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Minutes January 10, 2012

Geologic Society of Minnesota

AD Hoc Board Meeting Minutes

January 10, 2012

Meeting called to order


The following people were present: Dick Bottenberg (Past President), Allan Bowles (Secretary), Sherry Keesey (Treasurer), , Harvey Thorliefson (Past Board Member), Theresa Tweet (Board Member), Dave Wilhelm (Board Member),Bill Robbins, Ed Steffner, Roger Benepe, Ly Preece (Board Member & Membership Committee Chair), Deb Preece,  Lisa Peters, Alan Smith (Board Member)

 Dick Bottenberg called the meeting to order and presided at the meeting.  The primary purpose of the meeting was for the Board to elect new board members and to elect the 2012 Board Officers

Nomination of Board Members and Officers

Dick Bottenberg nominated Deb Preece, Roger Benepe, and Lisa Peters as candidate board members.  It was moved and seconded to accept the nominees as board members.  Rodger Benefee was a past GSM president 5 years ago and has served as a board member in the past.  He is a geologist and has an in-depth geologic background.  Deb Preece’s interest in geology is strong enough that she took a field geology course at U of M and loves rocks.  Lisa Peters is in journalism, writes children’s books, and writes a blog.  She has written a children’s book which includes some geology and has a strong interest in geology.


Dick Bottenberg identified the potential officer candidates.  Roger Benepe had volunteered to be president and was elected as president.  Dick asked for volunteers and nominations for vice president.  The vice presidents duties include setting up the board meeting allowing the president to conduct the meeting.  Theresa Tweet volunteered for the vice president position and was unanimously elect.   Sherry Keesey will continue as treasurer and Allan Bowles will continue as secretary.


Board Meeting Location and Schedule


Harvey Thorliefson indicated that the Geologic Survey Office will continue to be used as the board meeting location.  Meetings will continue to be scheduled for every other month.  The meeting day is changed to the second Thursday, 7 pm to 9 pm.  Previously the meetings were held the third Thursday every other month.  The next scheduled meeting is February 9, 2012.


Other Topics

Dick Bottenburg talked about the GSM straightening out the membership list.  Part of the problem is that because the membership list is not current, GSM does not know who is a current member.   This impacts GSM income since the membership dues are GSM’s only source of revenue.


Ly Preece (Membership Chairman) is working on the list to resolve the problems.   In addition, Ly Preece and Ed Steffer will be working to promote GSM membership.  Ly wants to put the list on the Web in order to keep it current.  Alan Smith discussed a web centralized data base which will be similar to an EXCEL spread sheet.


Revision to the December 3, 2011 GSM Minutes

The information that Ed Steffer is the new publicity chair was omitted from the 12_03_2011 GSM minutes.

GSM Insurance Coverage

The GSM insurance coverage was brought up and discussed by the group.  The the group felt this was money well spent, therefore it was moved and seconded that Sherry Keesey pay the insurance coverage for the year 2012.

The meeting was adjourned.

Allan Bowles - GSM Board Secretary