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GSM Board Minutes for February 7, 2013

Board Meeting of the Geological Society of Minnesota, February 7, 2013



Opening and welcome:  The Meeting is being held at the Minnesota Geological Survey building on University.


Those present include: Theresa Tweet (President), Harvey Thorliefson, Steve Erickson, David Wilhelm (Board Member), Joan Furlong, Bill Robbins, Deb Preece (Board Member), Lisa Peters (Board Member), a quorum was not present.


  1. Review and agree on the agenda: Tabled


  1. Review and confirm minutes from the Board meeting of December 8, 2012. Tabled


Discussion and reports:


  1. Treasurer’s report – Joanie (for Sherry) There was need for more information so topic tabled until Sherry Keesey (treasurer) could be present.


  1. Internet Committee: Alan


  1. “Principles & Practices for Nonprofit Excellence, a guide for nonprofit board members, managers and staff” Theresa – This Minnesota Council of Nonprofits booklet was passed out to current, present board members.  


  1. Spring Banquet and Silent Auction details: Theresa


New location and times. Time to start gathering donation and to do some cold calling.


  1. Newsletter: Harvey – Harvey went over the logistics of how the Newsletter comes into being.  Harvey sends information to Katy, or Katy sends it to Harvey. After editing, the final copy is then given to Richard Lively who uses his software to pull the storylines together creating the end product that we see. All the Newsletters have been scanned and archived. 


  1. Possible Lectures- Steve - It has been going very slow this year, and he’s not heard back from many of the speakers that he has contacted, but hopes to hear back from prospective speakers over the next couple of weeks for commitments on talks. Possible topics include   Agates, and Oil in North Dakota.   


  1. New Membership Directory: Joanie


Food for Thought:


New Business: 


It was brought up by a Macalester student that it would be great if we could find a way to get rock and mineral samples as well as geology books into the hands of geology major/minors.

Video Rentals - David Wilhelm: One member has recently suggested to David that video viewers could write reviews of the videos (good or bad) that they have watched.

Leaving a Legacy- Please remember the Geological Society of Minnesota in your will.


Placing GSM on Facebook.


On questions concerning job descriptions of Board Members, Harvey provided an OCR scan of the GSM Manual.


Possible Field trip in June- Bill, Ely/Duluth Area. Still in the works.


Old business: We are still in need of a Public Service Coordinator, Publicity, and Vice President…,