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Lilydale Regional Park, aka "The Brick Yards"





Lilydale Regional Park, aka "The Brick Yards"


Field Trip #2, Summer 2006


Date: June 10, 2006


Leaders: Roger Benepe and Steve Erickson. Geological Society of Minnesota


HIGHLIGHTS: This is a half day trip to the old Twin Cities Brick Company, now called Lilydale Regional Park, which will look at Ordovician Rocks containing lots and lots of fossils. Some of the fossils found are crinoids, corals, brachiopods, Bryozoans and for a few lucky hunters, TRILOBITES. We can also look at some of the remains of the Brick Company, with a few souvenir bricks. This will be for all ages, great one for kids. Adults supervision of children required, Roger and I am not good baby sitters. This will start at 9 AM and you may leave whenever you feel covered enough in mud. Good hiking boots required, a stressful climb will be part of the days work.

 WHEN AND HOW:   We are meeting at 9 AM, June 10th in the lower parking lot of the Lilydale Regional Park (aka "Joy Avenue"), for a trip into the old brickyard pits. To get to Joy, coming from I-94 into Downtown St. Paul, Exit from East 94 at Marion, then straight to Kellogg Blvd, passing the Science Museum, and to Robert Street. Cross the River on Robert Street, down the hill to Plato Blvd. and go to the end of that street, which is at Harriet Island Park.  Turn left at Justus Ohage Drive this will change into Water Street go 1 mile south to the sign marked "Lilydale Regional Park". There is an old railroad bridge that Water Street goes under, do not go past this. MAP

 PREPARATION. Come prepared for any type of weather. Be prepared for stressful hiking up and down the river bluff. Good hiking boots are required. Bring a rock hammer, chisel, and at least one bucket, (two if possible, makes a good portable seat). Bring water, and a snack or box lunch.

 COST:  For single people$ 5.00 dollars for members, $10.00 dollars for non‑member. For family, $10.00 dollars for members, and $20.00 dollars for non-members.