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Minutes 10 August 2017

Geological Society of Minnesota

Board Meeting Minutes for 10 Aug 2017


Board members present:  Dave Wilhelm, Dan Japuntich, Deborah Naffziger, Mary Helen Inskeep, Kate Clover, Dick Bottenberg, Ruth Jensen, John Jensen

Welcome to the following GSM members who attended the meeting as observers and potential board members: Dave Kelso, Cathy Waite, Frank Janezich and Roxy Knuttila.

Others present: Alan Smith (webmaster), Joe Wright (video program), Bill Robbins (past President), Steve Erickson (lecture program)




1)   Review and agree on the agenda for August 10 – Approved

1)      Future Board Meetings:

·         9 Nov 2017

·         8 Feb 2018

·         10 May 2018


2)      Board Status

·          The 2018 Board will need 2 new members and will need to elect a new President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Qualifications and responsibilities for being a board member and for serving as a board officer were reviewed and discussed. Election by the GSM general membership of the new board members will be at the Fall Banquet scheduled for 18 September.  The new board and the 2 outgoing board members will elect the 2018 Board Officers at the 9 November board meeting. See the attachment for the current board term status.


·         GSM Operations Guidelines and Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws.

o   Discussion of these documents re-confirmed the need for them to be updated. Deborah volunteered to review and propose updates during the 2018 session. Kate volunteered to help.

·         Name Tags

o   Dave proposed name tags for board members so that they can be identified by visitors and GSM members.The price is expected to be in the $5 to $7 range.

o   It was moved by Deborah and approved by the Board for Dave to spend up to $100 for name tags. The goal is to have them by the Fall Banquet.




3)      Treasurer’s report – Mary Helen

·         Mary Helen presented the GSM’s 2016-2017 Income Statement and Balance Sheet through 31 July 2017. Motion by Dave to accept and approve, motion passed.

·         At the May 2017 board meeting it was decided to have a board member review the GSM transactions and finances quarterly, preferably just prior to the board meeting. Deborah performed this review and found them to be acceptable.

·         Discussed the GSM investments and savings accounts.  Agreed to have Deborah and Mary Helen review and determine a robust CD and savings management approach.

o   Capital One marked Savings Account as dormant. Find out if we can close the CD Savings Account. Consider rolling into CDs

o   Keep $9000 in Checking for upcoming marker expenses, remainder of checking to go into CDs.

o   Look into the best approach to time phase CD maturity.


4)      Membership report – Joanie

·         Joanie was out of town, Dick will forward membership report once received.



5)      Lectures and labs – Steve

·         See the attachment for the Lectures planned for 2017-2018 and for the Lecture Attendance Report.

·         The U of M has not decided which lecture room we will be meeting in;Steve will have the GSM Website updated once this is determined.


6)      Status of lecture videotaping–Joe

·         Joe has made significant progress on this project. He demonstrated several video clips to show video and sound quality, video is slightly degraded in low light levels but was surprisingly good.

·         Joe noted that when camera output is processed there is some mushrooming in file size (1.5 Gig to 7 Gig).   Joe is looking at compression to keep file size reasonable

·         Plan is to initially have lectures videos in library as DVDs.

·         Motion to purchase two good laser pointers so that pointers will show up well in video, motion passed.


7)      Status of the new GSM web site – Alan

·         Website is up and operational, and stable

·         Alan will be adding incremental improvements.


8)      Field Trip plans and feedback –Dave

·         See the attachment for GSM Tours and Field Trips in 2017 and 2018

·         Randy will be leading a trip to Minnehaha Falls on Sept 17, this would be a chance to see where the new marker goes and possibly see other existing markers.

·         Randy is also planning a Mississippi River Fall Color and Rocks Bike Ride on 1 Oct. Subsequently, it was determined that the TC Marathon is that date, so Bike Ride is re-planned for 8 Oct.

·         A trip to Isle Royale is proposed for 2018; need 17 people. Planning will start January 2018.

