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Recent work along the San Andreas Fault of California


Sarah Titus, Ph.D., Carleton College, 
will discuss:  Recent work along the San Andreas Fault of California
Monday, March 10, 2008 at 7:30 P.M.

U of MN, Minneapolis Campus/ East Bank 
Room 3-210 Computer Science / Electrical Engineering 
(same room as last fall)   For map or directions, visit:


The San Andreas fault system in California is probably the best studied plate boundary zone in the world.  After recognition of the seismic hazard posed by the San Andreas fault following the destructive San Francisco earthquake in 1906, a wide variety of geological and geophysical tools have been applied to understand plate boundary deformation. This talk will cover the tectonic evolution of the plate boundary system over the past 30 million years and what we know about historical earthquakes such as the San Francisco earthquake. More recent work on the fault will also be discussed, including new data from a drill hole that pierced the San Andreas fault near Parkfield this past summer and some of the surprising new findings that have come out of this work.  


Dr. Titus teaches introduction to geology, tectonics, structural geology and geophysics. Her current research is focused on lithosphere and mantle dynamics, including using GPS to investigate the San Andreas fault in central California, and looking at strain gradients preserved in mantle shear zones in New Caledonia.   
    * Ph.D., University of Wisconsin - Madison (May 2006)
      Thesis: Deformation rates across the San Andreas fault system, central California determined from geology and geodesy
      Advisor: Dr. Basil Tikoff
    * M.S. in Geology, University of Wisconsin - Madison (December 2002)
      Thesis: Geologic and geophysical investigation of two fine-grained granites, Sierra Nevada, California: Evidence for structural controls on volcanism
      Advisor: Dr. Basil Tikoff
    * B.A. in Geology and Environmental Studies, Oberlin College (May 1999)
       Thesis: Olivine Petrofabric Analysis from the Leka Ophiolite Complex
       Advisor: Dr. Steven Wojtal
    * Studied ecology at Jaeren Folkehogskule, Kleppe, Norway (1994-1995) 



from Bill Robbins