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Minutes for 12/22/08 GSM Board Meeting 7:30 PM at Steffners

Minutes  for  12/22/08   GSM Board Meeting  7:30 PM at Steffners

Present:  Dick Bottenberg,  Sandy Steffner,  Ed Steffner,  Gerry Paul,  Al Smith,  Paul Jensen,  Kathy Ahlers,  Doug Zbikowski.

This was an urgent  Meeting called to order by Dick Bottenberg  to review the request for the Grant Application/Contract  for the Historical Markers from the Minnesota Sesquicentennial Commission .

 Concern was mentioned  about the location of the Board Meetings being more centrally located for better availability for members.  Due to short notice the attendees agreed to the location at the Steffners.

Doug Z. proceeded to update the Board on the status of the process and reviewed the complete application to respond to concerns and questions by  the Board.  Discussing the Process for the Legacy Grant Application – conversation to Jane Cunningham made him aware that we could increase the  matching funds included in the application in order to obtain more funding from the State Seq Committee.

Indexed numbers and letters to follow reference the numbers and letters on the Grant Acceptance Form.

The Board reviewed collectively the line items, as well as, the complete Grant Application referencing the Project Director’s Handbook.

1.      Project Activity Report

Ed S. voiced that his primary concern is for documentation of all administration and for the accounting and supporting documents.

Ed discussed staffing of the HMC – Historical Marker Committee – and how to expense outside staffing support.

2.        Cost Principles and Limitations

Questions arose to meet the requirements of the Grant as to the number of historical markers to be installed.

Question raised if we have approximate costs for 5 markers – and if we can be confident  that we can complete the 5 markers .  Doug Z  response as Project Director reviewed  previous costs and estimates for the proposed 5 markers:

1 is a plaque without a foundation, 3 plaques will be mounted on boulders provided by the DNR, and 1 marker needs total construction.

Question was whether  we could meet line item expenses .

Ed’s response was there is flexibility of plus or minus 20% limit for each line item and more if needed upon request and approval of the Historical Society.

We discussed Sesquicentennial Committee sunset of 1/31/09 and thereafter reporting/collaborating with the MHS Minnesota Historical Society.

3.      Procedures For Contracting Services and Materials

We discussed concerns over ability to acquire 3 bids for project expenditures between $300- 15,000. Brief discussion on separate bidding for plaques, boulders, and installation.

Doug has records of 5 individuals to bid from his previous work  that could provide plaques.

  -b- Question asked if there is a formal bidding process?    The bidding process requirements were discussed and noted that the DNR follows State Rules.

Doug is expecting MNDOT approved vendors would qualify.

  -c-  Discussed obtaining 3 bids for records between $300 to 15,000.

4.      Grants Accounting and Maintenance of Records

   -a-  Ed agreed to coordinate record keeping  and reporting with Paul J. as oversite.

Project records have to be archived for 3 years and the board discussed using CD Rom for  safety.

    -b-  DNR will contribute donated in kind receipts for contributions- state matching funds.  Doug will get receipts as he proceeds with the projects.

    -c-  Ed will manage records to be on time for potential audit.

         5.  Acknowledgment of Support

    -a-  Signage at marker construction sites discussed with no problems identified

    -b-  Recognition on signs at sites was covered and photo of installation will be provided to the State.

        6.  Indemnification

Questions arose about potential litigation and GSM  liabililty exposure.  Ed will look into obtaining insurance quotes.

         7.  Modification

We will have to get the approval for additional costs by working with the MHS after 2/1/2009.

Contacts will need to be established.

         8.  Nondiscrimination 

DNR/MNDOT staff will assist us to meet state requirement.  Discussed non discriminatory procurement.

          9.  Dissallowances

Discussed  with  no current concern .

After discussion of Application Form-  summary of plan to proceed:

Ed S. will research insurance costs  and seek info reference our need for legal counsel .

Ed discussed office supplies needed – invoices, purchase orders, posters and photographs.

Brice Anderson – contact at DNR for park managers and will assist with documentation as we proceed.

Doug will look into the signs and costs.

Discussed what would be considered overhead and what would be covered.

Motion was made – to accept the Grant Application as it is written/ revised 12/19/08 – pursuant that GSM get insurance to be held harmless – in conjunction with #6 – If it can be paid out of the GSM cash contribution of $1500. 

Legal concerns led to Paul J. making a motion to have an attorney opinion on the contract – Al S. seconded – The motion did not pass – vote was 2-4. Ed will address the legal issues with insurance contacts for potential need.

The Board discussed expense limit to cover liability insurance at $1500.

Previous motion on the floor was withdrawn – with the agreement to move ahead on  the project   - once the insurance issues are settled -  terms of the insurance identified  and protection of the board verified.

Another Board meeting will be called urgently to complete and  submit the contract/application as soon as  the insurance information is available and legal concerns are clarified.

All Board members agreed and gave availability, since this is a Holiday week.

Meeting Adjourned 10:25PM