·         There is a possible ½ week trip to Thunder Bay in 2018. Planning will start January 2018

·         Possible trip to Chicago in 2018




9)      Video Library – Dave

·         See the attachment for Video Library status.

·         Two new members.


10)  State Fair – Dan

·         See the attachment for the State Fair Committee Report.

·         There are still two open time slots at the State Fair. 

Friday Aug 25 5:00PM to 9:00 PM

Saturday Aug 26 9:00AM to 1:00PM.  



11)  Update on GSM Marker Survey project – Becky

·         See the attachment for the Marker Task Force Report.

·         Of the 52 markers, 45 have been visited within the last 3 years.


12)  Minnehaha marker replacement status–Kate

·         See the attachment for the Minnehaha Marker Replacement Report

·         Signed contract with Chris Burda to do illustrations.

·         Estimated cost for this marker project is $3000.The new panel will be 32 x 48 and is in color.

·         The installation will happen this Fall or Spring of 2018


13)  GSM Student Outreach – Theresa

·         See the attachment for the Student Outreach Report

·         The Hospitality House Summer School sessions were well received.

·         Joy Gerdes will be working with Theresa on the student outreach with the intent of taking it over next year.


14)  Newsletter status – Theresa

·         See the attachment for the Newsletter Report

·         The newsletter is going well.

·         Newsletter is always looking for articles by members.


15)  New P.O. Box Location Status and Issues – Mary Helen

·         New P.O. Box is working out well.

·         The Edina P.O. Box will expire in October as planned.


16)  GSM Scholarships – Dave

·         ILSG (complete for 2017)


17)  Mineral Club Rock Show Planning – Dick

·         The GSM will have an informational table at the Mineral Club Rock Show on 21-22 October

·         Kate Clover will co-ordinate getting volunteers for the event.


18)   Other topics:

·         Dave has been keeping in touch with Ryan Clark of Iowa Geologic Society

·         Status of USGS map folios – Theresa

                                                              i.      The folios are still being stored at the Minnesota Geological Survey -



19)  2017 Goals status – Dick

·         Install new big-picture marker at Minnehaha Falls this year or early next year.

                                                              i.      We are making significant progress. Expect  completion this Fall or next Spring.

                                                            ii.      Address the missing markers as ongoing project.

·         GSM marker database and survey the markers

                                                              i.      45 of 52 markers have been surveyed. Expect to complete the survey in 2017.

·         Lecture Video – have first video of lecture to be in Video Library this year.

                                                              i.      We are making significant progress. Expect DVDs of lectures to be available in the video library this Fall (depends on the willingness of lecturers to be videotaped).


20)  Motion to adjourn by Deborah, Dave seconded.




Board Status Report




Member                              Start      Eligible through end of


Deborah Naffziger                2017         2020

Dave Wilhelm                      2017         2020

Dick Bottenberg                   2016         2019

Kate Clover                          2016         2019

Dan Japuntich                        2015         2018

John Jensen                            2015         2018

Theresa Tweet                      2015*       2018                 * Term began November, 2015.

Mary Helen Inskeep               2014         2017

Ruth Jensen                            2014         2017








Lectures 2017-2018


GSM Lecture Attendance


Summary: 15 lectures, 1400 total attendance, 93.3 average attendance



Summary: 15 lectures, 1428 total attendance, 95.2 average attendance (excludes lab)



Summary: 16 lectures, 1172 total attendance, 73.2 average attendance (excludes lab)



Summary: 14 lectures, 998 total attendance, 71.3 average attendance (excludes lab & bonus lecture)









GSM Tours and Fields Trips in 2017-2018


GSM Tours and Fields Trips in 2017

The following field trips are planned by the Geological Society of Minnesota in 2017:

There will be a total solar eclipse across the United States on Monday, August 21, 2017. Here are web sites that track its path:

