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Mesabi & Vermilion Iron Ranges


Photo Gallery of 2004 Field Trip # 3 - Mesabi & Vermilion Iron Ranges 

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HIGHLIGHTS:     This trip will focus on the Mesabi and Vermilion Iron Ranges, and include many classic outcrops in the region.  We will also tour an experimental pilot plant in Coleraine for the new taconite nugget process (97% iron - free samples). There, Director Dave Hendrickson will explain the current economics of the steel industry, including the present demand resulting from China’s huge industrial growth and where this new process fits into the requirements of mini mills and domestic steel production.  The following itinerary is still tentative:  SAT:  NRRI pilot plant in Coleraine, Hill-Annex Mine (briefly) in Calumet, Hull-Rust-Mahoning overlook in north Hibbing (we will eat our bag lunches in the nearby park), MN DNR core library (possible), Mineview in the Sky in Virginia, United Taconite pit tour.  Overnight in your motel near Virginia (see below).  SUN:  Soudan Mine (9:00-11:30 tour of the historical mine and modern physics facilities), Archean Soudan Iron-formation Member near mine, Pike River Dam Archean volcanogenic graywackes, classic outcrop of folded graywackes, Archean “Confusion Hill” (Giants Range Batholith) just north of Virginia, Archean pillowed greenstone outcrop in Gilbert, Stromatolite exposure (a “field of stromatolites”) in an LTV pit near Hoyt Lakes - collecting permitted.  Then back to the bus depot in Cloquet.