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Minutes for 10/30/08 GSM Board Meeting

Minutes for 10/30/08 GSM Board Meeting

Notes By Sandy Steffner, until Gerry Paul finally got in the building by flinging (hard to find) pebbles at the second floor window.  

Present: Harvey Thorleifson, Megan Jones, Sandy Steffner, Ed Steffner, Alan Smith, Ly Preece, Dick Bottenberg, Gerry Paul, Janet Hopper, Paul Jansen,  Judy Hamilton, Bill Robbins, Doug Zbikowski, Theresa Tweet, and Steve Erickson.

Meeting called to order by Dick Bottenberg who preceeded to review  the minutes of the last board meeting. Dick passed the minutes as prepared and Sandy seconded.
An agenda was prepared to follow with committees presenting updates and submitting requests.

TREASURER'S REPORT : End of Year Totals;  Regular Checking Acct  9/28/08 $ 2300.63
Actual Balanced Checking Acct Total as of October was $ 2941.54.

INTERNET COMMITTEE : Presented by Harvey and Alan – they are working on a design structure for the GSM website to be more inclusive of the sites/groups that can be coordinated with us, as was the direction taken from the Town Hall Meeting held earlier this year. They are using the Canadian Prototype with Harvey working on the model and Alan on the architecture.

PROGRAM COMMITTEE :  Steve  reviewed upcoming lectures and Lab coming up @ Macalester College, Sat Nov 8th.   Parking may be more limited due to another event at the college that day.  Getting a few paragraphs of intro to each lecture has worked well and we will continue to send them ahead as meeting announcements by Bill Robbins .

NOMINATING COMMITTEE :  Since Ed Steffner has requested someone relieve him of his treasury position, Paul Jansen has agreed to step in and accept the opening on the board and subsequently take on that position. Paul's position on the board will be voted upon at he next member lecture Monday,  Nov  3. Paul  will replace Ed at the next Board Meeting which will be the Dec 6th at the Christmas Party.

PUBLIC SERVICE :  Doug  Z stated he donated and sent out  250 outlines of this years lecture series to science teachers in our area. He was surprised at low student turnout so far at our lectures and wanted them aware of  our lecture subjects and dates.

Doug and Theresa volunteered to continue work on the funding grant proposal through the MN Sesquicentennial Committee  that was earlier approved for about $40,000 for 4-6 of the GSM  markers.  They plan to meet with the DNR  to work on potential matching funds that will be needed and set up a work plan for the Grant proposal Committee which next year will be coordinated under the MN Historical Society. They will request our assistance as needed. The grant requires matching funds or effort from GSM, so Doug expects this will be in the form of about 800 hours of volunteer effort.  Direct cost per marker is about 5000$, primary for bronze casting and masonry work.  Motion passed to authorize a go ahead meeting with Jane Cunningham to continue with sponsorship and the project(made by Megan J, seconded by Gerry P).

Bill Farquhar has resigned from Educational Outreach and a replacement is needed for continuing communication/ teaching in our schools. An announcement looking for a replacement will be made at our next meeting on Monday.  We will also  check with undergrad students as to availability. We ho[pe that the new GSM web site will alleviate some of the communication effort involved in this.

Doug reported that the previous board authorization to buy 200 more plastic rock boxes for not more than $400, was not going to work, as the cheapest he could locate were about $4.50 each. Currently we sell these for $15 each (for orders of at least 75), but was discussion that we could easily charge 18-20$ each.  Motion was passed to authorize buying 300 plastic boxes at not more than 5$ each (made by Megan J, seconded by Sandy S).

STATE FAIR REPORT: – on hold till next meeting..

NEWSLETTER: Judy Hamilton announced that she switched printing companies for the newsletter, and it was working out much better. Also decided to have a report of the last 2 field trips in the newsletter.
Saturday, Dec 6th, at the Steffners. Board meeting at 2:30  Potluck follows.