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 Of interest to our GSM enthusiasts; while you are out and about enjoying your free time / vacation time, should you visit a site that you found interesting, please consider sharing your experiences with others through our GSM Newsletter. You can do this by writing up a few words, adding a photo or two (general guidelines below) and sending it to either Theresa - or Mark -


Thank you in advance!


General Newsletter Guideline:


  • Short pieces are roughly 100 to 500 words with up to a half dozen images.


  • A long piece would consist of 750 -1000 words with up to a dozen photographs.


  • No need to insert photos in the text. Instead, make each photograph file name the photo’s caption, and then indicate photo placement with the caption between paragraphs in the text. In this way, those who do the layout at the Survey know the context for each photo, but can have some flexibility in the placement of the photos and the layout of the Newsletter.


  • The Newsletter is published quarterly (February - spring edition, May  is the summer edition, August is the fall edition, and November is the winter edition).


  • Articles should be submitted preferably the week before the first (1) of the month to give us time for editing.


As with all pictures and articles, there is not always space for everything received, but Harvey Thorleifson and Rich Lively do a great job on the assembly of the Newsletters. Don't believe it? Just check out our past issues!