggested that we offer up to $75 for car travel and $125 as an honorarium.


Mailing lists – Bill Robbins suggested having two mailing lists.  One for announcements about upcoming lectures/labs, field trips, and newsletters and open to all current members.  The other is optional and would be for local meetings, news items, photos, current events public issues, etc. not directly related to GSM, .  He will implement.


Mail box – Mail has been going to a Post Office box in Edina for a number of years.  Sherry collects mail 1 to 4 times per month.  It is not desirable to change PO box as directors change.


Video Library – The Library contains many old and outdated video tapes.  Thirteen new DVD titles have been purchased and are popular.  Money coming from rentals goes back to the library to purchase new DVDs.  It was decided that the old and outdated video tapes would be sold at the next Silent Auction/Volunteer Appreciation Event. The old stock would be marked differently and when sold, the money would be turned over to whoever is in charge of the Video Library to purchase additional stock and replace worn titles.


Web site improvements – Becky suggested making some improvements to the web site.  Alan Smith is currently the chair of the Web Site Committee and wants to retire.  Ly Preece is interested in working on it.


State Fair results – Sandy is the chair of the State Fair Committee and reported a good turnout from GSM members who took charge of the booth 3 shifts per day throughout the Fair.  Many people stopped by and picked up information.  The Committee worked on making some changes to the booth for this year.


Lecture attendance -  Dave reports attendance to the board after each lecture and is keeping the records for future reference.


Publicity for lectures – Becky will submit information to the local newspapers for their community events listings (newspaper and on-line).  In the past, the newspapers have rarely put the information in.   Should try to find out why.


Conference calling – It was suggested that we could try conference calls for future board meetings to include board members who are otherwise unable to attend.  The Survey offices have conference calling capability but the room must be reserved in advance. 


Changing the By-laws - Theresa reported that Mark Buenaflor (651-757-3066) of the Minnesota Council of Non-Profits informed her (and as she understands it), that By-laws can indeed be adjusted in order to fit with changing times (review Section 2.x under Internal Revenue Service). It is making changes to our “Article of Incorporations” that requires us to notify the state.


Future GSM Board meetings -  Held at the Survey offices at 19:00

·         13 February 2014

·         8 May 2014

·         14 August 2014

·         13 November 2014


Holiday Social Gathering – Ed and Sandy Steffner will host a holiday gathering at their home on 14 December 2013. 


Check-signing authorization – At the 11 October 2012 meeting it was decided that we need to have check-signing authorization for the current GSM officers and the program chair.  Sherry reported that removing a person from authorization requires only one current officer to request it.  But adding a person requires two people (the new signer and an existing authorized signer) to visit a TCF bank branch. 


A motion was made by Dave Wilhelm and seconded by Theresa Tweet to make current board officers and the program chair  authorized check signers.  Motion approved.


Adjournment – A motion was made by Dave Wilhelm and seconded by Roger Benepe to adjourn the meeting.  Motion approved.



Respectfully submitted,

Rebecca Galkiewicz

Acting secretary