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Minutes 18 May 2017

Geological Society of Minnesota

Board Meeting Minutes

for meeting held 18 May 2017


Board members present:  Dick Bottenberg, Mary Helen Inskeep, Dan Japuntich, John Jensen, Deborah Naffziger (by phone), Theresa Tweet, Dave Wilhelm,


Others present:  Steve Erickson, Joe Wright,

Not present but mentioned in this report:  Joanie Furlong, Randy Strobel, Alan Smith, Becky Galkiewicz


Summary of items requiring board member action

·         Come up with two candidates to be considered to board membership (item #3).

·         Review sample video from Joe, discuss at next meeting (item #9).

·         Review new web site (item #10)

·         Need volunteers for booth setup at State Fair on Aug 23rd (day before Fair) (item #13)

·         Looking for volunteers at Hospitality House (summer school) per item #16

  • Need 8 volunteers for the GSM table at Mineral Club Rock Show October 21-22 per item #21.




1)      Review and agree on the agenda for May 18 – approved


2)      Future Board Meetings:

·         10 Aug 2017

·         9 Nov 2017

·         8 Feb 2018


3)      Board Status – Dick

We will be losing Ruth and Mary Helen from the board in 2017.  In particular we need a Treasurer to replace Mary Helen who has done a superb job as Treasurer.  We need to start considering possible new board members. 

Action Item by next board meeting - Each of the present board members is requested to think up two possible candidates and bring their names to the next board meeting.  In particular we need to find a new Treasurer and a Secretary.   Mary Helen is preparing guidelines to help get the new Treasurer up to speed.



4)      Name tags – Dave

Dave is looking into possible name tags for board members, perhaps for State Fair volunteers or possibly for the general membership.    Dave is continuing to look into this. It was also recommended that blank stick-on paper name tags be made available for all fall and spring banquet participants.


5)      Treasurer’s report – Mary Helen

·         Financial Report – Board accepted

·         Report on financial audit options – investigation into audit option revealed that audits are expensive ranging from $4000 to $6000 by one estimate to $2000 to $5000 by a second estimate.  

·         Dick suggested having an independent non-checking signing member review.

·         Mary Helen suggested having a second pair of eyes review quarterly, reconcile bank and CDs.  Board passed unanimously,

Deborah volunteered to do the oversight.

·         Sherry has two boxes containing treasurer items that need to be moved from her home.  Theresa will pick these up, sometime after the 26th of the month when Sherry is back in town. Sherry also has containers of rocks that are used in the rock boxes that she needs to have moved from her garage, these rocks will go to Dick’s house

·         $50 to Steve Erickson to defray  payment for photo used in Banquet presentation


6)      Membership report – Joanie was out of town


7)      Lectures and labs – Steve

·         Upcoming lectures - See Steve’s preliminary agenda “Lectures 2017-2018 (attached), almost all lecture slots are filled.

·         On Oct 2 Kristi Curry-Rogers will be giving a lecture on dinosaurs, she has requested audience questions in advance.  GSM to collect questions from June 1 through August 1, these questions will be forwarded to Steve Erickson who will collect them and forward them on to Kristi.

·         February 24 Lab will be a hands-on-the-rocks type of lab at the Macalester College. This lab will be family friendly.  

·         March 5 lecture will be focused on how to access maps online.


8)      Lecture attendance - see Dave’s attached report “GSM Lecture Attendance”


9)      Status of lecture videotaping –

Joe reports that video recording project is progressing nicely. We have 8 lectures that have been recorded, noted that file size is in the 1 to 1.5 Giga byte size.  The first two lectures were learning experiences, since then the process has been evolving nicely.  There was some discussion of contact the Freshwater Society to see how they put their lectures on line.  Joe will select a test lecture and send it out to board members by thumbdrive or DVD.

Action Item Board will review video and discuss at next board meeting.

Initial goal is to make the lectures available thru the video library.

Steve also mentioned that when approaching potential lecturers he is asking if we can take video and if there are any restrictions.



10)  Status of the new GSM web site – Alan


·         new work in progress,  has extended review until September

·         All information from Becky has added to website

·         Board members are requested to go to new website and review, remarks to Alan at next board meeting.


11)  Field Trip plans and feedback – See Dave’s attached report “GSM Tours and Fields Trips in 2017-2018”.


