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Minutes 19 May 2016

Board Meeting

 Geological Society of Minnesota

May 19, 2016

DRAFT Minutes



Board members present:  Ruth Jensen, John Jensen, Dick Bottenberg, Theresa Tweet, Mary Helen Inskeep, Becky Galkiewicz, Kate Clover, Mark Ryan.  Absent:  Dan Japuntich


Visitors:  Joanie Furlong, Steve Erickson, Dave Wilhelm, Alan Smith


Minutes for February 2016 meeting previously approved by e-mail and posted on GSM web site.


1) Review and agree on the agenda for May 19, 2016 – All agreed


2) Future Board Meetings:  usually the 2nd Thursday of February, May, August, and November

·         11 Aug 2016

·          3 Nov 1016

·         9 Feb 2017


3) Treasurer’s report – given by Mary Helen Inskeep.

Members who want a copy of report should contact her through the website.


Motion to approve the Treasurer's Report - unanimously approved.


4) Names/signatures on bank accounts – Mary Helen reported that two people need to be removed -  Sherry Keesey and Dave Wilhelm.  Mary Helen and Steve Erickson will remain on.  Two names will be added – Dick Bottenberg and Theresa Tweet. 


5) PayPal – Mary Helen investigated using PayPal to receive membership payments when members would like to use a credit card.  It costs $30 /month. Non-profit organizations are charged 2.2%  per transaction plus $.30 per transaction.  The Board will need to make a decision at the August board meeting before the new membership year starts.  It is estimated that Pay Pal would cost us $360 (monthly charge) plus transaction fees for up to 150 members, for a total of approximately $500 per year. 


6) Membership report – given by Joanie Furlong.  17 new members since January.  Currently have 170 members.


7) Lecture attendance – Dave Wilhelm keeps the data and reports that average attendance is up 22 people, due to great lectures.  See Newsletter.


8) State Fair planning – Dan Japuntich e-mailed the attached report and has paid state fair fee and insurance.


9) Planning for next year’s lectures and labs – Steve Erickson presented the tentative 2016-17 schedule.  The Fall 2016 lectures are in place but some Winter/Spring 2017 lectures remain to be slotted. Steve expects the schedule to be finalized in mid-July in time to support the State Fair. 

·         Should we co-sponsor a lecture with the Freshwater Society?  The Freshwater Society expressed interest in co-sponsoring a lecture of common interest with the GSM. Steve will consider as an option and discuss with Freshwater Society.

·         Pamphlets/brochures at lectures.  Concern was expressed that at some lectures people leave unsolicited materials on the front table.  After discussion the following motion was unanimously approved:


Motion: all pamphlets or information to be distributed at a GSM function must be approved in advance by the president or his/her representative.  Unanimously approved


·         Should GSM record lectures for webcasting?  The board discussed the idea of video recording lectures, and perhaps real time webcasting. After discussion of some of the pros and cons as well as some of the roadblocks, we agreed to further pursue the idea with a goal of conducting a video recording sometime during the 2016-2017 lecture series.


10) Potential updates to GSM web site

Alan Smith says he is not able to upgrade website as it is now.  A new subscription (Intenet service provider) will cost $16 / month.  He has been logging the number of visits to the website since the banquet.  Plans to update the front page and schedule for the fall.  He has added a marker home page.  Eventually web-site will be available for cell phones.


11) Field Trip plans - Dave Wilhelm reported on summer field trips.

·         June 10 – Eagle Lake observatory trip

·         June 25 – Greg Brick will guide a Swede Hollow walk

·         July 23 – Hill Annex Mine tour scheduled


12) Update on GSM Marker Survey project – Becky reported that the marker hunt is underway.  She will send out email updates to GSM members during the summer.


13) Review Minnehaha Falls marker replacement status and Minneapolis Park Board recommended approach – Dick Bottenberg and Carrie Jennings participated in a meeting with the Park Board  representatives who expressed interest in developing a large geological interpretive marker as well as replacing the missing smaller geological markers. The GSM and Park Board representatives are working out details and plan to meet with the Minneapolis Park Board in June or July.  See the attached report for details.


