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Minutes, 2010 June 17

GSM Board Meeting
2010 June 17

Present:  Judy Hamiliton (Newsletter), Theresa Tweet (board member), Darrell Mytty (board member, Membership committee), Alan Smith (board member, Internet committee), Dick Bottenberg (President), Harvey Thorliefson (board member), Ly Preece (Secretary).

There is a quorum present.

Approval of minutes

March Minutes

The following corrections are required:

  • Minutes not signed
  • Washington misspelled
  • Darrell misspelled
  • Put both names, especially in motions

Harvey Thorliefson moved to approve the minutes, Darrell Mytty seconded the motion, and the motion was approved.

April Minutes

The following corrections are required:

  • Judy listed twice in attendance.
  • Darrell misspelled
  • Under treasurer report, remove Harvey's name
  • "CSM archive" should be "GSM archive"
  • Put both names, especially in motions
  • Correct numbering
  • Remove note about Social Committee
  • Minutes not signed

Ly Preece moved to approve the minutes, Harvey Thorliefson seconded the motion, and the motion was approved.

Judy says there's a white minutes book where Need to find minutes book and keep it up to date

Treasurer's Report

Presented by Dick B.

There is still $1500 earmarked for marker project for installing the final marker.  This has been delayed because the park is not ready to receive it.

Paul Jansen has retired from the position of Treasurer, and needs to be replaced.  Dick Bottenberg is currently performing the functions, but this is not tenable long-term. 

Theresa moved to accept the treasurer's report, Darrell Mytty seconded the motion, the motion was approved.

Public Service and Publicity

On Tuesday, Doug submitted proposal to Minnesota Historical Society Legacy Fund Grants, Dick and Harvey in attendance.  There were 7 proposals.  Met as a board with everyone present.  Proposal was not accepted this time, but we were encouraged to resubmit later.

State Fair

There will be a meeting Monday at Katy Paul's home at 7:00, called by Tom Schoenecker.

Katy says the State Fair Committee proposes that GSM pay the entrance fee to State Fair for people manning booth at State Fair.  Tom can get a discount, $8 instead of $10.  Will have about 72 people.  Judy Hamilton says this was done once before, but wasn't continued because it costs too much.

Dick Bottenberg moves that the GSM pays the entrance fees for members that staff the booth at the state fair.  There was no second to the motion.


Dick Bottenberg provided the proposed schedule for the 2010-2011 lecture schedule, and suggested that the schedule needs to be approved so that the schedule can be printed up for the state fair.

It was note that the lab should be Nov. 13, not Nov. 14.

Dick Bottenberg moved to accept the schedule.  Ly Preece seconded the motion.  The motion was approved.

History and Archives

Harvey Thorliefson said there has been partial progress, and noted that Steve Erickson also has some archival material.

The archive committee has sent out a listing of archive contents in boxes #1 to #14 (but some numbers missing), and also a report done by archive committee in 1998.

Harvey suggested that some materials don't need to be maintained, such as Mn Geo Survey publications, which are not available public on website.

Harvey offered the Minnesota Geological Survey resources to organize and prepare for scanning the archive material of GSM at MGS.  Judy Hamilton offered to help.  Dick Bottenberg moved to accept the MGS offer. Darrell Mytty seconded the motion. The motion was approved.

Darrell Mytty said he has a box he received from Katy, but he doesn't know what's in it.

Harvey suggests coming up with policies for what should be in the archive.  General consensus.

Newsletter and Membership

Harvey Thorliefson would like to publicize the GSM and encourage people in the MN geology community to become members, as part of trying to build a larger geology community in MN.  This would include soliciting content for the GSM newsletter, and soliciting content for the MN Geology web site.  This would help promote MN's public image for the upcoming GSA 2011.

No motion made or needed, but the board enthusiastically supports Harvey's vision.

Field Trips

There was no discussion.

Social Committee

Theresa Tweet asked about scheduling the silent auction.  There seems to be no good time to schedule it.  We should have this listed on the lecture schedule, like the banquets, etc.

Dick Bottenberg moves to schedule the GSM banquet and silent auction for the 2nd or 3rd Sat in January. He'll check with Hopkins to see whether and when they're available. Harvey Thorliefson seconded the motion.  The motion was approved.

New Business

Theresa Tweet talked about the National Fossil Day, Wed. Oct 13.  She asked for a link on the web site to a MN park website with activities, but wants to verify with the rangers first.

Board discusses whether the GSM can leverage this for publicity.  Could Steve Erickson organize a fossil-based lab which could be promoted with local schools?

Theresa suggested a field trip to Lilydale directed towards kids.

Darrell Mytty asked whether the Science Museum has any related activities.

Dick Bottenberg said he will bring up the topic with Doug Zbikowski.


Dick Bottenberg moved to adjourn the meeting.  Alan Smith seconded the motion.  The motion was approved.

The meeting adjourned at 8:47.

Respectfully submitted by Ly Preece, Secretary.