To whet your appetite, in the February 2017 Newsletter, read Mark Ryan’s recollection of the total solar eclipse he experienced in Mexico in July, 1991. Dave Wilhelm is organizing a field trip whose primary purpose will be to view the 2017 eclipse, in the vicinity of Kearney, Nebraska. This is within easy car driving distance from Minnesota, with a Saturday, August 19 departure. Since we will head hundreds of miles southwest, we are including some geology and making a week of it. Around 45 persons are planning to view the eclipse on this trip, and around 30 are planning to remain with us for the geology portion starting Tuesday, August 22. If you are interested and have not yet responded, do so as soon as possible to Dave Wilhelm at, as accommodations are filling up rapidly and planning information for this trip is being sent only to members who have indicated interest.


Randy Strobel is planning two separate half-day field trips this fall. These are areas that Randy described in his February 6, 2017 lecture to GSM. E-mail for sign-up will be sent to GSM members the week of August 27.

-          On Sunday, September 17, walking trips of Minnehaha Falls and the nearby Mississippi River gorge, including a look at the new GSM marker soon be erected in the park (if it has been installed). One walking trip will be offered from 10 AM to 12 noon, followed by lunch at Sea Salt Eatery. A second walking trip will be offered from 3 to 5 PM, followed by dinner at Sea Salt Eatery. Each trip will be limited to around 18 persons. If these fill, Randy might schedule a third walking trip on Sunday, September 24.

-          On Sunday, October 8, Mississippi River Fall Color and Rocks Bike Ride: This biking trip will run on both sides of the Mississippi River Gorge, starting at Minnehaha Park, proceed to Lock & Dam # 1, up to the Stone Arch Bridgeand back to Minnehaha Park (about 15 miles with a few hills). October 1 is predicted to be peak color this year. We will start around 11 AM and finish around 3 PM, followed by late lunch at Sea Salt Eatery.

The following field trips and tours are tentatively planned by the Geological Society of Minnesota for 2017. This page will be updated with dates and other specifics as each event is scheduled. GSM members will also receive e-mail notices. Some of these events are just ideas at this time; we do not expect that all will actually happen in 2017. If you have particular interest in one of these trips, consider helping with the planning and organizing; contact Dave Wilhelm at .

A half-week trip to museums in Chicago, including the Field Museum and the Museum of Science and Industry. We might also include a stop at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.


GSM Tours and Fields Trips in 2018


The following field trips and tours are tentatively planned by the Geological Society of Minnesota for 2018. This page will be updated with dates and other specifics as each event is scheduled. GSM members will also receive e-mail notices. These trips are just ideas at this time, but there is a decent probability that each will occur, if there is sufficient interest. If you have particular interest in one of these trips, consider helping with the planning and organizing; contact Dave Wilhelm at .

A field trip in the Thunder Bay, Ontario area during Summer, 2018, led by members of the Ontario Geological Survey. OGS personnel are very eager to show us the highlights of geology in that area, and there is quite a bit to see. We will start actively planning this in January, 2018; members will be notified by e-mail. Most likely duration is 2.5 to 3.5 days.

A field trip to Isle Royale National Park during June or July, 2018, led by Erika Vye, Bill Rose, and Stephen Roblee. These are the same persons who led us on the superb Keweenaw Peninsula trip during July, 2015. This trip would leave on the Ranger III from Houghton, MI, spend 3 full days on Isle Royale, returning on the Ranger III on the fifth day. While on Isle Royale, the Michigan Tech research vessel Agassiz would take us to many scenic and geologically interesting sites, allowing us to see the beauty of Isle Royale from both land and water. We will start actively planning this in January, 2018; members will be notified by e-mail. Eight GSM members participated in a similar trip during June, 2017, and had an excellent time. A description of the 2017 trip is here, and photos from that trip are here. Look for Dave Wilhelm’s report of the 2017 trip in the August, 2017 GSM Newsletter.


GSM plans to continue arranging one or more weekday tours to St. Anthony Falls Laboratory each semester as member interest dictates, so you will be notified of other possible opportunities as they arise. Look for Deborah Naffziger’s report of a 2017 tour of SAFL in the May, 2017 Newsletter. 