12)  Video Library – See Dave’s attached report “Video Library Board report May 2017”.


13)  State Fair –  See Dan’s attached report “GSM State Fair Committee Report”

·         Action Item We need volunteers for set up on Aug 23rd (day before Fair, contact Dan directly)

·         We are short on staffing on Saturday Sept 2.


14)  Update on GSM Marker Survey project – See Becky’s attached report “GSM Marker Task Force”


15)  Minnehaha marker replacement status – Kate

·         Still working with Park board to agree on requirements for words versus graphics


16)  GSM Student Outreach – Theresa says that she may have a volunteer to take over this position. 

·         Action Item - volunteer opportunities available at a youth summer school called Hospitality House For Youth Development; we need  volunteers to provide basic geology lessons for grades K through 7.  The Hospitality House ESY (Extended School Year) session runs from June 19-August 11, and their class times typically run an hour, but ½ increments are good too. The best times (right now) are 100:1:30, or 2:00-2:30, and class sizes are between 15-20 students. The grades are K-7, and teaching leader and an assistant teacher with each class.  As far as the number of presentations goes, the school could be very flexible. This is a different type of program that we have never attempted before so nothing has been set in stone. We could do just one time with one class, or many sessions with several classes. This will require volunteers; Dick, Mary Helen and Theresa have already jumped on board - is there anyone else that would like to take part in this program?


17)  Newsletter status – same as before


18)  New PO Box Location Status and Issues – Mary Helen

·         We have transitioned to the new mail box.

·         Old box in Edina expires in October.


19)  2017 Goals status – Dick

·         Install new big-picture marker at Minnehaha Falls this year, running a little behind, see item 15 above.

o   Will address the missing markers as ongoing project.

·         Continue developing a GSM marker database and survey the markers in 2017

·         Lecture Video – have first DVDs of lectures available to members thru video library in 2017.


20)   GSM scholarships – Dave reported that we sent $200 to ILSG for “scholarship|” to help students attend.


21)   New/other topics:

·         Liaison with Iowa Geologic Survey (Ryan Clark) – Dave reported that the Iowa Geologic Society had contacted us. Dave has sent Ryan e-mail describing portions of the GSM web site that should answer most of his questions. Dave also sent him most recent Newsletter (the rest are available from the web site). Dave will continue correspondence with Ryan as needed.

·         Mineral Club Rock Show – we will see about having a table at the Rock Show on October 21-22.  Dick will pursue this; possibly use some of the State Fair booth materials.  This will be two shifts, four hours each, requiring a total of 8 volunteers over the weekend.

Update from Dick: Based on subsequent discussions with the Mineral Club and input from GSM Board Members, the GSM will have an informational booth at the Mineral Club Rock Show.

·         Action Item – we need 8 volunteers for the GSM table

·         Last August, a gentleman named Howard Mooers from the Earth/Environmental Sciences at UMD contacted us using the contact form . Howard said that they were cleaning out several labs and that they had many USGS map folios that they needed to find homes for. Their size was about 24" x 30", typically 10-15 pages, and filled with brightly colored geological maps. He then asked if the GSM would be interested in them. About a month ago Theresa received three boxes of these folios.  Most of these maps are over 100yrs old, and are in very good condition.  Theresa said that they are much too nice to sell for the kind of money that they could bring in an auction. Dick and Theresa talked about it, and decided that they would first be offered to Harvey. Harvey and the Minnesota Geological Survey has stored our State Fair items, given us items for our Silent Auction, provided us with presenters from the Survey (himself included), etc.  Harvey is being given the first choice of the maps, and what he doesn’t have a purpose for, he has offered to store at the Survey building.



Respectfully submitted,

John Jensen, Acting Secretary
Board Status Report


Member                              Start      Eligible through end of


Deborah Naffziger                   2017         2020

Dave Wilhelm                            2017         2020

Dick Bottenberg                       2016         2019

Kate Clover                                 2016         2019

Dan Japuntich                          2015         2018

John Jensen                              2015         2018

Theresa Tweet                          2015*       2018                          * Term began November, 2015.

