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Minutes 11 August 2016

Geological Society of Minnesota

Board Meeting

11 August 2016


Board members present:  John Jensen, Ruth Jensen, Dan Japuntich, Theresa Tweet, Mary Helen Inskeep, Kate Clover, Dick Bottenberg, Becky Galkiewicz


Others present:  Alan Smith, Deborah Naffziger, Dave Wilhelm, Ed Steffner, Ly Preece


E-mail motions prior to the Board meeting

Motion:  Dick Bottenberg requested approval to commit to the Minneapolis Park Board that the GSM will procure, build and install (with Falls staff support as needed) the initial Minnehaha Falls geology marker.  It is possible that the GSM would have to kick in $1000 to $2000, depending on the response to the matching donation.  Approved unanimously by the GSM Board by e-mail vote.


Motion:  Minutes for May 2016 meeting previously approved by e-mail and posted on GSM web site.


1. Agenda approved


2. Treasurer's report - Receipts thus far for FY 2015-2016 are $6664.67.  Expenses for the FY are $5828.96.  Surplus of $835.71.  Balance sheet shows net assets are $14,500.02.  Mary Helen will investigate several uncashed checks to find out whether payees plan to cash the checks.  Mary Helen will also propose a policy for how to handle uncashed checks (over 6 months to 1 year).


We have been considering PayPal as a convenience for people who want to pay membership with a credit card.  Pay Pal costs 2.2% of the amount of the payment plus $.30 per transaction. TCF First Data is a similar method, with similar costs.


Motion:  After consideration of the costs and benefits, we will not pursue PayPal.  Motion passes.


3. Names and signatures on bank accounts – The TCF checking account now has 5 people named (Dick, Dave, Theresa, Mary Helen, and Steve Erickson).  We still need to complete changing the signators on the 3 CDs and a small savings account at Capital One.


4. State Fair report - see Dan's report


5. Lectures – The 2016-2017 schedule has changed - Randy Strobel will give the Feb 6th lecture.  Alan will change the schedule on the web page.  Steve is trying to arrange a lab with American Testing/Element (on Cromwell Ave). Regarding the videotaping of lectures, our goal is to videotape one lecture next year if it is feasible.    Ed will research copyright and liability concerns and report in November.


6. Website – Alan reports that there is no change to service provider.  Ly paid for the domain name and will be reimbursed.  Changes are needed for the marker home page.


7. Field trips – Dave will work with Alan to place a list of field trips for the year on the website - past and future – for the benefit of members and visitors.  Mary Helen will do some research on a Chicago field trip, possibly yet this year.  Kate will research a Minnesota glaciology field trip.  See Dave's field trip report attached to the minutes.


8. GSM markers - Alan is making changes so members can input information found during marker inspections. Becky has written an article for the newsletter about the summer marker hunt.  She suggests changes to the Marker Home Page to make it easy for people to identify which markers need to be verified/visited.  She also suggests promoting DIY (do it yourself) field trips using clusters of markers.


9. Minnehaha Falls markers - Dick and Ed are working with the Minneapolis Park Board (MPB) to install a new geologic marker.  Cliff Swanson, MPB Director of Projects and Dick addressed the Park Board Planning Committee on 3 August to discuss our joint plans to install a new marker. Our presentation was well received and the Park Board thanked the GSM for our interest and for making the Minnehaha Falls Marker project happen.  The Park Board understands that the GSM's initial request was to work with the Park Board to replace the 5 missing geological markers, and that now we are responding to the Park Board's staff and Minnehaha Falls staff to first install a new, big picture graphic acrylic-type marker. The GSM committed to design, procure and install (with Falls staff help) the first marker. We also committed to work with Falls staff to develop a solution for replacement of all 13 Minnehaha Falls markers (no financial commitment).

The next step will be to meet with Park Board staff to obtain drawings, specifications and supplier contacts. The goal is to procure and install the pedestal this fall. We will procure the graphic display once the text/graphic design is completed by Carrie Jennings and approved.

The GSM will pay for the initial marker, then donate it to the Park Board. Park Board staff will draft a Donor Agreement to cover transfer of ownership of the first marker from the GSM to The Park Board. We will need someone with a legal background to review this for us.

The estimated cost is $6000.  The GSM has received $3000 in donations for the replacement/installation of Minnehaha Falls markers. We have also received an anonymous matching type donation of $2000. Dick will send an e-mail to GSM membership describing the project and requesting donations to meet the $2000 matching donation opportunity.


10. GiveMN - Theresa talked about GiveMN as a place to describe GSM as a non-profit organization and request donations.  Go to to see GSM's entry.  People use GiveMN to make credit card donations, but GiveMN charges the organization a service fee of 6%.


