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GSM Board Minutes March 26, 2009 6:00 PM @ US Geological Survey

GSM Board Minutes   March 26, 2009   6:00 PM   @ US Geological Survey


PRESENT:  Ben Preece, Dick Bottenberg, Ed Steffner, Sandy Steffner, Alan Smith, Harvey Thorleifson, Paul Jensen, Janet Hopper, Doug Zbikowski, Steve Erickson.

Meeting was called to order by the President.

MINUTES  of  the 1/22/09 Board Meeting were reviewed and approved as written. Dick B. motioned and Paul J. seconded. The Board Meeting scheduled for 2/26/09 had been cancelled due to weather.


The committee is continuing to search  for someone to fill the vacant seat on the board.  Several persons from outside associations were recommended and will be contacted with decisions being postponed until the April meeting. The committee will also be looking for potential candidates to fill the two seats being vacated next year.  This is the last year for Sandy and Ed Steffner.


The checking account balance as of 2/28/09 is $3,904.34 with Total cash/ Assets $54,959.44.  Included in the Totals are the Restricted Assets for the Marker Program: $40,000 State Grant, $1000 Minnehaha Falls Fund, and $5000 GSM donation. Two checks @$125 each continue to be outstanding with Ben and Steve investigating.  Report discussed with Ed S. motion to approve and Sandy S. seconding.  Report approved.

INTERNET COMMITTEE:  Alan S. and Ben P. and Harvey T.

A new Web Page design was reviewed and a proposed MN Geology web page was presented.  The potential links of our web page and MN Geology were discussed with concerns to be addressed – a) special use log in area versus general use, and b) real time community calendars from the many professional organization links.  The MN Geology web page is a result of a discussion from the Geology Town Hall Meeting last year.  It was suggested that this site could link  together Intellectual Government Organizations, Interest Groups, Museums, Professional Associations, State and Local Parks, Teachers and Students, Universities and Colleges.

Ben P. requested board approval  to sign up with a Hosting Service to take this Hosting live.  The estimated costs for set up of the MN Geology page is $70/year.  Discussion followed regarding the webmaster.  Ed S. made the motion to commit $200/yr for setting up and maintaining both the GSM and MN Geology hosting service and domain name. Alan S. seconded and motion was passed.


Ed reported that GSM received the $1,000,000 insurance policy covering GSM for one year during the Marker Program.  Ed also stated Bryce Anderson stated that the state already has $2 million coverage for work being done in the parks.

Directors and Officers insurance coverage was discussed with the lowest bid for the D&O for one year being $769.50. The policy was reviewed with unnecessary duplicate coverage being addressed as a concern.  As a result, no motion was raised to pursue the purchase of D&O insurance.

Ed presented samples of their committee interactive site for logging in their activity, in kind requirements, and dollar amounts.  Bryce Anderson is now linked to this site – with work continuing on the accumulation of the data. This accumulation is necessary to support GSM reporting to the Historical Society.  Required timelines are that all expenses be encumbered by June 30; reporting to the Historical Society by July 31; and anticipated installation completion by September or October.

Quotes are being requested from 6 vendors for the casted plaques.

 The Split Rock Project does not require a plaque. There will be a graphic panel installed with anticipated completion by May 15.

The Minnehaha Project is still in the planning with the potential need for a graphic panel on a post.


Steve reported on the 2009-2010 Calendar.  The lectures will start Sept 21 – with all weeks set up except the last meeting, May 3.  He is still looking for a lecturer and working on the labs. It was requested he bring a sample schedule to the next board meeting.  Steve also questioned our willingness to buy more Rocky Roots booklets, since new ones have been printed. He will bring a sample of them also.


Janet has several field trips in the planning , which she will announce at the lectures and will be  published in the newsletter.  In  May - Steve and Roger @ the Brickyards,  June - Randy @ Red Wing, July –Canoeing on the Minnesota River.

The next Board Meeting is scheduled for April 23, 2009 Thursday @ 6:00 PM at the USGS.

Motion to adjourn the meeting by Paul J. Alan S. seconded. Meeting adjourned 8:10 PM.


Minutes respectfully submitted by Sandy Steffner