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Minutes October 20, 2011

 Geologic Society of Minnesota

 Board Meeting Minutes


October 20, 2011


Meeting called to order


The following GSM members were present: Dick Bottenberg (President), Allan Bowles (Secretary), Sherry Keesey (Treasurer), Harvey Thorliefson (Board Member), Doug Zbikowski, Theresa Tweet (Board Member), Alan Smith (Board Member), Dave Wilhelm.




Dick Bottenberg welcomed Dave Wilhelm to the meeting


Reviewed Agenda

 No additions were made to the agenda.


Review and approve minutes from the August 2011 Board Meeting

 The August meeting minutes were sent to Board members from the Secretary via e-mail for review.  Comments were provided and final minutes posted on the GSM website.  There were no changes or additions to the minutes.


Treasurers Report


Sherry presented the treasurers report which was accepted with the following corrections:

 1.      On the income statement, the $63.00 shown under member dues should be under Video Library

 2.      On the balance sheet, change the title to “Balance Sheet through September 30, 2011” (was May 31, 2011)


This report is the year-end report for the GSM’s fiscal year which runs from October through September.  The net income (loss) for the 2010/2011 fiscal year was ($876).


Sherry raised the question about needing additional authorized signatures for GSM’s Certificate of Deposit in our ING account. Dick provided the ING account authorized signer’s form which Sherry and Theresa signed to become authorized signers.  Dick remains a signer, but he will relinquish once a new President is elected in December.

 Budget Committee Report

 The Budget Committee consisting of Dick, Harvey, Ed, and Sherry met twice and presented a proposed budget that was organized to show 5 years of actuals and the proposed budget.  The following was discussed regarding some of the budgetary numbers:


Insurance - Do we need the insurance?  Ed had recommended that we keep the insurance to handle some unexpected accident. It was agreed to continue funding insurance for the GSM.


Telephone – Sherry was asked to investigate whether we are getting enough calls through the Minnesota Geologic Survey telephone fielded by Fran to justify this expense. 


Field trip expenses - We should make sure that GSM breaks even.


Outreach income - Doug donates any money coming to him from any rock boxes to GSM.


Video library income – people who use the video library pay a lifetime fee of $15 plus a $ 1 rental fee.


As the discussion did not change the proposed budget, it was recommended and seconded to accept the budget as presented.

 Internet Committee

 Harvey commented that the web site was in good shape with a few minor adjustments required.  Alan has done some web site housekeeping.

 Recognition Committee

 Theresa is still looking for help on the committee.  Dick asked if Dave could lend a hand.  This would give Theresa more time to work on donations for auction items.

 Marker Activity

 Doug noted there was no activity.  He commented that the GSM does have a commitment to spend $1000 to upgrade markers in the Minnehaha Falls Park.

 Field trips

 The San Andreas Fault field trip scheduled for the middle of April 2012 remains on plan.  Dick was tasked to ask Bill Robbins to update the Board on the latest plans and status.

 Programs and Lectures

 The GSM October 10th Anne Bancroft talk held at the Minneapolis Convention Center was quite good.  This was part of the Geologic Society of America October Convention held in Minneapolis.


There was a question about how many people will attend the planned tour of UM’s Rock Magnetism Lab.  At the next lecture we will survey the audience to see how many will come. Harvey commented that this is an outstanding lab, one of the top Rock Magnetism labs in the world.  Dick will get in contact with Steve and Bill regarding the lab tour.


 Harvey will send out the autumn newsletter in pdf format.  The autumn issue will list all new members.  The question was raised, “do we stress membership in the newsletter?  Dick commented that we need a plan for sending out the newsletter.  Harvey will send out hard copies Nov 15th.



 The membership chairman, Darrel Mytty, has resigned his position due to the fact that he has taken a job out of state.   His wife, Faith, will get his membership list and files to us.  We thank Darrel for his 2 year tenure on the Board and wish him well in the new career. 


The board needs to find a new membership chairman.  Dick thinks that Ly Preece would consider taking over the position.  Dick will ask him.  A meeting to discuss membership issues is set for Nov 10th  7:00 pm at the survey office.  Those planning/invited to attend includeDick, Sherry, Harvey, Alan, Ly Preece and Bill Robbins.


Public Service

Doug reviewed the successful history of the rock box program that provides these boxes to teachers as a classroom resource and noted that he has 20 rock boxes made up.  We are looking for a new Chair for this committee, and Theresa requested information from Doug regarding the ins and outs of this project.

State Fair

The board felt that the GSM State Fair booth was very well done and well received.  Congratulations to Joanie who did a nice job taking this project over.

History and Archives

Harvey is in the process of getting the GSM history scanned for the Minnesota Historical Society.

Leadership Position Status

Currently 7 of 9 GSM Board positions are filled (after Darrel Mytty’s resignation).  Two of these members are in their 4th year on the Board and will retire this December.  Assuming that all remaining Board members remain on the Board, we will have 5 returning and will need to add 4.  One GSM member is considering joining the Board; additionally the Board would like to find a member of the Minnesota Geological Survey or the University of Minnesota Geology Department to join.  We also need to recruit a Newsletter Editor, Publicity Chair and Public Service Chair.


Web Site Questions/Support

Web site requests for information or presentations on geology topics can’t always be fulfilled.  Theresa felt she was doing OK with responses at the present.  Theresa has been sending some of the requests on to Jeff at Carleton College.

Research Report

Doug’s research paper relating seismic and volcanic events to polar drift is taking on new directions of investigation and is not ready for publishing.  He expressed concern about future volcanic activity around Mount Vesuvius in Italy.


The board has not completed the policy for publishing papers on the GSM web site.

New Business

The December board meeting is scheduled for December 3rd and will be held at Ed and Sandy Steffner’s home.  It was moved and seconded that the GSM offer/give them $ 200 to help with some of the expenses of the Christmas party.


The meeting was adjourned.






Respectfully Submitted


Allan Bowles


GSM Board Secretary