Video Library Board report Aug 2017


16-MAY-2017 through 08-AUG-2017

New VL members: 2

-          Peter Hesse (by mail)

-          RodeyBatiza& Jill Karsten (by mail)


Rentals: none

Purchases: none

Donations: none

Total Titles: 287 (unchanged)

New reviews: none


$20 cash

Deposited $60 on 20-MAY-2017





GSM State Fair Committee Report


GSM State Fair Committee Report for August 10, 2017

Chair: Daniel Japuntich


State Fair Committee: Rebecca Galkiewicz, Dan Japuntich, Debra Preece, Dick Bottenberg, Edward Steffner, Ly Preece,  Roger Benepe, Sandra Steffner, Theresa Tweet, Pat Pfundstein



·         The 2017-2018 Lecture Schedule (below) was formatted and completed for State Fair Brochure printing (Ed Steffner). The schedule was submitted to the newsletter.

·         State Fair Booth Timeline attached.

·          Booth staffing solicitation announcements were made over the summer (Thanks, Becky).

·          Four time slots have yet to be filled – see attached table.

·         A State Fair Committee meeting was held on July 11 at my home at 1092 Lincoln Avenue, St. Paul.

·         Information email sent to all volunteers:

o   State Fair Volunteer Instructions sheet

o   Booth Staffing Schedule

o   State Fair Map

o   2016-2017 Lecture Series

·         Booth set-up Wed. Aug. 23 at 10:00.  Booth take-down, Sept. 5. At 10:00.  Meeting at my house.

·         Because Dan Japuntich will be on the Eclipse Trip, Sandy Steffner has volunteered to lead the Booth set-up on Wednesday, Aug. 23.  We are presently short on set-up volunteers, but OK on take-down volunteers.

·         Improvements:   Grand total: $291.24

o   A new standing fan was purchased: $49.00. (Frees the folding chair)

o   Two posters were purchased: $91.47.  (2017-2018 Lecture Schedule,  a lecture collage by Mark Ryan)

o   A new rug was purchased: $140.77.  Recycled old rug: $10.

o   New 8.5”X11” Hand Posters to be kept on front table:

§  2017-2018 GSM Lecture Series

§  Geological Markers: Map on front, List on back

§  Geological map of MN on front, MN Glaciers on back

§  Ordovician Sea Life:  cephalopod on front, fossils and MN position on equator on back.













