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Minnesota River Watersheds, South Central Minnesota


Minnesota River Watersheds, South Central Minnesota

Date: Two day trip, Saturday, July 18 and Sunday, July 19, 2009

Leader: Carrie Jennings, Senior Scientist, Minnesota Geological Survey

Travel by bus, with significant hiking, canoeing and choice of camping or motel.   

Organizer: Bill Robbins 

Day 1

A trip down the Minnesota River (via hwy 169) brings us to Seven Mile Creek County Park, near St. Peter.  

We will hike the trails to investigate the glacial and bedrock exposures in the ravines (2-3 hours).

River history and the current concern over turbidity impairments in the stream will be introduced.  

Later in the day we will travel to Quarry Lake Park in North Mankato to brush up on our canoeing 

skills in still water.  Motel and camping accommodations are available nearby.  

Day 2

We will explore the Le Sueur River watershed, south of Mankato.  By canoeing the Le Sueur from upstream

of the confluence with the Maple to near the confluence with the Blue Earth (approximately 4 hours with stops)

we will see over million years worth of  glacial units exposed in the bluffs as well as the top of the weathered

bedrock, including some enigmatic units.  If there is time, we will visit the parts of the watershed that have been 

instrumented with discharge and sediment samplers including a ravine and river crossing.  


This plan is subject to revision depending on the stage of the river at the time of our trip.  

On the drive back along the Minnesota River, we will discuss the Holocene history of the valley.  

If we have time, there are some interesting stops on the terraces on the east side of the valley;

we can consider the origin of fens; how to tell outwash from River Warren sediment, and why 

the river turns at Mankato.  


Photos from the Minnesota River Watersheds field trip in South Central Minnesota