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Minutes Febuary 9, 2012

 Geologic Society of Minnesota

 Board Meeting Minutes

 February 9, 2012

 Meeting called to order

 The following people were present: Roger Benepe (President), Allan Bowles (Secretary), Harvey Thorliefson (Past Board Member), Theresa Tweet (Board Member), Dave Wilhelm (Board Member), Ly Preece (Board Member & Membership Committee Chair), Lisa Peters (Board Member), Alan Smith (Board Member)

Review of the Board Meeting Minutes

The AD Hoc Board Meeting minutes of January 10, 2012 were reviewed and accepted.

Treasurers Report 

Sherry Keesy was not present. Roger Benepe went over the current treasurer’s report.  It was moved, seconded and the treasurer’s report was approved.

Sherry had recommended that we keep the Geologic Survey phone line for this fiscal year.

Membership Committee

Membership Committee – we are up to 147 paid members.  Ly Preece is keeping an up to date list on the GSM web so we can get latest list for postal service mailings and e-mailings.  The list is accessible only to board members.

Marker Committee

There is $ 1000 in the budget for the Minnehaha Falls markers. Ed Steffner and Doug Zbikowski need to bring the board up to date on the remaining Minnehaha Falls marker work.

Field Trips

The San Andreas Fault Trip is only big field trip currently planned. It is scheduled for April 14 to April 22, 2012.  No other field trips are currently planned.

Lectures and Labs

There were 78 people at the February 6th lecture.    Labs seem to be going well.  There is a hydro lab Saturday the February 11 at St. Thomas University.

Steve Erickson had recommended that we should have some basic geology lectures to help some of the newer GSM members better understand geologic terms.

GSM News Letter

A list of new members will be posted in the Spring Issue of the GSM News Letter.

Public Service Committee

Public Service – Ed Steffner will be setting up something when he gets back from vacation.

Shows and Exhibits

Joan Furlong and her associate were setting up the State Fair booth in basement of the MN Geologic Survey building brainstorming possible additions or changes to the exhibit to make it more interesting to the public. One suggestion is a timeline tying into fossils that were present in Minnesota.

It was recommended that Joan should review changes or additions with the board before implementing them.

History and Achieves

Harvey Thorliefson will Submit a proposal to MN Reflections out of St Cloud to have the first half of our newsletter scanned and saved electronically.

Old Business

Doug Zbikowski’s request for funds has been tabled for now

In response to a request for posting papers relating to geology on the web Dick Bottenburg and Sherry Keesy had put together tentative a tentative policy.  No further work has been done on this.  Harvey Thorliefson thought we could take this under review.

New Business

No new business.

Internet Committee

Alan Smith had found a link on the GSM web site to someone selling something connected to geology.  This will be deleted.  There are a couple of other important links we will maintain.

Alan Smith uploaded the address book (Membership List) on the internet.  There are two lists, one active and one inactive.  The ability to produce labels from the list is not functional yet.  Alan was going to turn this over to Ly.  Ly said it would be nice to have a list of new members for the current year.  Alan suggested that Ly take a look at the list to see that it does what we want it to do.  Alan will send the Web Board Access information to the GSM Board Members so we can all see the list.

There was a discussion about adding a place on the web site for people to vote on the interest in the previous evening GSM lecture.

Teresa had a link to no- with training and lectures which she thought could be of help to board members.   The link is profits

Lisa asked whether there was any info on the geology and history of the Stone Arch Bridge.  She thought this could be the subject of a possible tour/lecture.  Harvey thought Terry Bearboom or Tony Runkle at Geologic Survey may have some information on the Stone Arch Bridge.

There was some discussion about the booklet we give out to new member.  The name of the booklet is Rocky Roots.

The next board meeting is scheduled for April 12 at the MN Geologic Survey.  

The meeting was adjourned.

Allan Bowles - GSM Board Secretary