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Minutes May 10, 2012


Geologic Society of Minnesota

Board Meeting Minutes


May 10, 2012


Meeting called to order


The following people were present: Roger Benepe (President), Allan Bowles (Secretary), Harvey Thorliefson (Past Board Member), Theresa Tweet (Board Member), Dave Wilhelm (Board Member), Ly Preece (Board Member & Membership Committee Chair), Deb Preece (Board Member), Lisa Peters (Board Member), Alan Smith (Board Member), Ed Steffner (Ad Hoc Committee), Sandy Steffner,  Judy Hamilton (Past GSM Board Member), Sherry Keesey (Treasurer)

Review of the Board Meeting Minutes

The Board Meeting minutes of February 9, 2012 were reviewed and revised.  The revisions consisted of an omitted board member name, Sherry Keesey, and some grammatical changes.

GSM Board Candidate 

John Grams who is interested in becoming a board member was introduced.  He has a master’s degree in geology and works as a consultant for a local consulting firm.    

Treasurers Report

Sherry reported that we have $ 3094.60 in the GSM account as of April 12, 2012 and $ 9280.00 in a CD.  The membership committee has been proactive in collecting membership fees and recruiting new members is keeping GSM solvent.


Internet Committee

There was considerable discussion about the GSM membership list and who on the board can access the list.  This is covered in the ad hoc committee report but left unresolved.

Recognition Committee

Theresa suggested alternative locations for banquet meetings and as possible sites for a board meeting in case the Geologic Survey site was unavailable.  The locations include the old Langdon School in Cottage Grove, Seffner’s home, Caribou Coffee.  Bill Robbins said we could use our current room at the U every other Monday night if needed.

Field Trips

Board members who were on the San Andreas Fault trip commented on its success. Bill Robbins stated that GSM realized $ 76 profit.  He collected slightly more than expected on the trip to cover unexpected expenses. Bill had prepared thank you letters to send to the trip leaders.  Sheri commented that she learned much on the trip and it wasn’t just due to her brother leading the trip, it was just a great geologic learning experience.

Two field trips are scheduled during week days, one to the Allan S King Power Plant and one to the gas turbine plant in St Paul, St Paul Regional Water System.  Lisa Peters suggested a tour of the Stone Arch Bridge.

Roger filled in for Steve. He said that the GSM lecture schedule for next year is complete with the exception of December 10th.   Harvey questioned having a lecture on this date and if there was to be a lecture at the Spring Banquet.  The table was opened up for ideas.


Harvey said the last newsletter was sent out late. Many GSM members have signed up for the digital newsletter delivery.  It was brought up that an article about the San Andreas Fault trip should be placed in the newsletter.  Harvey sent out a request to MN Reflections out of St Cloud to have the early newsletters scanned for the Minnesota State History Archives.  Katy Paul is available to help with the newsletter.  


Bill suggested that Joan call or e-mail members urging them to sign up for e-mail delivery. Ed and the Ad hoc committee have identified members who have e-mail and therefore can receive a digital newsletter.   

Ed Steffner read the minutes from the last two Ad Hoc committee meetings.  There is a third meeting coming up.   Ed questioned where the address book being maintained.  He changed the membership form adding the note “save a tree and receive info by e-mail”. The member can check the form indicating that they wish to receive information and the Newsletter by e-mail.

The current number of GSM memberships is 158.  The cut-off date for sending e-mail messages to non-paying members is one year after their membership expires which would be September 30th of the previous year.

State Fair

Sandy Steffner had nothing to add about the State Fair. The things that need to be addressed are printing of the brochures and member sign up for the State Fair Booth.

Theresa had found a good site offering training and lectures which she thought might be of interest to some of the board members. It is the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (MCN).  She was supposed to receive a membership packet but hasn’t received it yet.  She will bring to next board meeting.

New Business

Bill raised the question about purchasing a PC projector and a speaker phone.  The PC Projector is expensive.  We would only need it for meetings not held at the U.  The speaker phone question was placed on hold for now.

Judy Hamilton, previous board member and Newsletter editor brought up the point that the book, “Rocky Roots” has been updated. This book has been given to each new GSM member. The new book is expensive costing $ 15.99 and deals more with history whereas the old book has more geology.  The book is available from the Minnesota Historical Society. 

Old Business

We are still in need of a Newsletter Editor, Public Service, Publicity, and Video Library coordinator. Randy does not want the responsibility for the video library.

Next meeting is scheduled for June 14th,  7:00 pm  at Seffner’s

The meeting was adjourned.

Allan Bowles - GSM Board Secretary