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Minutes of Board Meeting December 10, 2005

BOARD MEETING CHANGED TO MARCH 25,      still 10 am at 4350 Brookside Ct


            Minutes of Board Meeting December 10, 2005


Meeting called to order at 3:10 pm by Roger Benepebel, Ted Chura,


Board members present: Roger Benepe, Ed Steffner, Sandy Steffner, Gail Marshall,  Paul Martin, Cindy

   Demers, Kate Hintz, Dorothy Kuether  (Janet Hopper by phone)

   Others present: Doug Zbikowski, Conrad Nelson, Bill Robbins, Alan Smith, Kathy Ahlers, Gail Martin,

   Marlys Lowe, Rosie O'Grady, Randy Strobel, Kathy Paul, Ted Chura, Mary Kay Arthur, Dick Heglund


I. Secretary Minutes: were emailed; no corrections. Approved


2. Election of officers:

      President - Roger Benepe

      Vice President - Janet Hopper (will beome president in 2007)

      Secretary - Dorothy Kuether

      Treasurer - Ed Steffner


3.  Treasurer's Report: Ed Steffner deferred to former treasurer Ted Chura who presented the report

      from 2004 to Sept 30, 2005. Ted explained an alternate reporting form indicating a checking bal-

      ance of $3981.53 and a total balance of $15,398.27. All changes have been made and documents

      signed to implement the change in treasurers.


4. Committees:

A. PROGRAMS - Steve  had hand outs of terms & lectures; asked  what topics would people like,

      about having a loose theme next year, had suggestions of gological time, Cal speaking about

      planets relation to earth, Natural Disasters, asked for goelogically informed persons. about

      getting speaker to talk on what like best, ask speakers to define unusual terms B. MEMBERSHIP & DIRECTORY  - in 204-5 we had 250 members;  for 205-6 we have 119 C. NEWSLETTER - Kathy Ahlers has accepted this position, will do the next newsletter D. SHOWS & EXHIBITS - Roger Benepe will work with the committee for 1-2 years, then take over

      chairing it

E. FIELD TRIPS - will meet in January, discuss a North Shore trip

      meeting will be Jan 16, 7 pm at 4350 Brookside  (due to conflict meeting was at Lunds

      (Hennepin & Lake St)

F. PUBLIC SERVICE - plan for May & June  to have rock carving, tie in with education in public

      school. Alan will meet with them on Monday

      Girl Scouts went to quarry; Kathy Ahlers will write this up for newsletter

      possible Science Museum program; Kate Hintz will check this G. SCHOOL OUTREACH - no report H. VIDEO LIBRARY  - 1 new member. In past 3 months have taken in #35 I. HISTORY & ARCHIVES - no report J. BUDGET  - recommended that if an honorarium is refused, it be given to the student organization;

      give a small gift to person who arranges room at UM for us; we make a connection to

      Geology Dept (with Rick Uthe having retired)  so can continue meeting at UM K. INTERNET - Alan has not had time to update; will work with Kathy Ahlers to get our site of more

      interest to younger people



A. Status of Split Rock Marker - it will be a fiberglass plaque on the railing. Bill will work on getting

      more commitment from "them"

      Alan will check within the week about the $2500 committed by us (secretary found no

      mention of it in minutes in last 2 years) B. GSM stamp - Gail has it C. Question arose about GSM commitment to Bruce Goetleman and rock boxes



1. Guideline notebook - proposed that we make a new set (10 copies) This has job descriptions

      and bylaws. Each board member should have one.People leaving the board

should give their       copy to the president who gives it to next board


       Motion that Doug do this, be reimbursed for expenses. Approved 2. Bill Robbins proposed raising the honorarium from $100 to $140. Think

about, decide at next   meeting

3. Kathy Ahlers proposed that we make long range plans, envision the future; perhaps meet for

      together (supper) before meetings. discussed, no decision NEXT BOARD MEETING:  March 11,  10 am, 4350 Brookside Ct

      (CHANGED TO MARCH 25,  10 am, 4350 Brookside Ct) Meeting adjourned to enjoy the good food and Steffners'  hospitality