Mary Helen Inskeep                2014         2017

Ruth Jensen                              2014         2017




GSM Lecture Attendance


Summary: 15 lectures, 1400 total attendance, 93.3 average attendance

2017-05-01          97           Boom Times, the Early Days of the Oklahoma Oil Industry (spring banquet; no new persons)

2017-04-17          97           Minnesota Glacial Geology in Song and Story (topic/presenter change a few weeks earlier; 6 new persons – state fair, web site, MN Mineral Club)

2017-04-03          89           Bedrock Geology of East-Central Minnesota (topic/presenter change a few days earlier; no new persons)

2017-03-20          87           Strategic Minerals - What Are They & Why Should I Care? (2 new persons – state fair; web site)

2017-03-06          67           Stones and bones and… fossil embryos? Calcium phosphate minerals as a nexus between geology and biology (topic/presenter change a few days earlier; tornado watch; 1 new person – came with husband)

2017-02-20          99           What Would the Rock Evidence for Martian Life Look Like? Microbialites: Rocks from Microbes (8-10 new persons – U of M web site; State Fair; invited by friend or brother)

2017-02-06          ~145      Geology of the Mississippi River Gorge of the Twin Cities  (highest attendance in a least 5 years; ~15 new persons – too many to count: GSM web site; U of M home page; U of M alumni web site; recommended by a GSM member; e-mail from St. Thomas; googled “Geology Minnesota”; flyer on campus; flyer from state fair)

2017-01-23          100         On the Hunt for Chunks of Earth's Mantle in Central Arizona: Vignettes from an Active Geoscientific Study (2 new persons –1 from web site; 1 recommended by member)

Summary Fall 2016: 7 lectures, 619 total attendance, 88 average attendance

2016-12-05          105         Bridging the Geological Features of the St. Croix River Valley (3 new persons – 2 recommended by member (me J); 1 from web site)

2016-11-21          95           Polar Research: Geology and the Ends of the Earth: The high-resolution imagery revolution (6+ new persons –State Fair; came with friend; e-mail from PGC; one was a “fuelie” in Antarctica)

2016-11-07          96           Arizona rocks and outcrops (4 new persons – 3 from State Fair; 1 from website)

2016-10-24          87           Protecting Groundwater: Minnesota’s Primary Drinking Water Source (4 new personsfrom website, friend, daughter, recommendation of geologist leading Grand Canyon rafting trip (!))

2016-10-10          81           Shouts and Murmurs: Eavesdropping on Earth (3 new personsfrom website)

2016-09-26          62           “Thar be Fe & Mn in 'dem dar’ hills!" A mining history and geology of the Cuyuna Iron Range (2 new persons1 came with acquaintances, 1 person from state fair; same night as presidential debate)

2016-09-12          93           The Wondrous World of Carbonate Sands (Fall Banquet; includes 6 who did not come for lecture but were heard discussing it afterwards)


Summary: 15 lectures, 1428 total attendance, 95.2 average attendance (excludes lab)



Summary: 16 lectures, 1172 total attendance, 73.2 average attendance (excludes lab)



Summary: 14 lectures, 998 total attendance, 71.3 average attendance (excludes lab & bonus lecture)


GSM Tours and Fields Trips in 2017-2018

Field trip summaries back to 2011 now on the web site.

2017 Field trip info as of 16-MAY-2017. This has been posted to the web site.

GSM Tours and Fields Trips in 2017

The following field trips and tours were offered by the Geological Society of Minnesota in 2017:

On Saturday afternoon, January 28, Dave Wilhelm organized a 2+ hour tour of the Wildlife Science Center in Columbus, MN. About 40 GSM members and guests participated, including some young children. The temperature hovered around 25 degrees, so the animals were fairly active to maintain body heat. The tour started with an indoor presentation about WSC and its inhabitants, followed by an outdoor tour to observe the animals up close. We saw, heard (and smelled) gray & red wolves, coyotes, foxes, a mountain lion, bobcat, porcupine, and screech owl, and got detailed explanations of their behaviors and interactions (great photos here). And we were exhilarated by choruses of wolf howls a few times during our visit. The current address of WSC is 5463 W Broadway Ave, Columbus, MN, near Carlos Avery Wildlife Area. This is about 31 miles (35 minutes) north of downtown St. Paul. The Center will be moving in March, so our event was one of the last opportunities to tour the present site. Photos from this tour are here.

