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GSM Board Minutes for May 16, 2013

Board Meeting of the Geological Society of Minnesota, May 16, 2013, 7:00 PM

Meeting is being held at the Minnesota Geological Survey


Those present: Theresa Tweet (President), Harvey Thorleifson, Steve Erickson, David Wilhelm (Board Member), Deb Preece (Board Member), Sandy and Ed Steffner, Mark Ryan (Board member), Doug Zbikowski, Katy Paul, Rebecca Galkiewicz (Board Member), Dick Bottenberg, Sherry Keesey (Treasurer).


There was a quorum present.


v  Agenda: The agenda was presented to the members present and approved:

v  Treasurer’s report from the Board meeting of December 8, 2012, meeting was held at Ed and Sandy Steffner’s: Sherry

v  Review and confirm minutes from the Board meeting of December 8, 2012.

v  Meeting was held at the Geological Survey Building, Minnesota:

v  Treasurer’s report for the board meeting of February 7, 2013 - Sherry

v  Review and confirm minutes from the Board meeting of February 7, 2013.


Sherry combined all of the treasury reports from 12/31/2012-5/31/2013 using all of the information that was currently available.  Focus was placed on the membership dues which provide the bulk of our financial staying for our organization. In 2009, our membership had reached its peak bringing in $4,900.00.  After that, membership had steadily been on the decline.  This was due to various reasons such as the economy, loss of information and the loss of our Membership Coordinator who had taken a job outside of the state.  2010-11, were our toughest years to date, but we now see our membership and the continuity of its records on the rise thanks to Will Robbins, Ed Steffner, our new Membership Coordinator - Joanie Furlong, and a number of other members.  Sherry will have to decide on whether or not to roll-over a CD – decision to be made by June 5th. Treasury report was accepted.

v  Regular expenses include postage, insurance, Minnesota State Fair and printing.

3)        Possible Updates for the State Fair booth / State Fair Committee? – Sandy. Sandy took the names of people who would like to work on a new booth for the State Fair and said that she would set up a meeting. At the meeting, a budget could be suggested.

Some suggestions include: A catch phrase for 75 years.

Sherry – including objects that catch people’s eyes.

Steve – Map of Minnesota, Mark – DNR Map of Minnesota

Debbie – Include pictures of people and places that are recognizable.

4)         Results of the Auction - Theresa 

At this time I heard of no complaints. The Affinity Plus space was donated – We can come back anytime! We received coffee from Caribou, Cake from Sam’s Club, and our Rock hammers were donated as well, so we had very little money going out for this event. The amount of money made from the Spring Banquet and Silent Auction was 1250.43.

5)         Discussion of the lectures – Steve. Steve said that there are only two days left to cover and that a tentative schedule is in place for the lectures.

6)         Recap of the Death Valley field trip – Sherry Keesey said that the trip was very informative and a lot of fun. Trilobites were found; Mark said that they enjoyed the Artist Palette

7)       Would anyone like to have their name added to the “Admin” section of the Facebook site? – Theresa. Mark Ryan and Harvey Thorleifson were added to the admin list of names.

Old Business: Doug gave the Board an update on the latest developments in his research on Celestial Geodynamics. His first site analysis will include the Los Angeles region (and CA more generally) and he showed that it has experienced compressive ellipsoidal demand almost exclusively from 1890 to 2001. Ellipsoidal demand is the amount of equipotential adjustment of Earth's figure that is required at a given location to maintain the equilibrium ellipsoid during secular drift of the rotational pole. For stress pulses from solar earth tides to add constructively to ellipsoidal demand, they would also have to be compressive during the same period. In considering solar-tidal deformation of the whole earth, maximum compressive pulses to the crust occur near 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM (local mean solar time). Thus, if the combination of both these compressive stresses in CA were sufficient to (statistically) trigger large earthquakes, some should occur near (+/- 90 minutes) to 6:00 AM or 6:00 PM. Several examples of large and costly quakes in CA were given and a statistically significant result was evident.

Putting the Minnehaha Marker money to rest: Ed. Doug Z. will check with “Donor” as to whether they would like to have their Minnehaha donation money returned or not, and if Minnehaha Falls would still like their marker updated. A motion was made and passed to give Doug $1,000.000 towards the completion of the Minnehaha Marker project.  

Last, but not least, Dick Bottenberg was given an engraved rock hammer in gratitude for his wonderful work done as a past GSM president.  As well, Harvey Thorleifson, Director of the Minnesota Geological Survey, was also given an engraved rock hammer in gratitude for the long standing partnership and support that the Minnesota Geological Survey has given to the Geological Society of Minnesota. Thank you both.

New Business:

GSM Video Library: David Wilhelm / History Channel, Amazon, EBay? A motion was made and passed, to give the Video Library $150.00 to update and replace some of its older contents.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55- Respectfully- Theresa Tweet