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Minutes October 11, 2012

Geologic Society of Minnesota
Board Meeting Minutes

October 11, 2012

Meeting called to order

The following people were present: Roger Benepe (President), Theresa Tweet (Vice President), Allan Bowles (Secretary), Sherry Keesey (Treasurer), Lisa Peters (Board Member), John Grams (Board Member), Steve Erickson, Doug Zukowski, Dave Wilhelm (Board Member), Becky Galkiewicz, Bill Robbins, Deb Preez (Board Member), Mark Ryan

The meeting was held at John Grams place of business (Antea Group).

Agenda and Minutes

The agenda was reviewed and agreed on.  The minutes from the Board meeting of August 9, 2012 were reviewed and accepted.

Discussions and Reports

Treasurer’s report

Sherry summarized our income and expenses to date.  We are currently
a negative $ 1778.62 year to date net income.  There was a suggestion that Joni should bring up the membership issue at a lecture since GSM is so dependent on membership fees for funding the organization. The Treasurer’s report was accepted.

Rock Box Sale.

Selling the rock boxes was discussed as a method of generating GSM revenue.  Doug originally assembled the boxes as part of the GSM outreach program.  The boxes have 18 compartments and are well organized.  It was suggested that we sell them for $ 40 but if a person is    a GSM member they can purchase one for $ 25.  We will display a rock box at Monday night GSM lectures.  Doug has thin section geologic information for each of the rock box specimens.  This information can be placed on the web site for interested rock box purchasers.


Membership Report

Joanie was not at the meeting but had prepared a good report on membership.  As an incentive for people to join and attend GSM lectures we should advertise that professionals can pick up CEU’s for attending GSM lectures.

GSM’s 75th Anniversary

Theresa asked if there were any ideas about how to celebrate GSM’s 75th Anniversary?  Steve suggested a picnic in place of the banquet and silent auction.  Two of the suggested locations were Macalester College and the Library in Stillwater.  

GSM Check Signer’s

The people who can sign GSM checks are Bentley Preece, Paul Jensen, Dick Bottenberg, Janine, and Sherry Keesey.  Only Sherry is currently an officer and board member.  We need to change the names of the signers to current GSM officer board members.  Only one designated person needs to sign a check.  It was recommended that the designated signer names be changed to the current Treasurer, President, and Vice President.

Notification of Members

Bill Robbins noted that there are 15 members who do not have e-mails, and probably not computers.  We need to set up a call list of people who really need a call for notification of meetings and field trips.  Lisa Peters is volunteering to do this.

There are key pieces of information we need to deliver to them in a timely fashion;
1) location of the lectures
2) field trips
3) other stuff?

Insurance, Christmas Party

There was a discussion regarding the need for GSM to continue carrying liability insurance.  The purpose of the insurance is to cover possible suits resulting from field trip injuries and other GSM related activities.  This was not resolved.

Sherry raised the issue about GSM contributing some money to the GSM Christmas Meeting/Party at Steffner’s last year.  It was suggested that people who attend the party make a contribution in place of GSM.


New Business

A thank you to Dave for being our new Video Librarian.  Dave had questions about funding and new videos for the video library.  Previously there was a
$15 lifetime member charge and a $1.00 charge for each rental. We will re-institute the $ 15 lifetime charge.  Dave will turn collected funds over to Sherry. 

Doug had suggested that we sell the bronze plaques from the two parks as a way of generating money for GSM.  It was decided to sell them at the silent auction in the spring.

Old business

We are still in need of a Public Service coordinator.  John Grams volunteered to take the job of secretary.

A discussion of the State Fair booth was tabled.

The meeting was adjourned.

     Allan Bowles
     GSM Board Secretary