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Minutes Febuary 17, 2011

Geological Society of Minnesota

Board Meeting Minutes


February 17, 2011


Meeting called to order

Dick Bottenberg (President), Steve Erickson, Allan Bowles (Secretary), Harvey

Thorliefson (Board Member), Alan Smith (Board Member), Doug Zbikowski, Teresa

Tweet (Board Member) Ed Steffner, Darrell Mytty (Board Member), Ly Preece, Janine Atchison (Vice President) and Sherry Keesey (Treasurer) were present.


Treasurer’s Report

Dick and Sherry reported that the process of transferring the Treasurer’s responsibility to Sherry has started and is expected to be complete in the next few weeks.  A Treasurer’s report will be submitted when the process is complete.  Currently there is $ 4,437.66 in the GSM checking account.  Harvey offered to work with Sherry to develop a new reporting format similar to that used by the Society of State geologists.   Sherry would like to do this once she has taken over the Treasurer’s job.


Sherry gave a run down on the results of the auction and banquet. She deposited $641.60 into the GSM account.  Disbursements were on the order of $ 370.00 plus $ 22.58 for cake and ice, so once again the auction was a money making event. 


Internet Committee

Dick noted that the GSM web site does not have all of the minutes from the board meetings this year posted and most of the recent Newsletters are not posted.  Alan and Ly will look into this.

Alan stated that that he will need to pay some minor internet usage fees this month (~$5/year).


Recognition Committee

Teresa stated that the banquet went very well with around 45 people attending.  The rocks, maps, books and donated items all sold well and folks had a great time.  Teresa had cleaned up Steve Erickson’s agates and placed them in nice jars which helped them to sell. Steve reported that he is now out of rocks that had been donated to the GSM by former members. Teresa said that some members expressed a desire to not have the banquet in the middle of the winter.  There do not appear to be many other viable options; however the committee and the board will look at this suggestion.  Teresa sent out hand written thank you notes to all of the businesses who donated to the auction.


Marker Committee

Doug queried the State Historical Society who reports that the state’s grant cycle is in question for the near future.  Doug does not expect grants this year.  The committee was asked to review the Minnehaha Park marker project and determine options for what can be done this year.  The GSM received a $1000 donation a few years ago for this effort.



Field Trips

Janet H was not present.  There is serious discussion regarding a field trip taking in

the San Andres fault.  Bill Robbins has been talking back and forth with Dave Lynch

(Sherry’s brother) who would be the guide in California.  The field trip would be scheduled in the spring of 2012 to avoid the hot weather.  They would look at taking in other points of interest on the trip.


Program Lectures and Labs

Steve discussed the scheduled dates for next fall and spring and requested lecture topics from the board.  He is trying to schedule around the Geological Society of America’s (GSA) Minnesota Convention Oct. 9-12. Steve proposed that the fall lectures begin Sept. 12th with the last lecture Nov. 21st. 

On behalf of the GSA Harvey proposed holding a joint GSM/GSA lecture on Oct 11th at the convention center. Dick moved that we work with GSA to co-host the lecture and Steve seconded.  The motion enthusiastically passed. Steve will work with Harvey to determine the agenda and the lecture(s).



Steve has been discussion lab topics with Jeff Thole of Macalester College in his efforts to identify topics.  One of the suggestions for labs was to conduct a map lab, covering map reading such as topographic maps.  It was suggested that Steve check with St. Thomas’s Geology department and Steve agreed to do so.   



Harvey is leading effort on the newsletter and he proposed changing the front page format to draw attention to our history with photos from the past.  All agreed with his sample.  Dick pointed out that we will need an editor and Harvey pointed out that he is willing continue to be in charge of the newsletter for the short term.




Darrell reported that 70% of the members (204) have paid their membership fees for this year.  He is sending out post cards this week to remind the 30% of the members who are in arrears.


Public Service

Doug Z reported that he would like to retire as chair of this committee sometime this year.  As usual, Doug attended the annual MN Earth Science Teachers Conference on Feb. 1 where he passed out info on GSM and provided rock boxes.  Doug will represent the GSM at the Ramsey County Environmental Expo 22 Feb.



Janine and Allan plan to meet with Doug Z to find out what he does so we can use this information to enlist a new chair for this committee.  Doug mentioned that he would put together a tick list of the Publicity Committee activities along with a timeline.



History and Archives

Harvey found someone within the state organization who is willing to scan GSM archives. 

There was discussion regarding making the documents searchable on the internet.  Steve E. has rescued old archives and there was a discussion regarding placing them in better boxes.  The

Minnesota State Historical Society is interested in taking the original GSM archives.

Dick pointed out that the Minnesota Historical Society has requested copies of the GSM newsletters from over the years.  Harvey asked that Dick forward the request and he will take care of it.


Old Business


Responding To Web Site Questions

Theresa said that she is receiving good support from various GSM members and from the Minnesota Survey in support of her effort’s to respond to the many questions the GSM receives from our web site.  She reports that there have been some very interesting requests for information.



Research Report

Doug Zbikowski is doing research on seismic activity and what drives seismic activity.  He has put together a 90 slide program and a paper and has requested the posting of his paper on the GSM Web Site.   There was a question about GSM criteria for accepting papers for posting on the GSM web site.  It was generally agreed that GSM should establish paper criteria which includes the board reviewing the paper.  Janine A will talk to attorneys about the legal aspects.  Allan is to check to see if there are some existing standards or criteria for other organizations.


New Business

Janine brought up the fact that 2013 is the 75th anniversary of GSM and that we should somehow highlight our diamond anniversary that year.




Respectfully Submitted
Allan Bowles
GSM Board Secretary