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Minutes August 18, 2011


Geologic Society of Minnesota


Board Meeting Minutes



August 18, 2011



Meeting called to order



The following GSM members were present: Dick Bottenberg (President), Allan Bowles (Secretary), Sherry Keesey (Treasurer), Harvey Thorliefson (Board Member), Doug Zbikowski, Theresa Tweet (Board Member), Steve Erickson, Alan Smith (Board Member).



Review and approve minutes from June Board Meeting



We reviewed and agreed on the minutes.  There were no comments or concerns and the minutes were approved. 




Review Agenda




The agenda for the evenings meeting was reviewed with no additions.




Treasurers Report




Sherry reported that nothing has changed in GSM’s Budget and Expenses.  Rick Uthe has made a $150 donation to GSM.  Rick is an honorary lifetime member of GSM.




There is still the discussion about whether to keep the Certificate of Deposits (CDs)  account with a Minnesota firm or with a large firm.  As the GSM Treasurer, Sherry has the responsibility to recommend which firm we use for our investments. 


The Budget team meeting is scheduled to meet next Monday at 6 pm. Their task is to develop a budget for the next GSM fiscal year (October 2011 through September 2012) and present it at the next board meeting.  Dick, Ed, Sherry and Harvey are the team members.




It was moved and seconded to accept treasurer’s  report and it was accepted. 




The Minnesota Geologic Survey supplied GSM with a Minnesota Geology Bedrock map to use at the State Fair.  It is a very nice map printed on substantial material with grommets for hanging.






Internet Committee




Harvey believes that the web site is doing well, and Alan and Bentley are doing a good job supporting the web site.




Recognition Committee




Theresa would like to have other people working with her on this committee allowing her more time to spend looking for donations for auction items. A discussion continued from last meeting regarding holding the recognition banquet every other year.  Theresa moved that we set the recognition banquet and auction for May 7 2013.




Dick discussed Steffners holding the Christmas party and how much of their own money they end up spending.  The question was raised about whether GSM should contribute $200 or so to cover their costs.  The budget committee was asked to address and make a recommendation.




Field Trips




Sherry attended the Upper Michigan field trip and thought it was  good field trip.  It covered parts of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan and included copper mining, faults, and a mineral show at the end. 




Bill Robbins is working on San Andreas Fault field trip the middle of April 2012.  Steve recommended placing information about this field trip on the GSM web site.  Plans for this field trip should be in place by October.




Program, Lectures & Labs




Steve has finalized the schedule for GSM’s Seminars and Labs.  It is being printed up and will be available for distribution at the State Fair.  He brought up the point about our seminar meetings at the U of Minnesota and the fact that Washington Ave. will be closed to vehicle traffic.  People attending the lectures will find it more difficult get to the building.  Steve and Harvey plan to provide recommended driving routes in the Newsletter.  Steve also indicated that his fall work schedule will interfere with him attending lectures and therefore Dick will open up the lectures.




The GSM lecture for October 10th is the Anne Bancroft talk.  It will be held at the Minneapolis Convention Center and is sponsored by the Geological Society of America (GSA).  Admission is free.  Harvey will provide details on how to get into the Convention Center for the talk.




Geologic Society of America Convention




Harvey confirmed that the board of Geologic Society of America has agreed to provide a certain number of passes to our organization.  Each board member will receive one and each committee leader will receive one, and there will be a drawing for 3 additional passes at the fall banquet.














Harvey will have the newsletter finalized and out next week.  There was additional discussion about the option of e-mailing and/or mailing the newsletter.  The Board decided that we should e-mail the newsletter to as many members as possible in order to reduce the $500 per edition distribution costs.  Those who want to continue to receive via US Mail will need to so indicate when they renew their membership in the Fall.








Theresa asked about different levels of membership and the different levels were explained. 




Public Service




Doug is still looking for someone to fill this position.  This position entails outreach to the community including requests for people as speakers in classrooms.  Theresa requested a waiver for pictures.








Doug met with Janine and explained his duties as he saw them.  Janine took notes and therefore has the information.




Doug has them made up State Fair Brochures and just needs someone to take them to Office Max or Kinko’s to be printed.  Last year they printed up 4500.   Theresa volunteered to take this into Office Max and take care of the printing. She will call Ed to see how many brochures he has left and she will print up the balance to provide 4500 brochures. Doug will e-mail a PDF to Theresa.  The schedule must be printed on heavier stock.  Anchor express will supply the paper.




History & Archives




Harvey will contact state historical about scanning the GSM historical archives.










Old Business




Doug’s Research Report




Doug recently gave an 'Earthquakes' talk to some gifted and talented students and received a question from one of the parents in attendance.  The question was about volcanic eruptions and whether they responded like earthquakes do—to the forcing of equatorial-bulge migration, as it occurs under slow drift of the rotational pole.  Doug indicated that he and his mathematician have shown with various graphs that volcanic eruptions do seem to be controlled, in part, by the same spin dynamics of Earth.  This result supports the correlation observed between quakes and eruptions.


Doug's team plans to next evaluate the Icelandic history of accumulated equilibrium adjustments required under polar drift and its resulting seismic and volcanic events.


Doug wants to post his paper on the web site and the board is interested in posting it. Dick said he and Sherry would put together a policy for presentation at the next meeting.




Web site questions




Theresa is receiving many requests for speakers through the web site. She asked if we have enough volunteers to speak. Dick stated that we should consider changing our web site to not offer to provide speakers if we cannot provide them. We can make recommendations as to who to contact. There are several groups that can respond. AIPG, Women in Earth Sciences, MN Geologic Survey.




Nominating committee




GSM will need three board members plus committee heads for the publicity, public service, and newsletter.




Harvey will not be on the board because he has served 4 years.  Doug suggested that we fill Harvey’s position with another representative from the Minnesota Geologic Survey because of the contacts and help they provide.




The next scheduled board meeting is Thursday October 20th.




The meeting was adjourned.






Respectfully Submitted


Allan Bowles


GSM Board Secretary