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Minutes June 12, 2012


Geologic Society of Minnesota

Board Meeting Minutes


June 12, 2012



Meeting called to order


The following people were present: Roger Benepe (President), Theresa Tweet (Vice President), Allan Bowles (Secretary),Sherry Kreesey (Treasurer), Dave Wilhelm (Board Member), Ly Preece (Board Member & Membership Committee Chair), Deb Preece (Board Member), Ed Steffner (Ad Hoc Committee), Sandy Steffner, Judy Hamilton (Past GSM Board Member), Dick Bottenburg (Past GSM President), Bill Robbins


Review of the Board Meeting Minutes

Theresa noted that Sherry Keesey’s name was omitted from the May 19th minutes and requested some grammatical changes.  The minutes were accepted as noted with revisions.

Review and agree on the agenda

There were no additions to the agenda


Vote on the acceptance of John Grams to the board

The board voted and confirmed John’s admission to the board. He had expressed interest in being on the membership committee.


Discussion and reports


Treasurer’s report

Sherry reported a checking acct. balance of $ 2,093.70.  This included a phone charge $ 33.00.  Harvey had mailed out hard copies of the GSM news letter.  We need to encourage members to receive the news letter by e-mail because of mailing cost.


Internet Committee

Neither Alan or Harvey were present.  There was no report



Recognition Committee

Theresa had nothing to report.


The Future of the Rock Boxes

Doug wants to retire from the job of handling the rock boxes.  He has 18 pails of washed rocks plus 10 built rock boxes.  He would like to get them out of his garage. Someone mentioned the possibility of Macalester College students taking care of the rock boxes.  Another option was storing the rock boxes at the Geologic Survey.  There is some possibility that we could show a rock box at the state fair and guide them to our web site where they can purchase them.  Sheri volunteered to have them stored at her place.  It was decided to move the rock boxes to Sheri’s home the next week.


Rocky Roots pamphlet

Joan Kain has the info on the Rocky Roots pamphlet for Judy Hamilton.  Judy is promoting it for Joan.  Judy has the cost breakdown on the books which she will provide to GSM.  


Possible alternate site for Spring Banquet

Theresa had a couple of sites she was checking out but they are not available


State Fair

Sandy Steffner is in charge of sign up for state fair.  She will need to have 3500 brochures and lecture cards printed up for the state fair.  It was suggested that GSM  show information about the recent  San Andreas fault tour and the planned Stone Arch Bridge tour for the state fair.  This information could be laminated and shown as some kind of poster.


Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (MCN)

There was no information available



Harvey was not present at the meeting however he did submit an e-mail report.


Stone Arch Tour

Lisa Peters is organizing the Stone Arch Tour.  There are some issues that need to be resolved, one being, how many people will attend?  Based on the number of people, is a special tour permit required?


Tracking new members

Ed Steffner said GSM information has been placed in 34 library’s and has received 11 responses.  He will report next meeting about how successful this is in attracting new members.



New Business


Bill raised the point about purchasing speaker phones, portable PA system


Old business


We are still in need of help in the areas of Public Service, and coordinator for the Video Library.  Dave may take over the video library.


Ed Steffner said GSM will spend between $750 to $1000 for brochures and lecture list.

Last year GSM spent $ 821 for brochures and the lecture list.  There was some discussion regarding combining the brochure and lecture list into one single piece of literature.


The next meeting Board Meeting is scheduled for Aug 9th, 7:00 pm at the Minnesota Geologic Survey Building.



The meeting was adjourned.

Allan Bowles - GSM Board Secretary