On Feb. 11, Steve Erickson organized a two-hour tour of the American Engineering Testing Company in St. Paul. This informative tour was conducted by Dan Vruno and Dale Hunt of AET, and 18 GSM members participated.  Deborah Naffziger’s report is in May 2017 Newsletter. Photos from this tour are at

Dave Wilhelm scheduled another tour of St. Anthony Falls Laboratory on Wednesday, April 12. Deborah Naffziger’s report is in May 2017 Newsletter.  GSM plans to continue arranging one or more weekday tours to SAFL each semester as member interest dictates, so you will be notified of another possible opportunity during fall, 2017.

Bill Robbins invited GSM members to a talk on April 18 hosted by the Minnesota Section of the Optical Society of America on the history of the Goodsell Observatory at Carleton College in Northfield, MN. The three GSM members who attended learned the history of Goodsell and its current imaging techniques; the importance of observations and timing, both historically and up through current work on pulsars (the best celestial clocks); and details of the Observatory’s clocks and the work being done to refurbish them. The talk was followed by a tour of the Observatory, where we saw these fine historic instruments up close, the largest of which is an 1890 16.2” Brashear refractor 22 feet long weighing 12,700 lbs., the largest telescope in Minnesota until 1969. Unfortunately, the skies were cloudy that night, so we were unable to observe the heavens though these beautiful instruments.


The University of Illinois Alumni Association arranged a visit to Eagle Lake Observatory on Friday, May 5, hosted by the Minnesota Astronomical Society. As there was room for additional participants, they generously invited GSM members and friends to join them, which about 10 did, including one 3-generation family. We listened to a great talk on deep-sky objects (star clusters, nebulae, galaxies, etc), followed by a wonderful evening of viewing through a clear, cool sky.


The following field trips and tours are scheduled by the Geological Society of Minnesota for 2017.

There will be a total solar eclipse across the United States on Monday, August 21, 2017. Here are web sites that track its path:

Dave Wilhelm is organizing a field trip whose primary purpose will be to view the 2017 eclipse, in the vicinity of Kearney, Nebraska. This is within easy car driving distance from Minnesota, with a Saturday, August 19 departure. Since we will head hundreds of miles southwest, we are including some geology and making a week of it. So far, around 50 persons are planning to view the eclipse on this trip, and around 30 are planning to remain with us for the geology portion starting Tuesday, August 22. We have a number of geologists from Nebraska planning to show us the geology of that state.


The following field trips and tours are tentatively planned by the Geological Society of Minnesota for 2017. This page will be updated with dates and other specifics as each event is scheduled. GSM members will also receive e-mail notices. Some of these events are just ideas at this time; we do not expect that all will actually happen in 2017. If you have particular interest in one of these trips, consider helping with the planning and organizing; contact Dave Wilhelm at .

Randy Strobel will lead the following three separate field trips this summer:

-          Walking trip of Minnehaha Falls and the nearby Mississippi River gorge,

-          Walking trip of the Minneapolis riverfront at the Stone Arch Bridge, including a visit to Mill City Museum (Tentatively planned for one or two Fridays in June, 2017); and

-          A biking trip on both sides of the Mississippi River Gorge from Lock & Dam # 1 to up to the Stone Arch Bridge and back.

These are areas that Randy described in his February 6 lecture to GSM. As dates and other details are determined, we will make them available by e-mail and web site.

A trip to Theodore Roosevelt National Park in September 2017, in conjunction with an astronomy trip being planned by Minnesota Astronomical Society.

A half-week trip to museums in Chicago, including the Field Museum and the Museum of Science and Industry. We might also include a stop at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.


At ILSG in May 2017, Mary Kay Arthur and Dave Wilhelm spoke to Mark Smyk of the Ontario Geological Survey about their leading a field trip in the Thunder Bay area during summer, 2018. He and his organization are very eager to show us the highlights of geology in that area, and there is quite a bit to see. Mary Kay, with Dave’s assistance, will start actively planning this in January, 2018. Most likely duration is 2.5 to 3.5 days.



