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GSM Members and Friends: FLASH! FLASH! FLASH! GSM Recognition Banquet and Auction

GSM Members and Friends: FLASH! FLASH! FLASH!   GSM Recognition Banquet and Auction

The New Enchanted Rock Garden, Mountain Press, the Minnesota Survey and many members have donated awesome items for this month’s Banquet and Silent Auction!   We all know that the Recognition Banquet and Auction is planned for 23 January, and all are asked to sign up right away by responding to the Evite sent out from Janet Hopper.  Please indicate what food you will bring for the potluck dinner.  If you did not receive an Evite send Janet a note at: 

Please join us as we recognize and express our appreciation for all those who work to support the GSM.  Bring yourselves, bring family and bring friends interested in rocks, minerals and geology.  The Minnesota Survey and Mountain Press have provided the following door prizes:   

  • The new book: Roadside Geology of Minnesota (2)
  • 4 Geologic maps:  Minnesota Quaternary Geology, Minnesota Bedrock Geology and Surficial Geology of the Twin Cities (2)
  • 3-D maps and glasses (12): Mississippi River and Delta (2), Henderson Mine Colorado (2), The Upper Midwest (2), The Four Corners (2), The East and the West (2)  

We have many items to auction off, and some to give away:

  • Photos and display items from GSM field trips and activities will be given away on a first come first serve basis
  • Collections:  3 very interesting rock and mineral collections (in cases) were donated to the GSM by past members and will be part of the auction.
  • The New Enchanted Rock Garden in Minneapolis provided a large, exquisite malachite specimen for auction.
  • Over 75 specimens of rocks and minerals will be auctioned.  Some examples:
    • Brazilian Quartz from WW2 stockpiles
    • Agates
    • Fossils
    • Lava
    • Herkimer Diamonds
    • Phrenite
    • Chalcocite
    • Opal
    • Onyx
    • Tourmaline
    • Catlinite
    • Chrysocolla
    • Snowflake Obsidian
    • And more
  • 17 intriguing geological books and pamphlets:
    • Roadside Geology of Minnesota
    • Earthquakes and Geological Discovery
    • Canyon Country Geology
    • Midwest Gem, Fossil and Mineral Trails
    • The Cordilleran Orgen: Conterminous US
    • The Geology of Arizona
    • How Old is That Mountain?
    • The Motorist’s Guide to Pike’s Peak Highway
    • And more
  • Issues from the following geological magazines:
    • Rocks and Minerals (48)
    • The Mineralogical Record (21)
    • Geotimes (20)
    • Geology (3)

See you there!!

Sent by Bill Robbins  651-39-1146  Please call or e-mail if you which to be removed from the mailing list!