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Minutes June 16, 2011


Geologic Society of Minnesota


Board Meeting Minutes




June 16, 2011




Meeting called to order




The following GSM members were present: Dick Bottenberg (President), Allan Bowles (Secretary), Sherry Keesey (Treasurer), Harvey Thorliefson (Board Member), Doug Zbikowski, Ed Steffner, Joan Furlong and SteveErickson.






We reviewed and agreed on the agenda.  There were no comments or concerns and the agenda was approved.  Dick questioned whether there was a board quorum – we did not a have a quorum, but decided to conduct the meeting.  Activities that require Board approval will be reviewed and acted on at the next Board meeting.








Treasurers Report




Sherry reported that we currently have about $ 10,000 in our account. Dick is working with Paul Jensen (former Treasurer) to transfer the Ing Direct Account which contains the GSM’s investment in Certificate of Deposits (CDs) over to Sherry’s control and is working with Paul to accomplish this.  There was discussion about whether to keep the account with a Minnesota firm or with a large firm.  The Board made no recommendation.  As the GSM Treasurer, Sherry has the responsibility to recommend which firm we use for our investments.  Currently GSM’s expenses are running ahead of income.  It was moved, seconded and passed to accept the treasures report.




Harvey proposed that a Budget team develop a budget for the next GSM fiscal year (October 2011 through September 2012) and present it at the August Board meeting. A four person budget team consisting of Sherry, Ed, Dick, Harvey was proposed, moved and accepted.




Sherry reported that the GSM was contacted via the GSM website and requested to pay a $30 check written to another party.  The check was not one of ours but one from another entity with initials similar our organization. Sherry will respond to the request and close this matter.




State Fair Report




Joan Furlong reported that she has contacted the volunteers and all preparations are on track for this year’s GSM State Fair Booth.  Joan provided background to the Board on the activities related to setting up, manning and tearing down the booth.  The major yearly costs are the State Fair booth fee and the printing of the brochures and lecture schedules.  The total yearly cost is ~$900 to $1100. 


Joan mentioned that there have been questions about the booth layout and signage.  Harvey brought up the question, “What attracts people to the booth?”  This resulted in a good discussion about the impact of signage and the reasons the GSM has a booth at the State Fair.  It was decided that after state fair we would ask for people to be on a committee to put forth ideas and recommendations for updating the booth.  We have left the option open to Joan to redo signage for the booth this year. 




Doug’s Report




Doug presented some graphs which show data supporting his hypothesis.  He is relating the occurrence (timing and location) of great earthquakes (M8.0 and above) to the movement (speed and acceleration) of Earth's rotational pole. 




He has hired a mathematician to help him.  In addition he has some other project benefactor.  Doug is very passionate about his paper and asked if GSM could provide some funding.  Dick indicated that it is too early to consider any funding for the project, however it could be considered by the Budget Team.  Doug thinks his report will be ready in about a month.






 To address the issue of whether GSM should post member publications on the GSM website, Sherry raised many discussion points with Dick in an email exchange.  She distributed copies of the exchange to everyone.  Doug presented a draft policy proposal that could serve as a starting point about which to add additional clauses or changes.


It was requested that any additional comments be sent to Dick and Sherry who will collate the comments and present at the next board meeting.






Internet Committee  




The Internet Committee had nothing to report, however, Harvey is going to schedule a meeting of the internet committee.




Recognition Committee




Dick reported that the Recognition Committee recommends that the GSM Auction and Recognition banquet be held semi-annually; with the next event to be held in January 2013 (there will not be an Auction/Recognition Banquet this January).








Field Trips




Joan reported that 40 people attended the fossil collecting field trip to Cannon Falls.  The next trip is to upper Michigan.  Details are on the website.




Program Lectures and Labs




Steve presented next year’s schedule. The March 5th and 19 lectures will be a mini-series on Climate change that Steve is working on with Don Shelby.  Discussed the current practice to pay labs a $250 fee and no changes were recommended. For the Oct. 10th lecture the GSM will recommend attending the GSA lecture by Ann Bancroft (preeminent polar explorer).








The board discussed the proposal to e-mail newsletters to GSM members rather than send them via US mail.  Members would still have the option to receive newsletters via US mail if they so request.  Steve further recommended that during membership renewal all indicate how they want to receive their newsletter. This will be voted on at the next Board meeting.




There was discussion regarding plans to publish a Directory this year and the future of the Directory.  This will be an item for the Budget Team to discuss.








Darrel was not present – no report.




Public Service




Doug – nothing to report








Janine and Allan – nothing to report






History and Archives




Steve and Harvey – nothing to report




Marker Committee




Ed and Doug – nothing to report




Old Business




Web Site Questions




Theresa is concerned about the ability of the GSM to respond to all the inquiries we receive via the GSM website.  The board will address at the next meeting.








Dick expressed concern about filling positions for next year.  We all can be advocates for recruiting/selling and encouraging people to volunteer.




The meeting was adjourned.






Respectfully Submitted


Allan Bowles


GSM Board Secretary