9 AM TO 1 PM

1 PM TO 5 PM

5 PM TO 9 PM


Ed Steffner

 Mary Harrington

 Patsy Huberty


Ted Chura

 Becky Galkiewicz

 Norm Smythe


Alfred Kauth

Mark Ryan

 Jack Matlock


Stan Liszka

 Pat Ryan



Bill Haralson

Jill Karsten

Paul Jansen




Janet Hopper


Sue Egstrom

Dick Bottenberg

 Jim Mirick


Vern Schaaf

Joe Wright

 Elaine Handelman


Patrick Pfundstein

Mary Helen Inskeep

 Mike Convery


 Barbara Chapman

 Theresa Tweet

 Faye Alroy


Lisa Peters

 Mark Nupen

 David Broberg


Dave Peters

 Heather Johnson

 Barb Broberg


 Claude Buettner

 Mark Nupen

 David Wilhelm


 Carol Kissner

 Jim Mirick

 Mary Kay Arthur


 Kate Clover

 Tom Schoenecker

 Lynne Grigor


 Jim Curme

 Fran Corcoran

 Lydia Erickson


Steve Erickson

 Frank Janezich

 Diane Lentsch


Rosie O’Donovan

 Roxy Knutilla

 Dick Heglund


Steve Erickson

David Bendickson

 Elaine Handelman


Harry Wernecke

Patrick Pfundstein

Patrick Pfundstein


David Bendickson

Alan Smith

 Joanie Furlong


 Nancy Watkins

Kay Smith

 Randy Strobel


 John Jensen

Dan Japuntich

Dan Japuntich


 Ruth Jensen

Dorothy Edelson

Dorothy Edelson






GSM Marker Task Force


Report to the GSM Board of Directors


Geological Society of Minnesota

Report to the GSM Board of Directors

10 August 2017


Progress Report

  • A total of 52 markers have been installed, according to the Minnesota Historical Society.
  • Fifteen more were planned (marker text written and location chosen) but have not yet been installed due to lack of funds.   Two of these no longer need a GSM marker as the DNR (Fountain City) and Ottertail County (Inspiration Peak) have stepped in and provide very nice geological markers with illustrations and text.
  • 45 markers have been inspected at least once in the past 3 years.  Seven markers remain that have not been inspected – Minnehaha Falls, LeSueur, Beaver Creek, Gooseberry Falls (2), Virginia, and Fisher.  I will send an e-mail in August to the membership asking for people to volunteer to check out these places this summer.
  • Five sites have been added to the list due to their geological importance – Palisade Head, Moose Lake Agate and Geological Interpretive Center, Jay Cooke SP Visitor Center, Three-Way Continental Divide, and Laurentian Divide.



  • Review each marker's database information to make sure it is complete and correct.
  • Talk with Greg Brick about writing an article for the public about the GSM Markers
  • Strategize what to do in the future. Change the name to something broader – eliminate “marker” as not all sites are actually markers and change to something like “Minnesota Geological Hot Spots.”  Consider other less expensive and faster ways of creating new geological sights of interest.  Geocaching, etc. Improvements to the web site.
  • Add more markers.  Use the 15 locations and text that were generated in 2003.  Consider changes to the text and to marker locations. 
  • Approach grant-giving organizations for monetary help with new plaques.  
  • Encourage GSM members and Survey employees to submit ideas for new markers and formats.
  • Publicize!


Your comments are welcome!  Thanks to the Committee - Alan, Dan, Lee, and Dick – for their dedication.


Respectfully submitted, Becky Galkiewicz





GSM Minnehaha Marker Report


GSM Minnehaha Marker Project – Kate

·         As of early August 2017, we have a signed contract with Chris Burda to do the illustrations and layout for the Minnehaha marker.  Kate’s writing for the marker is about done and Carrie Jennings has approved. Harvey Thorliefson has seen the text and made a couple of suggestions about the significant geologic dates mentioned in the text.  Chris Burda will begin layout on the project in late August, and we will see a couple of draft layouts before final approval. Then production. Installation may happen this fall.  



GSM Student Outreach Report



GSM Student Outreach – Theresa

·         On July 31, I had the opportunity to share some fossils with the 1st, 3rd, and 4th graders at the Hospitality House Summer School. During a brief information session (15-20 minutes) the different fossils were passed from person to person. After this, there were dinosaur templates and paper available to create their own dinosaur environment, fossil hash slabs and for crayon rubbings, a clay compound and shells to create their own “fossils”, and a book table for those that enjoy reading.  I heard nothing but positive comments from the children, staff and Interim Program Director, George Rowley.

·         On July 28, Jeanie Best, her nephew Peter (who carried a large mineral sample), Joy Gerdes, and I met with Jeff Thole at the Orin-Rice Science Center at Macalester. Jeanie had this large mineral sample zapped to see if it was a meteorite. It was not. After Jeanie and Peter left, introductions, were made between Joy and Jeff. Joy and I then talked about the Student Outreach program, and she has agreed to work with me for the next year with intentions of taking it over. For the next year with intentions of taking it over.



GSM Newsletter Report



Newsletter status – Theresa

·         Things are still going well with the Newsletter. Mark and I have been working together to co-edit the articles as they come in.  Dave, Mark, and other GSM members continue to write up some terrific pieces, and Harvey and Rich continue to work their magic in successfully pulling all of these pieces together to create the wonderful Newsletter that we have.