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Board members present: Roger Benepe, Gerry Paul, Ed & Sandy Steffner, Kate Hintz, Dorothy Kuether

    others present: Steve Erickson, Doug Zbikowski, Bill Robbins, Alan Smith


Meeting was called to order by President  Roger Benepe


Secretary's minutes were approved as corrected: Kathy Ahlers is thinking about being a board member, has not accepted


Treasurer's report:  We may want to change savings account at time of turn over to get a better rate

      Sandy  Steffner  made a motion for the treasurer to use his judgment in updating the savings account. Kate H. seconded this, was approved

     a suggestion to ask Bill Farquhar if he would like a separate account for the college student presenters to simplify the accounting and have students get moneys sooner

     Gerry moved we accept the treasurer's report., motion passed



A. Program: Kate will get the screen for the September meeting.   Can the

presenter sell his book? Not at U but ok at the September banquet meeting. Steve will ask presenters for abstract and ask presenters if ok to make audio or video copy of their talk.

 November 20 and Dec 4 programs are switched  Suggest by-laws changes: that labs be double, have 45 minute in one, then switch, suggest doubling honorarium. Doug Z, Randy Strobel, Bill Robbins are the committee checking this. Ed Steffner moved that we accept the changes, Dorothy K seconded, motion approved Bill Robbins called the speaker about the tornadoes program to verify the range of the program. The speaker needs to be reminder called in November Steve asked people for topics and speakers for future programs


B.Membership & Directory: suggestion that members get a member list each year, a directory at joining . This would cut expenses while keeping lists updated.

Doug Z. has the master membership list.


C. Newsletter - no report


D. Shows & Exhibits - was a good State Fair, very busy. the new arrangement allowed better flow. a thank you letter will be sent to the Fair.

There were more and better fossils/ people asked for information on the back side of the flip cards.

Kate H. will do brochure on Story of Evolution, what geologists believe Suggestion that we pay entrance fee for those volunteering multiple times


E. Field Trips - no report


F. Public Service - Doug Z. reported on Split Rock marker, will get the bill for all markers


G. School  Outreach - Bill sent a report to Roger: He has contacted Jeff Thole at Macalester and Kathy Ohler at the U to enlist their support in getting word out to student presenters. He has offered to give a talk at the U's 3pm bagel get togethers on Mondays.  He is looking forward to another successful year of presenting to school age children


H. Video Library - no report


I. History & Archives - talk in progress for materials to go to Minnesota Historical Society


J. Internet - Alan  reported it is coming along; there is possibility that a woman from State Dept may help


Old Business:

A. status of Split Rock Marker - covered in committee report


B. Guideline note books - membership at next meeting, as that is changing


New Business:

A. State Fair booth workers - Conceern that only members man the booth, be inside the booth area  Steve moved that only members be in booth. This was tabled

   want rules stated more clearly on the direction sheet.

Bruce sold rock boxes, no sales are allowed in Education Building. A letter will be sent to Bruce to take GSM label off the rock boxes. Ed will check if we got any money from box sales.  Steve stated that Dec.

14, 2002 GSM gave Bruce money and authority for the rock boxes with no reporting required. Ed S. will check if we got any money from box sales.

Board will  send a certified letter thanking Bruce for past work,  but work not to be continued and to remove any reference to GSM from the boxes and literature. Steve will draft the letter, email it to board.

Members should send comments to Roger Benepe for final draft. Steve E.

will check with Tom Casey about letter (Tom  is a lawyer member) to State Fair Board acknowledging that we know boxes were sold at the Fair and that we have taken action about this or whether we should wait to see if we get a letter from the Fair Board and then respond as needed.

Roger B., Steve E, Bill R were on KSTP


B. Nominations for new board members: Randy Strobel and Joan Furlough were recruited we will need new committee members


Adjourn: mext meeting will be at Steffners' home, the board meeting at 3 pm, potluck and social about 5 pm December 9, 2006


Dorothy Kuether, secretary