14) Spring banquet review/feedback –Steve Erickson said that the U Garden is a great location – access to the light rail line, free parking, restaurant is large enough.  We might improve service by having attendees pay for the buffet as they walk in the door.


15) Fall banquet planning – Dave Wilhelm stated that the Fall Banquet is on September 12th at the U Garden.  Kate Clover will be the featured speaker.


16) GSM Outreach program update – Theresa Tweet reported that the 2015-2016 school year was one of the best seasons that the Outreach program has had thus far. Ben Faulkner was available for training the Macalester students who were new to the program. The Macalester students went on to present at Metro-area elementary schools. The Outreach program has also presented for Science Fairs, Nature Nights, Boy Scout troops and the like. The college students enjoy the experience of teaching geology. Background checks must be done for every student who wishes to present. This can be accomplished quickly through BCA ( Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension).


17) Newsletter overview and process status – Mark Ryan.  The latest newsletter just came out.  We should use the newsletter to prepare people for next year's solar eclipse.


18) Video Library – Dave plans to buy new DVDs in August.  Reviews are being written by people who check out DVDs.


19) ILSG Scholarship fund – GSM will consider contributing to a scholarship program to help students attend the annual meeting of the Institute for Lake Superior Geology.  We will use the newsletter to ask for contributions to the scholarship fund.


20) Next year’s board membership planning – Dick Bottenberg is looking ahead to the September annual meeting when board members are elected.  Becky Galkiewicz and Mark Ryan will be going off the Board as their terms expire.  We will need to nominate people this summer.


21) Review status of the Board’s top-level specific goals for 2016 – Dick says that progress is being made on all 3 goals:

·         install new markers at Minnehaha Falls

·         GSM marker database and visits

·         GiveMN - need a home page to encourage donations to the organization (


Motion to adjourn at 9:10 PM – approved.


Respectfully submitted,

Becky Galkiewicz, Secretary


Two reports:

·         Dan Japuntich's report on GSM booth planning for State Fair

·         Dick Bottenberg's report on the meeting with Park Board representatives




Minnehaha Falls Marker Replacement Project Status

19 May 2016

·         Met with Minneapolis Park Board (MPB) representative 5 May

o   Purpose: discuss current marker situation and develop a plan of action to resolve

o   Dick B and Carrie Jennings (UofM geology professor) attended (Ed Steffner in Europe)

o   Cliff Swensen (Director of MPB Projects) and 2 others attended for the MPB

o   Reviewed current status of Minnehaha Falls markers

o   Cliff and others very interested and ready to make something happen

o   We agreed on a basic plan of action

§  Step 1: Carrie Jennings to design a large 4.5 by 2.5 state of the art acrylic geologic interpretive marker that uses graphics to describe the Falls story. This marker to be very similar to the Split Rock Lighthouse acrylic marker. Locate the marker on or near the railing that closely overlooks the Falls. Install this fall or next spring.

§  Step 2: Replace the 5 locational markers once the large marker is installed

·         Next meeting is 25 May @ Minnehaha park

o   Review action responses

o   Determine best site for the first large marker

o   Review the 5 locational markers and discuss replacement approach

·         Informational meeting with the Park Board

o   Purpose: determine the Board’s interest in this project

o   Review current marker status and the plan of action

o   Doug Z to develop a prototype marker stand/holder to show to park Board

·         Funding

o   $1000 has been donated

o   $2000 has been pledged

o   $2000 matching pledge has been offered

o   The Split Rock installation cost $4114.73 (2009 dollars)


GSM State Fair Committee Report for May 19, 2016,

Daniel Japuntich


·         The license agreement was sent in to the Fair on 4/28/2016

·         The MN State Fair Invoice for our booth was paid and sent in on 4/28/2016.

·         The GSM is paying its own liability insurance, and we declined the State Fair insurance. The Fair will ask for our certificate of insurance in June.

·         The staffing of our booth is ongoing.  As of 5/2/2016, we have 59 of the 72 time-slots filled, or 82% filled.  Another bulletin will be sent soon, with subsequent others through the summer.

·         A State Fair Committee meeting will be held the first week of July to discuss plans and any changes in booth design.