11. Fall Banquet and Annual Meeting at the U Garden - If needed, Ed and Dan will help collect members' renewals at the meeting.  Election of new board members – Deborah Naffziger has expressed interest in being nominated: we hope to find another volunteer by the fall banquet.


12. Newsletter – Theresa reported that new articles are being written and new authors stepping forward.   The newsletter is published quarterly; during the months of February, May, August, and November.  The deadlines for article submissions is the 1st of the month.


13. Video library – Dave said that he has bought a few new videos.  Deborah has been contributing reviews.


14. ILSG (Institute for Lake Superior Geology) – Dave proposed that the GSM contribute money to the ILSG for a scholarship - $100 for travel expenses of a student attendee. 


Motion:  Table the discussion on an ILSG donation until the Minnehaha Falls marker costs are better understood .  Motion passes.


15. PO box location – Mary Helen reports that the Edina location is inconvenient for many members, thereby slowing down receipt of mail.  She proposed that we move the PO Box from Edina to the substation on University Avenue near U Garden, making it easy to check the mailbox while attending lectures.  We will need to make change-of-address notifications to the web site, the IRS, our banks, and on brochures.  The current PO Box is up for renewal on November 1st.


Motion:  Open a new PO Box at the University Avenue substation immediately and start change-of-address notices.  Keep the Edina PO Box for one more year to receive mail that doesn't change immediately.  Motion passes.


16. Vote for Board officers at the November Board meeting


Next meetings:

3 November 2016 and 9 February 2017


Respectfully submitted,

Becky Galkiewicz




GSM State Fair Committee Report for August 11, 2016,

Chair: Daniel Japuntich


State Fair Committee: Rebecca Galkiewicz, Dan Japuntich, Debra Preece, Dick Bottenberg, Edward Steffner, Ly Preece, Mary Helen Inskeep, Roger Benepe, Sandra Steffner, Theresa Tweet 



-State Fair Committee planning session held on July 7, 2016

-Booth Staffing update:

·         Only one time slot open

·         Information email sent to all volunteers:

o   State Fair Volunteer Instructions sheet

o   Booth Staffing Schedule

o   State Fair Map

o   2016-2017 Lecture Series

-SF Committee: Booth Set-up and take-down Schedule

·         Set-up: 11:00am, Tuesday, August 23

·         Take-down: 11:00am Tuesday, September 6

·         Meet at Dan’s for both - 1092 Lincoln Ave.  St. Paul

-Liability Insurance - Done and instructions transferred to Dan

-GSM Brochure: lecture schedule, formatting and printing

·         Finished and submitted for  printing – Ed Steffner

-Four new booth large posters laminated and board-mounted - $246

·         Geological Marker – Taylor Falls

·         2016-2017 Lecture series

·         Field Trip to Tower/Soudan

·         New Banner:

o   Visit Us At:

o   Free Lecture Series – Open To The Public

o   Attend Field Trips and Labs

o   Explore MN Geological Markers in Scenic and Significant Places



GSM Field Trips and Tours

Submitted by Dave Wilhelm


We have had three excursions since the May Board meeting:


On June 10, we had a tour of the Eagle Lake Observatory, which included a lecture on Mars and opportunities to view the sun, the moon, and planets. We had a large turnout (~60). Deborah Naffziger reported on this tour in the August, 2016 Newsletter.


On June 26 (delayed by one day due to tropical weather), Greg Brick led us on an interesting tour through the Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary, followed by an overlook of Swede Hollow from the taproom of Flat Earth Brewery. Around 50 participants. Dave Eckmann reported on this tour in the August, 2016 Newsletter.


On July 21 through 24, about 30 GSM members participated in a four day tour of various sites and facilities on the Mesabi Iron Range, including the Minnesota Discovery Center, the DNR Drill Core Library, Hill Annex Mine State Park, and Soudan Underground Mine State Park. We learned a lot of the geology, history, and technology of mining in Minnesota. Deborah Naffziger will report on this tour in the November, 2016 Newsletter.


As of now, we have no concrete plans for additional field trips this year. I do plan to schedule another tour this fall of the St. Anthony Falls Lab, assuming sufficient interest. Beyond that, the following are a few of the field trip ideas I have received but as of yet have no “champion” (organizer):

·         Wildlife Science Center;

·         Pipestone National Monument;

·         trip to Chicago to visit museums;

·         local glaciology;

·         a trip led by Jim Miller;

·         Mark Jirsa on the effect of the Sudbury impact on Minnesota;

·         the Canadian North Shore of Lake Superior;

·        trip to intercept the 2017 total solar eclipse.