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Minutes December 3, 2011

 Geologic Society of Minnesota

 Board Meeting Minutes

 December 3, 2011

 Meeting called to order

 This is the Final Board Meeting for year 2011

 The following GSM members were present: Dick Bottenberg (President), Allan Bowles (Secretary), Sherry Keesey (Treasurer), Harvey Thorliefson (Board Member), Doug Zbikowski, Theresa Tweet (Board Member), Alan Smith (Board Member), Bill Robbins, Ed Steffner, Ly Preece, Dave Wilhelm (Board Member), Steve Erickson and others

The Minutes from the October Board Meeting were reviewed and accepted

Status of the 2012 Board of Directors

The 2011 Board has 7 current members.  Dick Bottenberg and Harvey Thorliefson have served 4 years and will retire from the Board.  Janine Atchison has served for 2 years and has resigned for personal reasons.   Dave Wilhelm was elected to the Board by unanimous vote.  At this time 5 of 9 positions are filled.

Elect Officers for 2012

Officers for 2012 were not elected at this meeting.  This action was deferred to an ad-hoc Board meeting to be held before the next lecture in January.

Treasurers Report

Sherry Keesey presented the Treasurers Report.   Currently there is $ 3048.99 in the GSM checking account.   Rick Uthe donated $ 150 to the GSM this year.  We have $ 1000 earmarked for the Minnehaha Falls Park markers.  There needs to be a way to show this in budget.

It was moved and seconded to accept Treasurers Report

Budget Committee

The Budget Committee presented results from its meeting conducted earlier on 3 Dec.  The Board accepted the committee’s recommendation to establish a policy to maintain at least 1 year’s expenses in reserve.  The average expense over the last 5 years of $6200 was used to establish the minimum reserve. (Uncommitted assets as of 30 September were $8954.)


There was considerable discussion on making funds available for people requesting funds for special projects relating to geology and the GSM’s mission.  The awarding of funds would require a review of the project and whether it meets GSM’s stated policy and guidelines, and whether funds are available in the budget. 


 Also discussed was whether or not we need to continue asking Fran Corcoran to manage the GSM phone using her phone line.  The cost to the GSM is around $ 380/year.  Fran commented that she doesn’t get as many phone calls as she used too and she receives most of the calls in the summer.  No action was taken by the Board at this time.


Membership Committee


Ly Preece has assumed the membership committee chairmanship position.  Ly, Bill, Harvey, and Sherry have been involved in updating the GSM membership list so that we know who the current members are and for sending out the quarterly newsletter.  Membership dues are the GSM’s primary source of revenue.


Internet Committee


Alan said Ly was trying to put membership on the GSM web site so that it could be maintained for e-mailing and mailing purposes.  Only the internet committee would have access to the list. It was commented that our membership trend is falling. 


Theresa has been responding to questions submitted to the GSM web site and phone requests to Jeff Paul at Macalister.


Marker committee


There was a comment that grants have dried up due to the state budget problems and the Legacy grant.  GSM needs a plan on what to do with $ 1000 to upgrade markers in the Minnehaha Falls Park.


Field Trips


Bill Robbins commented on the San Andreas field trip scheduled for the middle of April 2012.  It will be a weeklong trip and may involve a cost to hire a field trip guide.  Sherry Keesey’s brother has written a book on the San Andreas Fault and will be one of the field trip guides.


Janet Hopper made a request to step down as chairman for field trip planning.


Lectures and Labs


Bill Robbins recommended that next year we have some basic geology lectures to bring people up to speed.




Harvey is doing great job on the newsletter.  The format looks great with good articles.


Public Service


The Public Service Committee needs a chairman as Doug Zbikowski is resigning.




Ed Steffner has stepped up to lead the Publicity committee as its chairman.  Membership is dropping off and we need an active membership campaign.


Shows and exhibits


The state fair and exhibits went well this year.  There is some discussion about redoing the state fair booth, however any changes need to be recommended by the State Fair Committee.


History and Archives


Harvey has put together a proposal to scan the GSM history scanned for the Minnesota Historical Society.


Old Business


As the 2012 Board has 5 of 9 positions filled, the GSM needs to fill these Board and committee positions. 


Research Report


Doug passed out a 4 page report covering his theory and in addition requested GSM funding in the amount of $ 1000 for continuing research.  He was asked if he had completed his report and he stated it was still in process.  Since GSM has not completed their policy and guidelines for funding we were not able to accommodate Doug’s request.


New Business


The meeting was adjourned so we could enjoy the GSM Christmas Party and Ed and Sandy Steffner’s hospitality at their home.


Respectfully Submitted


Allan Bowles - GSM Board Secretary