Video Library Board report May 2017

Video Library Activity

09-FEB-2017 through 16-MAY-2017

New VL members: none (paid to Dave)

Rentals: 31

Purchases: none

Donations: none

Total Titles: 287

New reviews: 9 by Deborah Naffziger


$80 cash (planning to deposit $60 soon)




GSM State Fair Committee Report

Chair: Daniel Japuntich


State Fair Committee: Rebecca Galkiewicz, Dan Japuntich, Debra Preece, Dick Bottenberg, Edward Steffner, Ly Preece, Mary Helen Inskeep, Roger Benepe, Sandra Steffner, Theresa Tweet 



·         2017 State Fair License Agreement – complete.

o   Received license agreement/invoice and returned payment.

o   Submitted Proof of liability insurance (certificate of ins. To State Fair).

o   Submitted Workers' comp. Insurance form (lime color to fair).

·         The Booth staffing recruitment note was included in newsletter.

·          Booth staffing lecture announcements were made before and at the three final spring meetings, with future periodic broadcast announcements every two weeks.

·         As of this date, the State Fair Booth is 75% (54 people) staffed.  Last year at this time, we were 83% (60 people) staffed. Full staffing last year was achieved on August 4.

·         A State Fair Committee meeting will be held tentatively on July 11 at my home at 1092 Lincoln Avenue, St. Paul.

·         Booth set-up Wed. Aug. 23 at 11:00.  Booth take-down, Sept. 5. At 11:00.  Meeting at my house.

·         Because I will be on the Eclipse Trip, Sandy Steffner has volunteered to lead the Booth set-up on Wednesday, Aug. 23.  We are presently short on set-up volunteers, but OK on take-down volunteers.

·         When the 2017-2018 Lecture Schedule is received, it will be “ready-for-printing” formatted, and the brochures will be printed.

·         State Fair Booth Timeline attached.









9 AM TO 1 PM

1 PM TO 5 PM

5 PM TO 9 PM


Alfred Kauth

 Mary Harrington

 Patsy Huberty


Nina Ward

 Becky Galkiewicz

 Norm Smythe


Ed Steffner

Mark Ryan



Ted Chura

 Pat Ryan



Sue Egstrom


Paul Jansen


Barbara Chapman


Janet Hopper



Dick Bottenberg

 Jim Merick


Vern Schaaf

Joe Wright



Patrick Pfundstein

Mary Helen Inskeep

 Mike Convery



 Theresa Tweet

 Faye Alroy


Lisa Peters

 Mark Nupen

 David Broberg


Dave Peters

 Heather Johnson

 Barb Broberg


 Claude Buettner

 Mark Nupen

 David Wilhelm


 Carol Kissner

 Jim Merick

 Mary Kay Arthur


 Kate Clover

 Tom Schoenecker

 Lynne Grigor


 Jim Curme




Steve Erickson

 Frank Janezich

 Diane Lentsch


Rosie O’Donovan

 Roxy Knutilla

 Dick Heglund









Alan Smith

 Joanie Furlong



Kay Smith

 Randy Strobel


 John Jensen


Dan Japuntich


 Ruth Jensen


Dorothy Edelson



GSM Marker Task Force

GSM Marker Task Force

Report to the GSM Board of Directors

18 May 2017


Progress report

  • A total of 52 markers have reportedly been installed.  35 have been visited since 2014.  17 markers remain that need to be checked.
  • Changes have been made by Alan to the Marker web-site.  Most important is that the markers have been organized by location in the state, allowing people to find all the markers in close proximity to each other.  Web site should now be available to GSM members.
  • An article appeared in the May Newsletter to encourage members to visit.



  • Finish checking the remaining 17 markers in the summer and fall of 2017. 
  • Then contact Greg Brick about writing an article on the markers to promote geo-tourism.
  • Consider the format of future markers – hot spot?  Physical marker with metal or acrylic plaque? Geo-caching?  Also, consider the concept of geotourism and who to collaborate with.
  • Add more markers.  Use the 15 locations and text that were generated in 2003.  Consider changes to the text and to marker locations. 
  • Approach grant-giving organizations for monetary help with new plaques.  (Kate suggests that the financial books receive a review by a CPA in preparation for applying for grants.)
  • Encourage GSM members and Survey employees to submit ideas for new markers
  • Publicize!


Submitted by:  Becky Galkiewicz









Acknowledge of GSM sponsorship at ILSG

(excerpted from

Program and Abstracts,  page xxi)