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July Event: Fossil Finding Fun for the Whole Family!

 An Event of interest to GSM Members  

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July Event: Fossil Finding Fun  for the Whole Family!


This is of interest for GSM members who might not have been able to get to our Lilydale field trip this spring.

Kathy Ahlers  GSM  Member


July Event: Fossil Finding Fun for the Whole Family!



July Event: Fossil Finding Fun for the Whole Family!




Forum of Women in the Environmental Field





July Event:  Fossil Finding at Lilydale Park, St Paul


Date: Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009, 5:30pm-7pm

Our next event promises to be fun, entertaining, and educational all in one! Join us for an evening of fossil finding! Having been fossil hunting once in my life in Minnesota, I'm eager for another opportunity.  According to the City of St Paul's website, fossils are the preserved remains or traces of plants or animals. The conditions needed to preserve fossils occur very rarely in nature, so the fossil record is only a tiny fraction of the history of all living organisms.

The word fossil comes from a Latin word meaning "to dig up."  Trace fossils, orichnofossils, include such things as footprints and trails. Burrows or borings made by animals such as worms, trilobites, and bivalves can also be preserved if they are filled with sediment and hardened into rock.

About 450 millions years ago, much of Minnesota was under 100-150 feet of water. Come see fossilized remains of this ancient ocean.  The "brickyards" is one of the best places to look for these fossils in the Twin Cities. Learn about the geological and cultural history of this unique area of St. Paul.


A local/organic meal will be provided!


Location: Lilydale Park, 950 Lilydale Road, St Paul, MN 55118

Cost: $10 for students, $12 for members, $18 for non-members.

*** NOTE: Walk-in registrations are charged $2 more!  Register now! ***


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Please register by 5pm Monday, July 20th, 2009.


Information about our last event:

Our May event was "Integrated Pest Management for Home Gardening Practices."  IPM trainer Kevin Cavanaugh led a fascinating talk on the topic hands-on tour of St. Paul resident Debbie Meister’s yard. Meister participated in a IPM workshop, had on-site assistance and journaled about her IPM practices during the 2008 growing season. Her yard became a case study for the MN Department of Agriculture and University of MN Extension. Every attendee received a copy of the book "Managing Pests in Landscapes and Homes."  Despite the cool temperatures, everyone had a great time.  

Thanks for your continued interest and support in the Forum of Women in the Environmental Field!


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