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GSM Board Minutes for December 8, 2012

Board Meeting of the Geological Society of Minnesota, December 8, 2012




Opening and welcome:  Meeting is being held at Ed and Sandy’s home:


Those present include – Roger Benepe (President), Theresa Tweet (Vice President), John Grams (Secretary), Sherry Keesey (Treasurer), Lisa Peters (Board Member), Ly & Debbie Preece (Board Member), David Wilhelm (Board Member), Mark Ryan (Board Member),  Rebecca Galkiewicz (Board Member), Doug Zbikowski, Ed Steffner, Sandy Steffner, Bill Robbins.  


  1. Review and agree on the agenda – Agreed after some discussion on desired sequence.


  1. Review and confirm minutes from the Board meeting of October11, 2012.


Discussions and Reports:


  1. Treasurer’s report – Sherry

Fiscal Year runs Oct 1 – Sept 30

Minor edits needed to summation for Lectures & Lab formula in the Income Statement spreadsheet.  The required edits will not change the bottom line because that formula is correct. 


Income statement and Balance Sheet accepted with minor modifications.


  1. Balancing the Budget – Doug

Doug distributed a document with a range of topics listed to discuss for cost cutting or for increasing revenue (attached as “Balancing the Budget 2012”).


  1.  Size of lecture program/number of lectures – idea discussed with no motion at present.


  1. Discuss practice when speaker refuses payment.  It doesn’t occur often. 


Motion made to keep the money that was refused in the GSM account and simply not pay the speaker.  Motion passed.


  1. Not paying over $125 per event.  Discussion over charging $5/attendee for labs.  Lectures have all been $125 each.  More of the labs are going up to $250 because we are paying for students to assist.  Steve commented that the Macalister labs have been more successful with the additional assistance of the students. 


Motion to limit payment for labs to $250, and payment for lectures to $125 plus up to $50 per diem.  Payments above these amounts will require board approval.  Motion passed.


  1. Eliminate the GSM phone.  Currently we pay ½ monthly phone bill for Fran Corcoran to have the phone.  If we eliminate the phone one of the Board Members will need to volunteer their phone for listing on official filings and for general contact for the club. Roger agreed that his phone number will be listed on the web site.


Motion made to eliminate the phone effective Jan 1, 2013.  Motion accepted.


  1. Increased revenue discussion.  No motions made.


Other Ideas discussion.  Bill Robins shared a pro forma 2013 budget with ideas (copy attached as “GSM Finance”).  Discussion about eliminating the insurance.  Insurance payment due in January.  Insurance is needed for many facility rentals, but a $70 fee usually covers an event specific insurance need.  Insurance does not cover board members, but does cover all members at all events. Cost is $428 for $1MM coverage.  Essentially umbrella liability coverage, not officer’s coverage.  Decision made to continue coverage for 2013.  Ed to prepare summary of policy to review with Board. 



Note:  Ed Steffner distributed a copy of the insurance coverage after the meeting, on Dec 19.  A copy of this document is attached as “GSM Hartford Insurance Explanation ltr”.



  1. Membership Report and the need for a membership roster- Joanie

Joanie not present so discussion tabled.


  1. State Fair Report, Insurance- Sandy

See item 5 under “Balancing the Budget” above for insurance discussion.


  1. State Fair costs versus return and redesign – Sandy


  1. Ad-hoc review- Ed

Discussions for items 7 & 8 combined into a single discussion.  Ed prepared a brief from the membership Ad Hoc committee and presented the brief to the Board.  Ed also informed the board that there are two boxes of samples and rock boxes: one is at Carlton, and one at Macalister.


  1. Library costs versus return- Ed 

Ed shared inventory of materials.  Joanie shared draft membership directory.


  1. Changing Video Library Fees – David

Motion made to charge non video members $2 per rental, with fee going against video membership if they join in the future.  Motion passed.  Dave considering purchase of new videos.


  1. Field Trip Committee – Deb

Discussed with item #12 below.



Food for Thought:


  1. Developing new contacts with OLLI for potential classes/field trips - Deb P?
  1.  Deb suggested announcing weekly lectures in the Star Tribune.  She will look into it to see if there is a charge to be included. 
  2. Deb also suggested we consider having a booth at some of the local mineral shows or other similar functions. 
  3. OLLI participation.  They offer certain classes. 
  4. Consider a 75th anniversary event.  The auction is this event.  Consider better promotion of this event.
  5. Consider a Facebook page
  6. Science Museum – are there opportunities to work with them?
  7. Field trip committee.  Deb is recommending reviving this.  One idea would be to advance plan the schedule for summer 2013.


  1. Renaming the Pot Luck / Silent Auction to - Kimble Memorial Appreciation Dinner / Silent Auction – Theresa

Mary Kimball, past president of GSM, died on a GSM field trip.  Board decided to leave the event titled as Spring Banquet and Silent Auction.


The event will again be held at the Eisenhower Community Center on May 4, 2013, from 4:00 to 7:00:



1001 Hwy 7, Hopkins, MN 55305.  Set-up will be from 3:00 to 4:00, with the dinner to follow shortly thereafter.  The Silent Auction will run from 5:00 until 6:45.


New Item:  Steve is soliciting ideas for 2013 labs/lectures.  Deb suggested having a lecture on the large field trips (e.g. the San Andreas field trip).  Board asked to send ideas to Steve.


Justin Tweet has agreed to do our lecture and here are the possible topics. Please look them over and come to the meeting with a couple of favorites in minds to vote on:


“Hadrosaurid dinosaur paleobiology: my thesis was on the possible gut contents of the brachylophosaur specimen “Leonardo”. I could give a presentation on the paleobiology of dinosaurs using Leo as a starting point, covering diet and feeding, life appearance, evolution, and so on.


National Parks fossil resources: I have prepared reports on fossil resources of the national parks and monuments in several networks, each of which could make a presentation on its own. From most recent (now) to oldest (summer 2008):

1) the Mediterranean Coast Network (LA and San Diego);

2) the Northern Colorado Plateau Network (most of Utah and adjacent Wyoming and Colorado); [this could be combined with #5 as well]

3) the Northern Great Plains Network (the Dakotas, northern Nebraska, and eastern Wyoming);

4) the Northeast Temperate Network (most of New England outside of Cape Cod, upstate New York, northern New Jersey, and the Appalachian Trail);

5) the Southern Colorado Plateau (the Four Corners);

6) the Southeast Coast Network (the Piedmont and coast from North Carolina to Cape


7) and the Sonoran Desert Network (the southern half of Arizona)

In general, the older the report, the more time it would take for me to get something ready. Also, the two eastern networks are kind of dull. A presentation could be focused specifically on the fossils, or it could be broadened to use the parks as a framework for a more general presentation on the geology of that network.”


New Business: President / Vice President vote

Old Business: We are still in need of both a Public Service and Field Trip Coordinator.   


Motion made to vote Theresa Tweet in as President of GSM.  Board voted unanimously in favor of Theresa as President.


Meeting Adjourned.